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2. Lirik Satisfy Me – Anderson East

lirik Satisfy Me – Anderson EastI sipped the finest brandy, is not as sweet as perfumeI kissed the softest lips, but even they wouldn't doI drove the Autoban, in a Coupe DevilleClimbed Kilimanjaro, it was just a hillNow it's gonna

5. Lirik Someone – Kelly Clarkson

lirik Someone – Kelly ClarksonSo this is my apologyFor saying all those shitty thingsI wish I really didn't meanI'm sorry, I'm not sorryYou had your red flags up and raisedMore traffic than east LABut I drove in anywayMy common

8. Lirik New Black – B.o.b.

lirik New Black – B.o.b. Tell me what it means To be black, someone tell me what it means Who I gotta vote for, who am I to be What car I gotta drive, where I gotta buy my jeans, black man If you ain't really hood, you can't

10. Lirik Ww Iii – Ruff Ryders

lirik Ww Iii – Ruff Ryders Ruff Ryders, Ruff Ryders Ryde or Die, Volume 2(Tugboats, it's over)Ahh hahaha It's the second time around motherfucker! Volume 2, Ryde or Die, biatch! Gangsta nigga and we gon' rock this motherfucker

11. Lirik 360 – Kevin Mccall

lirik 360 – Kevin Mccall DJ you told me they was gonna switch it up on me First they was laughin at me But now every time they turn on the radio What they hear KKKK Mac Yeah that's right We takin over It's BUF Blowin Up Fast

12. Lirik Hush – Krs One

lirik Hush – Krs One Uh-huh, whatchu thought? Uh-huh, we was done? Uh-huh, whatchu thought? Yeah yeah yeah Whatchu thought? uh, uh, uh Yo, yo, back again, what's that? Back again What's that? Word come onA north face and

14. Lirik Radio – Musiq Soulchild

lirik Radio – Musiq Soulchild Hey, hey, hey, hey Cool, heyEverywhere I be I see shawties they lovin the Way I rock my hat, fresh tie on a button up Fresh dentals with a fresh vest or a sweater or Fresh pair of fresher than

19. Lirik Don't Let Me Fall – B.o.b.

lirik Don't Let Me Fall – B.o.b. Well, it was just a dream, just a moment ago I was up so high, lookin' down at the sky Don't let me fallI was shooting for stars on a Saturday night They say what goes up must come down But don't let

20. Lirik Lagu Yang Cocok Utk Birthday Party ?

lirik Lagu Yang Cocok Utk Birthday Party ? aku mau buat pesta ultah yang temanya klasik. lagu apa yah yang bagus untuk diputer waktu pestaku ntar? ? michiko Emangnya Umurnya berapa kok masih mau dirayain? Kayaknya cocok lagu trio kwek2,,

22. Lirik Rollin' Thru My Hood – Master P

lirik Rollin' Thru My Hood – Master P Yo kid man, stop the musicRollin' thru my, rollin' thru my hood This what I see when I'm rollin' thru my hood 2 to the 3 to the 4 the 5 the 6 And everybody in the ghetto trying to sew this bitch'

23. Lirik I Ain’t Worried – Rancid

lirik I Ain’t Worried – RancidI ain't worried about a god damn thingI hear them talking. I ain't listeningListeningHow many times did you tell me I was wrongBut I didn't listen to you and I only stayed strongIn a world where

25. Lirik Wake Up Everybody – Jadakiss

lirik Wake Up Everybody – Jadakiss [Intro: Wyclef Jean] Wake up, Wake up. You've got the power. You've got the power. My people got the east yo you've got to wake up. Midwest dirty south, yo, you've gotta stand up. All my homies in

26. Lirik Ol Dirty's Back – Ol' Dirty Bastard

lirik Ol Dirty's Back – Ol' Dirty Bastard Sup? Let's go (Yo Snoop Dogg, yo Dre, yo Too $hort E-40 and the motherfucking Click) Nuff respect to the West coast (Duh, duh, duh)Yo, Ol' Dirty Bastard coming through Know what I'm saying? I got the

27. Lirik 25th Hour – Reks

lirik 25th Hour – Reks I'mma write this here rhyme like Guru's in the passenger Standin on the East coast, starin out to Africa Accolades, Escalades fade My vernacular remain in tact for the generation that's comin after

28. Lirik The First Noel – Josh Groban

lirik The First Noel – Josh GrobanThe first NolThe angel did sayWas to certain poor shepherdsIn fields as they layIn fields where theyLay keeping their sheepOn a cold winter's nightThat was so deepNol, Nol, Nol, NolBorn is the King of

30. Lirik Puppy Love – Lil' Bow Wow

lirik Puppy Love – Lil' Bow Wow Je, y'all Yo I'm lookin' for girls (Bow Wow) Girls that can give me puppy love, ya know? (He, he, yeah) Yeah, it's goin' down right hereWest coast rock on (Come on) East coast rock on (Come on) Dirty

31. Lirik Success – Fat Joe

lirik Success – Fat Joe Yeah, this joint right here is goin' out to everybody gettin' money I mean the real cream All up and down the East and West coast Check itHustlin' is the key to success, money is the key to sex The

32. Lirik Rhythm Of Love – AB Three

lirik Rhythm Of Love – AB Threelet the sound flow through you just feel the movement inside and let the music take you over We have the whole night together don`t throw it all away heaven is where I am now and that`s the way I

35. Lirik This Is Family – Fabolous

lirik This Is Family – Fabolous Where the ***** all these ***** damn, Ran' isn't hot I damage the block I scramble like Randall with rocks I'm that ***** in the gambling spotCracking jokes and drinking liquor You still gotta hand

40. Lirik Now What – Juelz Santana

lirik Now What – Juelz Santana {Let's do it}Okay, Jazze We in the motherfucking building, dip set bitch I heard my man T I was the motherfucking king in the south Well you know, I'm the the motherfucking prince of the city You

41. Lirik Look At Me Now – Karmin

lirik Look At Me Now – KarminI don't see how you can hate from outside of the clubYou can't even get inHahaha, let's go!Yellow model chickYellow bottle sippingYellow LamborghiniYellow top missingYeah, yeahThat stuff look like a

42. Lirik Beep Beep – Timbaland

lirik Beep Beep – Timbaland Uh, say what? Uh, say what? Uh, say what? Uh, say what?1, 2, 1, 2 I be that man they call Timbaland On these funky beats right here you hear him? Uh huh, uh huh, now, how many people want to, huh

44. Lirik I Get High – Lloyd Banks

lirik I Get High – Lloyd Banks I know, I ain't supposed to smoke in here But Mr. Bouncer Man Don't put your motherfuckin' hands on me (Can I get high) Without you botherin' meEverybody you see in here tonight's Doin' the same

45. Lirik Something Sublime – Anggun

lirik Something Sublime – AnggunLife heals and bruises Defends and abuses Stares like a witness A teacher, a temptress From the east to the west I try my very best My mother's secret I learn not to forget Chorus: To walk the road

47. Lirik Yee – E-40

lirik Yee – E-40 Chrous:Thats the call of my thugs When they step up in the club they go yee When you hit the prison bricks from Vallejo or the rich they holla yee You can catch me in the traffic in the cutlass or

48. Lirik New Jack City – Dj Kayslay

lirik New Jack City – Dj Kayslay [Poster Boy] Poster Boy, Fosterville, Kay Slay the Drama KingFuck with the kid, gotta throw ya moms over the bridge RP put the hawk to ya over ya ribs Keep thinkin' that the god is chillin' I'm the

50. Lirik My Homies Still – Lil Wayne

lirik My Homies Still – Lil WayneMan move scout with the sickest, sickestSemi automatic no click click, we don’t feel youLike an elephant, getting with a tick tickLittle little with a thick bit, and before I fork thisI gotta
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