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1. Lirik Rockabye – Clean Bandit

lirik Rockabye – Clean Bandit Call it love and devotion Call it the mom's adoration (foundation) A special bond of creation, hah For all the single mums out there Going through frustration Clean Bandit, Sean-Da-Paul, Anne-marie,

2. Lirik Million Reasons – Lady Gaga

lirik Million Reasons – Lady Gaga You're giving me a million reasons to let you go You're giving me a million reasons to quit the show You're givin' me a million reasons Give me a million reasons Givin' me a million reasons About a

3. Lirik L A LOVE (la la) – Fergie

lirik L A LOVE (la la) – FergieLa la la laLa la la laLa la la laLa la la laMustard on the beatUh, tell 'em where I'm fromFinger on the pump make the sixth straight jump from SoCalHollywood to the slumsChronic smoke get burnt by the

7. Lirik Limousine – Jay Park

lirik Limousine – Jay ParkYou better wear that dress I likeIts a special kinda nightImma take u for a rideHop inDriver you can take yo timePut that classic R and B onPo you something u can sip onCause we gon get it on

10. Lirik Salahkah Ku Mencintaimu – Fatin

lirik Salahkah Ku Mencintaimu – FatinKutatap dua bola matamuTersirat apa yang ?kan terjadiKau ingin pergi darikuMeninggalkan semua kenanganMenutup lembaran cerita. Oh sayangkuAku tak mau Ku tau semua akan berakhirTapi ku ?tak rela

12. Lirik Wind – Jung Seung Hwang

lirik Wind – Jung Seung Hwanggeu nunmureun gaseumsogesumgigo chueokdeureun jiwobeoryeoyokkeutnae mosdahal inyeon yeogiseomeomchwodwoyo geuriwonunmullo sanda haedo uriheuteojineun baramgataseochajeuryeo haedochajeul su eopsneun

15. Lirik Fly In Her Nikes – Mac Miller

lirik Fly In Her Nikes – Mac MillerShe looking fly, girls fly in her NikesFresh new Jordans or fresh pair of Ice creamsOooo she's a dime she keep em so nicelyThe way she's rocking them kicks gotta make her my wifeyYou're looking fly,

16. Lirik Street Light – Die Antwoord

lirik Street Light – Die AntwoordUnderneath the streetlight now waiting for the shit to go downOh no there's going to be a murder oh god when the street lights go downIn Africa everything brokenYeah boy no money no friendsJust live

18. Lirik Rats Rule – Die Antwoord

lirik Rats Rule – Die AntwoordRats, rats, everywhere you lookEverywhere you turn there's ratsRats, rats, eating all your books, looking at your photographsRats, rats, nesting in your closets, hiding underneath your socksLiving in

19. Lirik Million Reasons – Lady Gaga

lirik Million Reasons – Lady GagaYou're giving me a million reasons to let you goYou're giving me a million reasons to quit the showYou're givin' me a million reasonsGive me a million reasonsGivin' me a million reasonsAbout a million

20. Lirik Jonah Hill – Die Antwoord

lirik Jonah Hill – Die AntwoordTurn me up! Yo! Uh! Yo!I step up in the club like yo, who the fuck's that?Chill bitch it's another king, Ninja's back! Pants sagging down you can see my butt crack!Second song though you can see my

23. Lirik Boyz with Fun – BTS

lirik Boyz with Fun – BTSJa wasseo a heungtansonyeondanWasseo wasseo a heungtansonyeondanJa wasseo a heungtansonyeondanHeung (heung) tan (tan) heung (heung) tan (tan)Nado nal jal mollaJa wasseo a heungtansonyeondanWasseo

24. Lirik Loners Blvd – Tory Lanez

lirik Loners Blvd – Tory LanezYou catch my rock, rolling down Loners BlvdYou've got dreams, keep on dreamingHigh school teen, never got acceptedGuess it didn't get to go how I expectedNow a nigga pissedSteady lookin' at the bottom

25. Lirik Panzer Battalion – Sabaton

lirik Panzer Battalion – SabatonUnder this sun no shadows will fallPiercing our eyes as we chargeAn armoured battalion on course to the eastClosing the end of it's marchThis time we're here to finish a jobStarted a decade agoDriving

26. Lirik Wolfpack – Sabaton

lirik Wolfpack – SabatonTo their own shore came the world warGleaves and InghamLeading the bury westTook the short way inThe long route back convoy 92Bury Gleaves and Ingham leadingTankers to the westAnd upon the north

27. Lirik Hurricane – B.A.P

lirik Hurricane – B.A.PYeah, B.A.P Lets GoReady to fly, you and me, everyone up and downScream and go crazy, rollercoaster ridePut your hands up, you know? How we goWe gotta break it down, break it downFeelin good tonightA

29. Lirik The Hammer Has Fallen – Sabaton

lirik The Hammer Has Fallen – SabatonHere I am standing, darkness all around.Thinking of past, taken my last breath, the air is cold as iceNo one close to hear my voiceDid not leave me with a choiceHeaven will you wait for me?Will I find

30. Lirik Blood Of Bannockburn – Sabaton

lirik Blood Of Bannockburn – SabatonNow that our time has come to fightScotland must uniteWe'll make a stand on Stirling groundTo put a challenge to the crownWe are one, we have comeWe're here to break and end the occupationWe have our

31. Lirik Sparta – Sabaton

lirik Sparta – SabatonMany many years ago, when Persia came ashoreHeeding Leonidas' call the Spartans went to warJoined by their brothers, a few against the fateful hordeHellenic hearts are set aflame, the hot gates calls

32. Lirik Last Dying Breath – Sabaton

lirik Last Dying Breath – SabatonWar begun, the Kaiser has comeDay or night, the shells keep fallingOverrun, but never outdoneStreet to street, denying defeatSoldiers of the Serbian ArmyKeep your heads held highOverrun, you fall one

33. Lirik GOOD (‘BAD’ Parody) – Awkarin

lirik GOOD (‘BAD’ Parody) – AwkarinMereka bilang diriku itu jeniusAku hapal semua rumus matkul KalkulusBelajar sepenuh hatiBuku Erlangga setiap hariDari SD gue berprestasiMenang cerdas cermat di tingkat provinsi2011 mereka bertanyaIni

34. Lirik Camera – Young The Giant

lirik Camera – Young The GiantIt's a mystery nightLike a sawed-off shot gunIn the morning light it comes to anyoneAll the strings that follow youAnd the things they're tied toMy love's behind you colored by the snowThe shine is

35. Lirik Take It Back – Skillz

lirik Take It Back – SkillzAlright, listen upI'mma put it in perspectiveI'm the best since meI got a right to be selectiveWhat we have here is a candle so crassIt came out the cup with some shit from yo assStrictly for those

41. Lirik Buka Bukaan – Airin

lirik Buka Bukaan – AirinSudah terlaluBanyak cinta yang aku laluiTapi tak adaSifatku yang seperti cintamuKau belai akuDengan tulusnya kasih sayangmuKau belai akuDengan hangatnya kesetiaanmuSumpah sampai matiAku tak mau

42. Lirik Magic – Lil Wayne

lirik Magic – Lil Wayne[Verse 1: Flow]Ah .. Pop another Percocet, my flow is retardedI think I got a birth defectHighway to heaven Bow!Where the f*** your chauffeur at?These niggas softer than the pillows on my sofa setI'm

44. Lirik Let You Know (OST. D-Day) – WENDY

lirik Let You Know (OST. D-Day) – WENDYNews Tayang>>[]BF Tayang >> ****************anayo eonjebuteoyeossneunjigeudae misoga jichin nareul swige haneyosechan gujeun biga naeryeodo apeun nunmul biga doeeodosesang modu byeonhanda hayeodoanayo

45. Lirik Because of Tears – Ailee

lirik Because of Tears – AileeHan sarami saenggyeotjyo saranghamyeon andoeneun geu saramAndoeneunde andoeneunde myeotbeoneul ppurichyeo boatjyoGeu sarameul ullyeotjyo jidokhido motdoen naui jipchageNunmuri mameul humchyeoseo

50. Lirik There He Go – Schoolboy Q

lirik There He Go – Schoolboy QAin't got no jewelry on still I'm shinin' hardAin't got no bodyguard walkin' solo through the mallBitches and the hoes know they see me they like There he go!They be like There he go! Schoolboy, there
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