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1. Lirik Make Me Feel Better – Fabolous

lirik Make Me Feel Better – Fabolous [Ne-Yo and Fabolous intro] Timbo. Hey, Ne-Yo. Say what? Loso. Hey, hey.[Ne-Yo chorus] I'm a movement by myself. But I'm a force when we're together. Mami I'm good all by myself. But baby girl you,

2. Lirik There He Go – Fabolous

lirik There He Go – Fabolous [Hook: Red Cafe] I'm so fly, so fly You might see a nigga if you look up in the sky like There he go, (there he go), there he go, (there he go), (there he go) There go that motherfucker[Woman:] I'm

4. Lirik If They Want It – Dj Clue

lirik If They Want It – Dj Clue F A B O L O U S F A B O L O U SI don't understand, how niggaz insist to knows bout? How we spend car money to glist our rollz out? Play bars and buy the Cris and Moes out Flash benjies just to twist

5. Lirik Here I Am – Rick Ross

lirik Here I Am – Rick Ross I got a bunch of dollars I can spend them on her 'Cause she can be my lady she can be my lover Call me on the late night get right he ain't acting right Every super woman needs a super man, here I

7. Lirik Trade It All, Pt.2 – Fabolous

lirik Trade It All, Pt.2 – Fabolous This moment they all been waitin' for, playboy We here now We're in the house now, for sureGirl, I'd trade it all, money, cars and everything All, even give up my street dream All, anything to have

9. Lirik Body Bag Remix – Fabolous

lirik Body Bag Remix – Fabolous [Intro: Cam'Ron] Yo Fab what up nigga Funeral Service, Killa Season, Slime Flu Lot of shit going on Let's get ready to go in though[Verse 1: Cam'Ron] Huh, I said, ice in a ceramic van? Dammit Cam,

10. Lirik Do Me No Favors – Troy Ave

lirik Do Me No Favors – Troy Ave [Verse 1: Troy Ave] You ain't never counted paper 'til your gums hurt You ain't never had to make do wit' bum work Shit ain't comin' back, you get delirious It's a job in these streets, shit is

11. Lirik Wake Up Everybody – Jadakiss

lirik Wake Up Everybody – Jadakiss [Intro: Wyclef Jean] Wake up, Wake up. You've got the power. You've got the power. My people got the east yo you've got to wake up. Midwest dirty south, yo, you've gotta stand up. All my homies in

12. Lirik Only Life I Know – Fabolous

lirik Only Life I Know – Fabolous She said I wanna hold you down, but we aint never gonna be right cause you too caught up in the street life But thats the only life I know She said them niggas that's around you, they ain't never

13. Lirik Mamacita – Fabolous

lirik Mamacita – Fabolous MamacitaBaby girl you know i wanna meet yagreet ya, cause you my senoritai need a girl like you with that type of featuretreat ya, in an s-class with double seatasjesus, perfect picture like monet

14. Lirik This Is Family – Fabolous

lirik This Is Family – Fabolous Where the ***** all these ***** damn, Ran' isn't hot I damage the block I scramble like Randall with rocks I'm that ***** in the gambling spotCracking jokes and drinking liquor You still gotta hand

15. Lirik Young & Sexy – Fabolous

lirik Young & Sexy – Fabolous Young money on the floor, track money on the beat That's right man, the young and sexy, baby You're only young as you feel, haha, ya know? Let's get it in, twenty five and underI see you smiling,

16. Lirik Gangsta Don't Play – Fabolous

lirik Gangsta Don't Play – Fabolous Yes, I want them to know, say real warriors don't play And if you romp with us, you have to run away I want them to know, say real gangstas don't play And if they romp with us, they have to run

18. Lirik Don't Stop Won't Stop – Fabolous

lirik Don't Stop Won't Stop – Fabolous It's been a year some change And I've been hearin' some things That there's some motherfuckers tryin' to be me But ain't none of these motherfuckers tryin' to see me So I won't stop, and I don't stop
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