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1. Lirik Juara Dunia – Sir Dandy

lirik Juara Dunia – Sir Dandysiapa tidak kenal ellyas picalsiapa yang tidak kenal yayuk basukisiapa yang tidak kenal alan susi kusumasiapa yang tidak kenal ariel dan lunanah sekarang saya perkenalkan teman kecil sayanamanya chris

2. Lirik John – Arie Koesmiran

lirik John – Arie KoesmiranJohn, kau bagai gelombang kudiam kau datang kukejar kau hilang Hei John, daku yang wanita terjatuh kau cumbu rayu John, kejamnya hatimu kudiam kau benci kusapa kau benci Oh John, tiada satu pun

5. Lirik Two Man Show – Timbaland

lirik Two Man Show – Timbaland Hold up El, hold up Not yet El, hold up Let it be right over for a second, now Go 'head y'all, go 'head y'allI like that, yeah Let's move it out, let's move it out Bring it down like this Yeah yeah

6. Lirik Elton John – Naif

lirik Elton John – NaifWahai kawan oh Dengarkanlah laguku Sebelum aku pergi Tinggalkan dunia ini Bernyanyi-nyanyi merdu Ditingkah piano kucipta lagu Live dengan John Lennon, George Michael, Eminem, Mereka semua

7. Lirik All Of Me – John Legend

lirik All Of Me – John Legend Featured In 14 Love-Grams Featuring Your Fave Pop Lyrics "All Of Me" is track #6 on the album Love in the Future. It was written by Gad, Toby / Legend, John.See "All of Me" John's own

12. Lirik Have A Nice Day – Bon Jovi

lirik Have A Nice Day – Bon JoviSongwriters: Sambora, Richie; Bon Jovi, Jon; Shanks, John;Why you wanna tell me how to live my life?Who are you to tell me if it's black or white?Mama, can you hear me? Try to understandIs innocence

14. Lirik Too Late – Metallica

lirik Too Late – MetallicaOriginally performed by MotorheadI see that nothin's changedInsist on playing gamesSome waste of time you areAnd you're so popularWell this is it you bitchI got to make a switchYou find some other

16. Lirik Lets Get It – Young Jeezy

lirik Lets Get It – Young Jeezy Tryin' to get Boston George and Diego money Stack it all up like Lego money Played with them blocks, call it Tetris Real talk a hundred carats in my necklaceLook up in the sky and tell me what you

17. Lirik X – Ja Rule

lirik X – Ja Rule C'mon, let's get popped in love I know you popular, admitted your club But I just wanna toss you up Before I swallow you whole I need to wash it down Tell your girls Avion, indulge you to hang out

18. Lirik I Do – Westlife

lirik I Do – WestlifeSongwriters: Hector, Wayne Anthony; Mac, Steve; Reid, John Robinson;Tell me can you feel my heart beat?Tell me as I kneel down at your feetI knew there would come a timeWhen these two hearts would

19. Lirik Business – Matoma

lirik Business – MatomaMarshallsounds like an SOSTo the rapmobilelet's gobitches and gentlemenit's showtimehurry hurrystep right upIntroducing the star of our showhis name isyou wouldn't want to be anywhere elseIn the world

22. Lirik Keep On – Eric Church

lirik Keep On – Eric ChurchYeah I see you over there makin' eyes at meLike you don't wanna get caughtWhere'd you get the cowboy on your armAnd where you want me to drop him offI see you tryin' to hide that fire insideBut your

23. Lirik Ningrat – Jamrud

lirik Ningrat – JamrudMacarin Kamu Nggak jauh beda Dengan main ludruk Pake nanya silsilah Golongan darah Ningrat atau umum Biar ortumu seneng Pa'de mu seneng Bu'de mu seneng Mbahmu juga seneng Ku ikut aja cengar

24. Lirik The Scientist – Coldplay

lirik The Scientist – Coldplay "The Scientist" is track #3 on the album A Rush Of Blood To The Head. It was written by Berryman, Guy Rupert / Buckland, Jonathan Mark / Champion, William / Martin, Christopher Anthony

25. Lirik Heisman Part 2 – Tyga

lirik Heisman Part 2 – Tyga Bitch it's T-Raww, blood on my paws Big booty chick back a nigga to the wall Never get involved, murder every bar Shit's so illegal, get a green card Different cars, different from y'all I work hard

27. Lirik Trigger Finger – Young Thug

lirik Trigger Finger – Young ThugOh no no, no noooI can't take no hoooeTo my mama place, I can't take no ho to my mommy place PlusMy trigger finger just itchin'My trigger finger just itch, trigger finger just itchMy trigger finger

30. Lirik Stick To Your Guns – Bon Jovi

lirik Stick To Your Guns – Bon JoviSongwriters: Knight, Holly; Bongiovi, John; Sambora, Richard S;So you want to be a cowboyWell you know it's more that just a rideGuess you got to know the real thingIf you're gonna know the other

31. Lirik Judul Lagu Barat Yg Sedih ?

lirik Judul Lagu Barat Yg Sedih ? gan, ane mnta judul lagu barat yg sedih gan (kalo bisa yg musik nya cuma pake piano atau gitar) <br> (contoh: sarah mclachlan - angel) ? Theofilus Diego Modena & Jean Philippe Audin -

32. Lirik Summertime – Bon Jovi

lirik Summertime – Bon JoviSongwriters: Bon Jovi, Jon; Sambora, Richard S.; Shanks, John;Feels something like summertimeTop down, ain't nothing but timeRadio's on and you're by my sideIt feels something like summertimeThese

33. Lirik Pina Colada – Ruff Ryders

lirik Pina Colada – Ruff Ryders Vaya Come on Vaya A vailarWhere're my niggers with the big dicks? Where're my niggers with the hot whips? Where're my niggers living better? We want Barettas and Amarettas Butter leathers and mad

34. Lirik Lost Highway – Bon Jovi

lirik Lost Highway – Bon JoviSongwriters: Sambora, Richie; Bon Jovi, Jon; Shanks, John;Hey hey! Hey hey!In my rear view mirror, my life is getting clearerThe sunset sighs and slowly disappearsThese trinkets once were treasure,

35. Lirik Bang A Drum – Bon Jovi

lirik Bang A Drum – Bon JoviI went to see the preacher to teach me how to pray He looked at me and smiled Then that preacher turned away He said if you want to tell him something You ain't gotta fold your hands Say it with your

39. Lirik Bad Medicine – Bon Jovi

lirik Bad Medicine – Bon JoviSongwriters: Sambora, Ritchie; Bongiovi, John; Child, Desmond;Your love is like bad medicineBad medicine is what I needShake it up just like bad medicineThere ain't no doctor that can cure my

40. Lirik One Wild Night – Bon Jovi

lirik One Wild Night – Bon JoviSongwriters: Bongiovi, John F; Sambora, Richard S; Child, Desmond;It's a hot night, the natives are restlessWe're sweating by the light of the moonThere's a voodoo mojo brewing at the go-goThat could

44. Lirik Daftar Lagu World Cup 2010 ?

lirik Daftar Lagu World Cup 2010 ?daftar lagu world cup 2010..?? ? fadil 1. Sign of a Victory (The Official 2010 FIFA World Cup Anthem) R. Kelly featuring Soweto Spiritual Singers 2. Waka Waka (This Time For Africa) (The Official

47. Lirik It Wasn't Me – Ginuwine

lirik It Wasn't Me – Ginuwine Ginuwine] Chorus X2 Your girlfriend's lyin' baby, it wasn't me Your girl said I hit it baby, it wasn't me Your girl wants to do it to me She wants to give it to me She will not stop until I let her

48. Lirik That's How I Go – Baby Bash

lirik That's How I Go – Baby Bash That's how I go [This your boy Li'l John] That's how I go [and your boy Baby Bash] That's how I go [Mario] How I go how I goI let the roof drop Drippin' candy with super baby In my new car And I'm

49. Lirik That's Life – Termanology

lirik That's Life – Termanology Yo what up Term? (Chillin' man) I hear you doing yo thing man, let me hold something (I aint got it like that man) But I just see you on BET, I just heard you on the radio (I know man, I know) What
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