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3. Lirik Till The Wheels Fall Off – Kelis

lirik Till The Wheels Fall Off – Kelis I'm traveling off the cliff just to fall in love with you I'm serious, I'm serious And we ain't got no plans on coming back soon, yeah I'm serious, I'm serious I got my bags packed just to hit the

5. Lirik Let The Sky Fall – Adele

lirik Let The Sky Fall – Adele This is the end Hold your breath and count to ten Feel the Earth move, and then Hear my heart burst againFor this is the end I've drowned and dreamt this moment So overdue, I owe them Swept away, I'm

8. Lirik Don't Let Me Fall – B.o.b.

lirik Don't Let Me Fall – B.o.b. Well, it was just a dream, just a moment ago I was up so high, lookin' down at the sky Don't let me fallI was shooting for stars on a Saturday night They say what goes up must come down But don't let

9. Lirik FOOLS – Troye Sivan

lirik FOOLS – Troye SivanI am tired of this place, I hope people changeI need time to replace what I gave awayAnd my hopes, they are high, I must keep them smallThough I try to resist I still want it allI see swimming pools

10. Lirik And The Rain Fall – Mocca

lirik And The Rain Fall – MoccaI can't understand Why my world keeps on turning? And I can't understand Why the sun keeps on shining? When you left me all alone But I do understand That you have someone better And I can't

12. Lirik Break My Fall – Dj Tiesto

lirik Break My Fall – Dj Tiesto We enter the room You're bright the darkness my love In moments with you There is no end tp me or beginning to youWe move to the floor A purpose combined my love Like the motions of stars Our dynamic

15. Lirik Let It Fall – Westlife

lirik Let It Fall – WestlifeThere's a star in you who wants to shineBut you're living in a world that's full of darkness.No matter what you do there's still no lightEven though you feel you've tried your hardestBut don't you

16. Lirik This – Jacob Whitesides

lirik This – Jacob WhitesidesThis is the start of something beautifulThis is the start of something newYou are the one who'd make me lose it allYou are the start of something newAnd I'll throw it all awayAnd watch you fall into

17. Lirik All Fall Down – Onerepublic

lirik All Fall Down – Onerepublic Step out the door and it feels like rain That's the sound, that's the sound on your windowpane Take to the streets but you can't ignore That's the sound, that's the sound, you're waiting forIf ever

18. Lirik U12 – Daya

lirik U12 – DayaGot sixteen candles, make a wish and blow them outHoping for those three words, you never say out loudI know you play cool but I know you think about itSo make my wish come true, and do something

19. Lirik Again – Needtobreathe

lirik Again – NeedtobreatheI won't be the circus for you to star inI won't leave you roses to watch them dieYou won't be the heartache that keeps me sleeplessYou won't be the songs that I could never writeCauseI don't want to

20. Lirik Cheyenne – Jason Derulo

lirik Cheyenne – Jason DeruloI'm a little unsure how it got so complicatedIf I let go I know, I'll regret itEvery heart that I held beforeI was sure to break itI don't know what she did, butI just can't stop thinking 'bout you

21. Lirik Catch Me – Monica

lirik Catch Me – MonicaAnd where we’re you tonight?My dress fit me so nice, my hair lookin so rightYou’re nowhere to be foundI fluffed all the pillows, for me to lay with youYou’re making it so hardWhen it

24. Lirik Human – Christina Perri

lirik Human – Christina PerriI can hold my breathI can bite my tongueI can stay awake for daysIf that's what you wantBe your number oneI can fake a smileI can force a laughI can dance and play the partIf that's what you askGive

28. Lirik Pour It Up – Rihanna

lirik Pour It Up – RihannaThrow it up, throw it upWatch it all fall outPour it up, pour it upThat's how we ball outThrow it up, throw it upWatch it all fall outPour it up, pour it upThat's how we ball outStrip clubs and dollar

30. Lirik No No – Westlife

lirik No No – Westlifeno no no noOnce,we had it all for the taking,love was just me and you,You better think twice,about the plans that you're making,of splitting one word in two,Put your mind in doubt,did you ever think

31. Lirik Rise And Fall (Feat. JFlow) – Kotak

lirik Rise And Fall (Feat. JFlow) – KotakThis human incompetence and its consequence, Sub-human intolerance hitting home. This stupid, old prejudice and its consequence; civilian rights are not right for all deserve rights, large and small.

33. Lirik Fall – Jakarta Flames

lirik Fall – Jakarta FlamesI can't find my way back home again I think about myself in the end It's turning black again It's getting dark again Now I can't see, I think I am blind I think I'm blind A special stars that shine

34. Lirik Try Again – Westlife

lirik Try Again – WestlifeSongwriters: Per Olof Magnusson;David Bengt Kreuger;Joergen ElofssonHush now, don't you cry, never be a better dayI promise youWe can work it out but only if you let me knowWhat's on your mindBaby,

36. Lirik I Fall In Love – Aiko

lirik I Fall In Love – AikoPerih ku rasa tuk jatuh cinta lagiPenat ku coba, musnah sudah menghilangKau datang padaku tawarkan cinta sejatimuEmas permata tak ku miliki (ku miliki)Yang ada hanya cinta sejatiYang mampu satukan

37. Lirik Save Me – BTS

lirik Save Me – BTSNan sumswigo sipeo I bami silheoIjen kkaego sipeo kkumsogi silheoNae ane gathyeoseo nan jugeoisseoDont wanna be lonelyJust wanna be yoursWae iri kkamkkamhan geonji niga eopsneun I goseunWiheomhajanha

39. Lirik Fire Fall – Fariz RM

lirik Fire Fall – Fariz RMIts not attention showing Its just romance that growing On and on Would be a kind of tougher In fact i'm not a good lover Who stands in front I realize Its not what we decide The way we live In

43. Lirik Agony – Paloma Faith

lirik Agony – Paloma FaithUse me take me home and use mePress your hands into my bodyYou'll be my sorrowWe both know it showsPush meMake me feel I'm weightlessRunningWe will not escape thisShake thisYou'll be addictedI'll be

44. Lirik Anything – Simple Plan

lirik Anything – Simple PlanThese days I can't help but wonder whyI stick to my illusions to carry onI'm so ashamed to dream of youI guess that your out of my leagueHow I wish that somedayI could belong to your worldReally wish

46. Lirik Fixxxer – Metallica

lirik Fixxxer – MetallicaDolls of voodoo all stuck with pinsOne for each of us and our sinsSo you lay us in a linePush your pins, they make us humbleOnly you can tell in timeIf we fall or merely stumbleBut tell meCan you heal

47. Lirik How Deep Is Your Love – Ginuwine

lirik How Deep Is Your Love – Ginuwine How deep is your love girl, let's get serious How deep is your love girl, I'm so curious How deep is your love girl, can I fall in it? How deep is your love, can I get close to it?We've kicked it for

48. Lirik Towards the Sun – Rihanna

lirik Towards the Sun – RihannaTurn your face towards the sunLet the shadows fall behind youTell a pray, just carry onAnd the shadows will never find youTurn your face towards the sunLet the shadows fall behind youTell a pray, just

49. Lirik Risk It All – The Vamps

lirik Risk It All – The VampsYou just knowSometimes you feel it in your bonesThough we've heard that hearts can still be wrongSomething's telling me that you're the oneI just knowEven if I had a heart of stoneYou could make it

50. Lirik Facedown – Matt Redman

lirik Facedown – Matt Redman Welcomed in to the courts of the King I've been ushered in to Your presence Lord, I stand on Your merciful ground Yet with every step tread with reverenceWelcomed in to the courts of the King I've
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