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2. Lirik Romeoland (intro) – Lil' Romeo

lirik Romeoland (intro) – Lil' Romeo Romeo romeo romeo romeo Welcome to romeoland Well is it true Well is what true That romeo is really back Where did you hear that nonsense Well fantasia told me on this exact day that romeo will

3. Lirik El Amor – Tito El Bambino

lirik El Amor – Tito El Bambino El amor es una magia Una simple fantasia Es como un sueo Y al fin lo encontreEs como una luz Que se esparce por el alma Y recorre como el agua Hasta que llena el corazonY va creciendo y creciendo

6. Lirik 5 Lagu Teromantis Di Indonesia ?

lirik 5 Lagu Teromantis Di Indonesia ? 1.)INKA CHRISTIE-NYANYIAN SUARA HATI sambutlah matahari hangatkan diri ini,cintaku dan cintamu tak terpisahkan... Nyanyian suara hati bergelora didada,biarkan mereka bicara.Cinta kita satuuu...

7. Lirik Get It Right – Fantasia

lirik Get It Right – Fantasia Alright, I said then Are y'all ready to party with me? (Yeah) Uh no I mean when I say party, I want us to really go there Are you ready to go there? (Yeah) Here we go.Give me what I want, Somebody

8. Lirik Ain't All Bad – Fantasia

lirik Ain't All Bad – Fantasia Today's no cares, no tears, I pray that this means I'm over you, My, my, my, please God say it's true. I don't wanna live in fear, Of spending my life without you, I told you bye, bye, bye, I swear I

9. Lirik Not The Way That I Do – Fantasia

lirik Not The Way That I Do – Fantasia [Incomprehensible]She might be the type to let you run all over her But thats just not the way that I do Believe me if I let you get a sniff of the whiff You gon do things the way that I doBetter see

10. Lirik Without Me – Fantasia

lirik Without Me – Fantasia Fakin' shit will kill you, Boy I know the real you. Fakin' shit will kill you, Boy I know the real you. Fakin' shit will kill you, Boy I know the real you. Fakin' shit will kill you, Boy I know the

11. Lirik I'm Not That Type – Fantasia

lirik I'm Not That Type – Fantasia I ain't like them other girls On the very first night when they give it to you I ain't no freak, freak when you meet me Just 'cause you make it rain when they give it to youHey people Let's go, hey

12. Lirik Summertime – Fantasia

lirik Summertime – Fantasia summertime, and the livin is easy fish are jumpin, and the cotton is high your daddy's rich, and your ma is good lookin so hush little baby, don't you cryone of these mornings, you're gonna rise up

13. Lirik Got Me Waiting – Fantasia

lirik Got Me Waiting – Fantasia Just when I thought I found me someone I could grow with Just when I thought I found me someone I could grow with That's when my girlfriend came to me, swear she told me thatThat nigga ain't nothing

14. Lirik Even Angels – Fantasia

lirik Even Angels – Fantasia I'm driving in circles Should have bought that new phone I can't find my way to All the places I call homeI'm (On my own) I'm at the station pumping gas Yea, I'm taking out the trash, I'm (All alone)

15. Lirik Bittersweet – Fantasia

lirik Bittersweet – Fantasia Every now and then I still get a flashback Of the time I spent, thinkin' you could be that one Should I have just kept your love?Yes, I understand, we did have some good times On the other hand, got

16. Lirik Teach Me – Fantasia

lirik Teach Me – Fantasia I wanna love ya, boy I wanna satisfy, I wanna give ya, oh All that you want and all that you need in your life But I know your ahead of my timeSo will you show me All that I should know? Baby, I'm

17. Lirik Supernatural – Fantasia

lirik Supernatural – Fantasia The world says That this love is not good for me But my heart says That it is. I never loved like this before!You've been like Seeing the sun the first time, Like I just did a ? And no one ? You make

18. Lirik Move On Me – Fantasia

lirik Move On Me – Fantasia Move on me, baby, come and get this love Say you need it and you want it, gotta have it, baby I been thinking lately, waited long enough Say you need it and you want it, gotta have it, baby Baby,

20. Lirik Lose To Win – Fantasia

lirik Lose To Win – Fantasia Never felt so ugly, Pretending that he loves me Sometimes it's just that money, Never had to afford me Now I'm sick and tired of You, just taken right off Know when I forgive youYou ain't here for

21. Lirik Man Of The House – Fantasia

lirik Man Of The House – Fantasia If we don't got it, I go get it, it ain't a thang And if it's broken, I fix it, I don't complain But now, see, it's gettin' a little out of hand Cook, cleaning, providing, taking care of little man

22. Lirik Two Weeks Notice – Fantasia

lirik Two Weeks Notice – Fantasia The love that me and you shared expired So there will be no renewing our contracts, no, no And I ain't got nothing since I've been hired So I can't take you back, ohAnd I done gave love and got no

23. Lirik I Feel Beautiful – Fantasia

lirik I Feel Beautiful – Fantasia Nothin' I ever did was good enough for you Nothin' I ever did could ever seem to please you You always tried to make me feel small And all I did was give you my heartNever felt pretty enough Never

25. Lirik Fantasia Bulan Madu – Search

lirik Fantasia Bulan Madu – SearchDemi cintaku pada mu Ke mana saja kan ku bawa Ku hujung dunia ke bintang Kejora Demi cintaku padamu Kukorbankan jiwa dan raga Biar pun harus ku telan Lautan bara Bulan madu di awan biru

26. Lirik Baby Makin' Hips – Fantasia

lirik Baby Makin' Hips – Fantasia Dang, that's a shame what you doin' to that hula hoop Dang, that's a shame what you doin' to that hula hoopWatch when they walk by, guys get the wandering eye They'd rather get smacked, then not look

28. Lirik Fantasia Bulan Madu – M. Nasir

lirik Fantasia Bulan Madu – M. NasirDemi cintaku pada muKe mana saja kan ku bawaKu hujung dunia ke bintangKejoraDemi cintaku padamuKukorbankan jiwa dan ragaBiar pun harus ku telanLautan baraBulan madu di awan biruTiada yang
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