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1. Lirik The Future – Lil' Bow Wow

lirik The Future – Lil' Bow Wow I'm off the chains I'm off the chains Yeah I'm off the chainsHave you ever seen me,I'm the future I represent how it's gone be, I'm the future Born in 1987, I'm the future Party people get ready, it'

2. Lirik Ain’t No Way Around It – Future

lirik Ain’t No Way Around It – FutureAin't no way around itAin't no way around itAin't no way around itAin't no way around itChorusA bitch gone be a bitchA hoe gone be a hoeA killer gone be a killerThat's sumthin' you need to knowAin't

3. Lirik Magic – Future

lirik Magic – FutureChorusFishtailin' out the parkin' lotLeavin' MagicTwo bad bitches & I got 'em out of magicThe way I make that work - disappear call it magicSipping on the purple and the yellow drinking magic.

6. Lirik Jumpman with Future – Drake

lirik Jumpman with Future – DrakeIf Young Metro don't trust you, I'm gon' shoot youYeahHalloweenTaliban, Taliban(I'm gon' shoot you)Yeah, jumpman, jumpman, jumpman, them boys up to somethingThey just spent like two or three weeks out

8. Lirik The Future’s Overrated – Arkarna

lirik The Future’s Overrated – ArkarnaRight now i'm all alone, tell me who's gonna take the blame,it's easy to shout about but nothing's gonna ease the painIt wont be the same without you, It wont be the same without you,There's no reason

11. Lirik Jordan Diddy Interlude – Future

lirik Jordan Diddy Interlude – Future[Hook]Jordan, Diddy [10x]Ay I'm Micheal Jordan bitch in every city, I'm making movies think I'm P DiddyI'm Balling hard fucking spanish bitches, I got a main girl and a mistressJordan, Diddy [8x]I'm

14. Lirik Tony Montana feat. Drake – Future

lirik Tony Montana feat. Drake – FutureFuckin' cockroachesMotherfuckin' freebandzWant me to be the bad guyWanna play, cartel niggaTony Montana, Tony Montana, Tony Montana, Tony MontanaCheck up out my earsTony Montana, Tony Montana, Tony

17. Lirik Shadows – Nidji

lirik Shadows – NidjiHey you got to be honest You got to be the only one You got to be the one Hey you got to stay awake You got to start to save the world You got to be alert *) Shadows.. Shadows.. In the world we

18. Lirik Alive – Zedd

lirik Alive – ZeddDays go by my windowWorld slows down as it goesGoodbye to last nightLost my eyesightCan't you help me seeLoving every minute 'cause you make me feel so alive, aliveLoving every minute 'cause you make

19. Lirik Glory – Lil Wayne

lirik Glory – Lil Wayne [Verse 1] Woo, this that shit they didn't want me on I'm 'bout to act a badonkadonk, Shimon Shimon Don't need sugar, I need cream, I'm dark and strong The garbage man puttin' on cologne, aroma, 'rom

21. Lirik Indonesiakan Una – Slank

lirik Indonesiakan Una – SlankReny please I need to talk to you Tentang future hidup kita About Mezzaluna benih cinta Mampukah kita membesarkan Una di negeri ini Reny please aku ingin tahu Biaya masuk sekolah Kalo sakit dokter

23. Lirik I Melt With You – Jason Mraz

lirik I Melt With You – Jason Mraz Moving forward using all my breath Making love to you was never second best I saw the world thrashing all around your face Never really knowing it was always mesh and laceI'll stop the world and melt

24. Lirik Everybody Goes – Royce Da 5'9

lirik Everybody Goes – Royce Da 5'9 If you need me I will be nearby, mountain high, valley low If you need me I will be nearby, mountain high, valley low(Uhh, uhh, uhh) It depends on the type of men you keep in your regime And when it'

26. Lirik Headlines – Spice Girls

lirik Headlines – Spice GirlsThe time is now or never to fit the missing pieceTo take this song together, you make me feel completeWe fall into the future and through the looking glassThe light shines over our heads and so it

27. Lirik No Tears – Young Jeezy

lirik No Tears – Young Jeezy [Bridge: Jeezy] You know I come through on some boss shit everytime I come through I'm from the place where don't nobody make it, but you know they want to You wanna see a nigga fucked in the game,

28. Lirik Gravity – Chris Brown

lirik Gravity – Chris Brown (Intro) Yeah yeah yeah(Verse 1) Stuck in the middle of my past and my future It's stuck in between us, tryna give love another try But it's tripping me up cause I'd rather go on and be lonely Damn it

31. Lirik Golden – Ruth B

lirik Golden – Ruth BThe fire used to burn, all the words used to hurtBut you're not like us, you are differentI couldn't see that that was a complimentCause the last thing I want now is to be youAnd the flames don't feel

32. Lirik Party Kids – Nidji

lirik Party Kids – NidjiParty boys are kids that run awayParty girls are freaking fineParty kids are dancing at the clubParty girls are freaking fineWe all high in this far out worldIt’s time to live life feel

34. Lirik Blackout – Linkin Park

lirik Blackout – Linkin Park I'm stuck in this bed you made Alone with a sinking feeling I saw through the words you said To the secrets you've been keeping It's written upon your face All the lies how they cut so deeply You can

37. Lirik Off That – Jay-z

lirik Off That – Jay-z Welcome to the future, Blue Print 3 Ay count me in Find me a nice soft place to land I'm so high Find me a place to land, Yeah right there,I'm so tomorrow, The Audemars are yesterday, Which means

38. Lirik Like The Sun – Soul ID

lirik Like The Sun – Soul IDreff:Feels like the sun when you close to meFeels like the sunFeels like your love is healing meFeels like the sun I need somebody to give me light in my lifeCould it be your love should it be your

39. Lirik My Apocalypse – Metallica

lirik My Apocalypse – MetallicaClaustrophobicCrawl out of this skinHard explosiveReach in, pull that pinFear thy name exterminationDesacrate inhale the fireSo we cross that lineInto the gripsTotal eclipseSuffer unto my apocalypse!

40. Lirik Freestyle Rhymes – Chino Xl

lirik Freestyle Rhymes – Chino Xl "at a certain time you gotta cut the music Then you are doing him a disservice and you are doing you a disservice Alright? so let's keep it real...""bustin, fat, freestyle rhymes"

43. Lirik Don’t Change – Andezzz

lirik Don’t Change – Andezzzthere i go, there you go, here we go againwith the same lame game i don’t understandme and you we may not be the perfect couplesometimes i wonder how we hook up and get togetheri guess it

45. Lirik I Can Sell It – E-40

lirik I Can Sell It – E-40 Man, I can sell anything, mane I got the mouth piece of a pimp, manWho want it, who want it? I can sell it, I can sell it Who need it, who need it? I can sell it, I can sell itI got a gold mouthpiece

46. Lirik Fanticize – Floetry

lirik Fanticize – Floetry fanticize about you Said everything that I want to do Said everything Just everything baby Said everything and I fanticizei want to do dumb things im talking strolling in the park things stealing

49. Lirik The Answer – Bon Jovi

lirik The Answer – Bon Jovi(Sambora, Foster) The lightning flashed as angels Rode fiery chargers through the clouds That answer scared me into tears And all the grownups laughed out loud Now the years roll on, tired voices have

50. Lirik Gypsy – Lady Gaga

lirik Gypsy – Lady Gaga Sometimes a story has no end Sometimes I think that we could just be friends 'Cause I'm a wandering man, he said to meAnd what about our future plans? Does it seem we have even make sense? When I got
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