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1. Lirik Like Foxes Do – Foxes

lirik Like Foxes Do – FoxesLittle piecesSticky piecesOf me and you, of me and youAs the glue wears offImma break in twoWill you hold my hand?Will you hold my hand?So while you're thereAnd I'm still hereThe simple thingsYour

3. Lirik Don’t Stop Me Now – Foxes

lirik Don’t Stop Me Now – FoxesTonight I'm gonna have myself a real good timeI feel alive and the world I'll turn it inside out, yeahFloating around in ecstasySo don't stop me now, don't stop me'Cos I'm having a good timeHaving a

4. Lirik Rise Up – Foxes

lirik Rise Up – FoxesIf I was a bird I could fly far, far, far awayMy hands are shaking, but there's nothing to fearI'm wide awake with my ghostLay down beside me while I shut myself inMy tears keep falling, don't wanna

5. Lirik Lose My Cool – Foxes

lirik Lose My Cool – FoxesYou give me that dumb old lineWhat can we do to stay side by side?And who, who you gonna be this time?You got my head all, unleveled on every sideYou make me lose my coolI would leave you anythingBad

6. Lirik Hearts & Daggers – Foxes

lirik Hearts & Daggers – FoxesYou want the fruit that hits the groundYou like the taste in your mouthBitter-sweet, broken downLeaves you feeling wantedI was born in the wildLet me loose, I'm huntingNature was like a sharkSend the
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