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5. Lirik The Future – Lil' Bow Wow

lirik The Future – Lil' Bow Wow I’m off the chains I’m off the chains Yeah I’m off the chains Have you ever seen me,I’m the future I represent how it’s gone be, I’m the future Born in 1987, I&#

9. Lirik Jumpman with Future – Drake

lirik Jumpman with Future – DrakeIf Young Metro don’t trust you, I’m gon’ shoot you YeahHalloweenTaliban, Taliban(I’m gon’ shoot you)Yeah, jumpman, jumpman, jumpman, them boys up to somethingThey just

15. Lirik Magic – Future

lirik Magic – FutureChorusFishtailin’ out the parkin’ lotLeavin’ MagicTwo bad bitches & I got ’em out of magicThe way I make that work – disappear call it magicSipping on the purple and

17. Lirik Ball Forever – Future

lirik Ball Forever – FutureThis for my niggas out there fuckin’ up them sacks and gettin’ em right back you hear meSpend this lil money like it ain’t nun ChorusIma ball foreverMoney to the ceilingIce in the

18. Lirik Easter Pink – Future

lirik Easter Pink – FutureChorusGot a pocket full a money and I’m sippin Easter pinkDiamonds round my neck same color Easter pinkGotta college girl she wanna sip dat Easter pinkFuck yu drinkin on mane I’m drinkin

19. Lirik Unconditional Love – Future

lirik Unconditional Love – FutureIf you love me, love me unconditionalPatience is a virtue, then come residualsThese be the realest words I ever said I’m a try to get to know you, not your physicalGotta a bad habit can’t

20. Lirik Gone To The Moon – Future

lirik Gone To The Moon – FutureI’m gone to the moon I float like balloonsI’m gone to the moon I float like balloons Yeah, I smoke a box of blunts for breakfastAy, and I woke up like Hugh Hefner ayI had to switch her

21. Lirik Never Be The Same – Future

lirik Never Be The Same – FutureYeah yeah yeah, yeah yeahYeah yeah yeah, yeah yeahYeah yeah yeah, yeah yeah After the struggle and the pain and to remain in the game shit’ll never be the same no moreAfter you grind and survive

22. Lirik Straight Up – Future

lirik Straight Up – FutureYeah, Yeah yeah yeahFreebandz Bought A BuildingStraight UpAye Got the Gucci boots on like it’s snowing, straight upBig booty freak and she foreign, straight upAll My Whole Team We Very Important

23. Lirik Itchin’ – Future

lirik Itchin’ – FutureMy fingers, they itchin they itchin for dat paper My momma said fuck it niggah hit the streets and liveGot some crack in the corner and I did what I didThe neighbors they don’t like me I got

24. Lirik No Matter What – Future

lirik No Matter What – FutureChorusWe made a bond from the very beginningI found my homey and my best friendImma be there for ya till the very endNo matter what, no matter what, no matter what, yeahWe broke the rules, we took it

25. Lirik Parachute feat. R. Kelly – Future

lirik Parachute feat. R. Kelly – FutureCheck her out she hellaSomebody outta tell herHer ass got a voiceAnd she sing acapellaI can be the music, pumping in her backgroundI can make her lose it, and find it in Chi TownClub of america, legs

27. Lirik First Class Flights – Future

lirik First Class Flights – FutureI ain’t tripping off no pussyFreeband Gang I’m flying first class flights on these pussy niggasI just found that was yo wife I got that pussy niggaI rock a whole lot of ice on a pussy

28. Lirik Go Harder – Future

lirik Go Harder – FutureChorusI done been lied toI been neglectedI done had all kind of people turn against meYou try to break me down Ima go harderYou try to break me down Ima go harderI done took lossesI done been crossed

29. Lirik My – Future

lirik My – FutureSuper futureYeaAy well never be global nigga My wrist on the 40sFresh as Michael jordansMy car ain’t even dropped yetAlready done ordered itCame across a fortuneNow I got endorsementsYou wanna

30. Lirik Jealous – Future

lirik Jealous – FutureWhat its go come in with a verse? Haters coming faster then I ever seen them come beforeRacks on racks they say I was a one hit wonder, where I goTo the top where I belong, I’m from the corner

31. Lirik Paradise – Future

lirik Paradise – FutureWhaddup grandma liketold you I had to do itI’m just scared for you baby ChorusI go through hell so walk with youI’m taking chances when I talk to youJust so I can give you the good
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