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1. Lirik Prices On My Head – Young Buck

lirik Prices On My Head – Young Buck Why? These niggas want me dead betta' watch your step Put prices on my head 'cuz I cock my shit, and I pop my shit But I ain't gonna change I don't play that shit G-Unit do ya' thang these niggas

2. Lirik Banks Workout Part Ii – G-unit

lirik Banks Workout Part Ii – G-unit 50 Cent, Lloyd Banks50 Cent chorus: nobody get hurt and nobody don't move just give it up smooth G UNIT Motherfucker you move,I'll flash my 2 and blast my 2 G UNIT Nigga,you don't know me and I don't

4. Lirik Bring My Bottles – G-unit

lirik Bring My Bottles – G-unit If you in this VIP And you ain't spending no money get the fuck out We need them bottles. Sparkle somethingSay you ballin', boy, we gon' need the proof We be two steppin', mix the Effen with the

5. Lirik Real Quick (remix) – G-unit

lirik Real Quick (remix) – G-unit [Hook: Drake] I go 0 to 100, nigga, real quick Real quick, whole squad on that real shit 0 to 100, nigga, real quick Real quick, real fuckin' quick, nigga 0 to 100, nigga, real quick Real quick,

7. Lirik E.m.s. – G-unit

lirik E.m.s. – G-unit [50 Cent] Ga ga G-Unit! (body) haha, yo, yoI need no introduction, everybody (body) Heard of 50 Cent, and heard of G-Unit I'm not Hi-Tek and I'm not Kweli (Kweli) - you see me in the club You better

8. Lirik Walk With Me – Young Buck

lirik Walk With Me – Young Buck G-Unit, G-Unit nigga, Shady, Aftermath in this bitch Oh, Young Buck, Stat Quo, ya understand me nigga? Ay nigga, they say we're the new kings of the South That's what they say ATL to CashvilleI've

10. Lirik How We Do – Game

lirik How We Do – Game [Chorus - 50 Cent] This is how we do We make a move and act a fool while we up in the club This is how we do Nobody do it like we do it so show us some love This is how we do We make a move and act a

11. Lirik Lay You Down – G-unit

lirik Lay You Down – G-unit G-Unit, they ain't ready AhhI don't know what you been thinkin', don't know what you been drinkin' But you get outta line, boy, I'll lay your ass down Don't know what you been thinkin', don't know

12. Lirik Footprints – G-unit

lirik Footprints – G-unit Walk with me, ay if you hear me out there Walk with me, I get down on my knees every night and say Walk with me, yeah Walk with me, I'm goin' to war, I'm goin' to warYou never know when death's comin

13. Lirik You Already Know – Soundtrack

lirik You Already Know – Soundtrack [Intro: Lloyd Banks] Uh! Uh! Uh! Uh! Uh![Chorus: Lloyd Banks] You already know, my mind is on my dough A millionaire that won't spend a dollar on a hoe I'm still in here tryin to get a model out the

15. Lirik After My Chedda – 50 Cent

lirik After My Chedda – 50 Cent When you frown at me is it because I won't provide for you girl, you're after me cheddar And you friends they see it to screaming We know what your up to do girl, I'm after my cheddarI gave you your

16. Lirik Pretty U – Seventeen

lirik Pretty U – SeventeenSeventeen~halmali manheundejeongriga jal andwaedowajwo S.O.Shana dul set neteotteon pyohyeonbeobeul sseoyamannae mami jeonhaejilkkamaeumeul kkeonaeseo neoege boksahaebuchyeoya haneungeongaeoneu

18. Lirik Come Up – G-unit

lirik Come Up – G-unit Yeah, I'm that paper chasing, money making hustler Nigga, you know how I get downBig dreams, big bags of bread Big money, you fucking with the kid Watch a nigga come up Inf beams, triple beams it

19. Lirik Come And Get Me – Timbaland

lirik Come And Get Me – Timbaland Yeah, yeah It's Tim-Unit ****, yeah You know I like how I sound on that ********, your time is up, I ain't come to catch you I knew you **** was dumb but how dumb is you Thinkin' you could see the

21. Lirik Me Ok – Young Jeezy

lirik Me Ok – Young Jeezy [Hook] First they tell ya "Motherfucker, trap or die", that me OK Mister whip or not and get a half a pie, that me OK Mister if I'm talkin' you should listen, game is free OK Mister got two whole

22. Lirik Cake – Lloyd Banks

lirik Cake – Lloyd Banks Money, money, money, money Cake I need the cake niggaThe Unit don't play, we rap but we strapped Buck got the shotgun, 50 got the mack Spida got the sweeper and you bound to hear it clap You won't

23. Lirik Blow My Mind – Lloyd Banks

lirik Blow My Mind – Lloyd Banks Ayo whassup you know who the fuck this is This the kid BANKS, ya heard me The number one fuckin draft pick in any hood.. G-G-G-UNIT!Banks bout to bubble like crushed grapes I don't give a fuck wait

25. Lirik People Like Myself – Timbaland

lirik People Like Myself – Timbaland People like myself, only hang with self 'cause that's the way to go I can't go outside without finding some new kinfolks People on my left, people on my right, all in my ear hole Make be like whoa

26. Lirik Live My Life – Noreaga

lirik Live My Life – Noreaga Yeah, yeah niggaz, it's n-o-rezy This what I'm talking about right here niggaz This what I needed "this is what I needed nigga" This is the shit I wanted right here niggaz "This the nahsumeanuheard

27. Lirik I Get High – Lloyd Banks

lirik I Get High – Lloyd Banks I know, I ain't supposed to smoke in here But Mr. Bouncer Man Don't put your motherfuckin' hands on me (Can I get high) Without you botherin' meEverybody you see in here tonight's Doin' the same

28. Lirik Work Magic – Lloyd Banks

lirik Work Magic – Lloyd Banks I'm gon' ride, I'm gon' ride They gon' ride! We all gon' ride!I've come from the heart of South Side Holdin' it down for my niggaz that died I gotta dizzy bird on my side Pop shit and get your whole

29. Lirik She's The One (remix) – Royce Da 5'9

lirik She's The One (remix) – Royce Da 5'9 [Eminem] Slim Shady Asshole[Royce] Any nigga wit guns, we got guns too More heated, ready to outgun you It's too late I already outgunned you You was around, you know the outcome too Let's play,

30. Lirik Riiiot – Chino Xl

lirik Riiiot – Chino Xl Verse One: Chino XL Ras Kass You prayed for me and I came! How far you niggaz wanna push me? I'm leaving the crowds happy like OJ Simpson when he got his first white pussy But I'm still annoyed

31. Lirik Malcom X – Royce Da 5'9

lirik Malcom X – Royce Da 5'9 [Royce talking] yo, yo, this is a J-dogg exclusiveD-12, worst fucking rap group ever (You ready?)Royce Da 5'9" would like to apologize to the family of my homeboy Bugz for lettin' that line leak out

32. Lirik Changes – G-unit

lirik Changes – G-unit [Verse 1: 50 Cent] All I'm hearing is Jimmy want my shit to flop, Dre don't care if I blow God damn, all this from fucking selling headphones Chris died, Theo didn't show up to a nigga wake Which

33. Lirik Smile – G-unit

lirik Smile – G-unit Smile though your heart is aching Smile even though it's breaking When there are clouds in the sky, you'll get byIf you smile through all fear and sorrow Smile and maybe tomorrow You'll find the sun

34. Lirik Ballin' – G-unit

lirik Ballin' – G-unit Until God calls for me I'mma keep ballin', keep on ballin' To my niggas and my bitches looking down on me I know y'all see me when I'm ballin' You know I got to keep ballin' Till the FEDs come we

35. Lirik My Buddy – G-unit

lirik My Buddy – G-unit [Chorus] My buddy, my buddy Wherever I go, he go My buddy, my buddy You can run for your life when I stick 'e, out the window My buddy, my buddy I lay your ass out motherfucker is simple Stay in your

36. Lirik Short Stay – G-unit

lirik Short Stay – G-unit [50 Cent Intro] Yeah, She like it she love it, she kiss it she suck it, she want me to want it, She want to climb up on it, smile (Ha, ha)...Lloyd Banks, 50 Cent[Lloyd Banks] [Verse One]Look Mommy,

37. Lirik Paper Chaser – G-unit

lirik Paper Chaser – G-unit Intro Its 50 man its easy when you f*** wit me man you dont believe me you ask banks you ask yayo the first thing they goin say isChorus I got money and lots of jewls and fancy cars the b****** f***

38. Lirik Wanna Lick – G-unit

lirik Wanna Lick – G-unit Lil Kim Hook You know you want me, you probably want to kiss this Act like it's Christmas, and put me on your wish list When it go down, I'm help you pull your whiskers Put your lips on my lips and

39. Lirik Straight Outta Southside – G-unit

lirik Straight Outta Southside – G-unit I dont know what the fuck I been doin But this what they want Id like to give a R.I.P. in advance For all my enemies, die quick niggasStraight outta Southside Crazy muthafucka named Bank-o Crack rap
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