Kumpulan garbage | Lirik Lagu garbage

1. Lirik Show Me – Garbage

lirik Show Me – GarbageYou could hear long before you could dreamYou could walkYou could run long before you could singYou could talkThink about all the things you never sayAnd spit them out And show meShow me howShow me

2. Lirik Bright Tonight – Garbage

lirik Bright Tonight – GarbageFrom the beginning, we were always going to failWe were the next thing that the world could not wait to tear downOff balance in our own mindsOff balance in the ways we looked to everybody elseOn and

3. Lirik The One – Garbage

lirik The One – GarbageYeah right from the start you had me hookedAnd I knew I was fallingAnd sure you had me sussedYou worked me outYou took me right out no doubt Call me a lawyerI want to micro manageI need a hit manGet

4. Lirik What Girls Are Made Of – Garbage

lirik What Girls Are Made Of – GarbageTell me, please, what little girls are made ofSugar and spice and all things niceBut we can bleed for a whole week straightEvery month, and the pain doesn’t faze us Do you really think we give a

5. Lirik Beloved Freak – Garbage

lirik Beloved Freak – GarbageYou’re not certain when you feel hurtGet violent when you dealWith how the world drags you alongYou’re not alone Nothing good was ever freeNo one gets it, no one seesSo here you stand,

6. Lirik Man On A Wire – Garbage

lirik Man On A Wire – GarbageI looked into the mirrorWhat did I see’There was a big black beastLooking back at me You looked into my eyesWhat did you see’You saw a big black beast Magnified in me Like a man on a wireI

7. Lirik Battle In Me – Garbage

lirik Battle In Me – GarbageLook at youAn accident of drinkingWhat a messA train wreck of lipstickWhat a joke, but do you hear me laughing’Get out my face, before I lose my patienceNow me and you, let’s cut this

8. Lirik Sugar – Garbage

lirik Sugar – GarbageGive me sugarGive me, something sweetI’ve spent a lifetimeFeelin’ incompleteIf I sound bitterOr if I come too latePlease reconsiderI don’t need much on my plateJust give me sugar Don

9. Lirik I Hate Love – Garbage

lirik I Hate Love – GarbageYour words are pretty but I already know who you are.I knew you before you met me long before we would part.Before you tricked me and laid on my bones.Before you kissed me and buried my hope.Before

10. Lirik Felt – Garbage

lirik Felt – GarbageFelt sure you felt somethingFelt sure, but it really was nothing.You felt, but you’re only guessing.They’re only feelings baby, they’re only feelings. Felt I’d left you hanging

12. Lirik Control – Garbage

lirik Control – GarbageThe world might end,The night might fall.Rain on down and cover us all,And drown us with the burdens of our sins.Maybe I’ll look you in the eye,Tell you, you don’t wanna die.Maybe I’

13. Lirik Big Bright World – Garbage

lirik Big Bright World – GarbageWe are difficult to understandIt was hard to make this simple plan workDifficult, but that’s what made it burn You’re a satellite around my heartOne million before the startIndescribable,

15. Lirik Blood For Poppies – Garbage

lirik Blood For Poppies – GarbageTo lift the sun,I’ve been sitting here all night longRolling rock, over Buddah with the longhornGot a hole, rip a pocket off my uniformWith the black watch boysGet your heads downOoohDuty calls

17. Lirik We Never Tell – Garbage

lirik We Never Tell – GarbageThis is my time with you, I’m not giving it backThey could break our arms but we would remain intactYou know I don’t you want make you feel so goodI can see it in your eyes when I look at

19. Lirik Amends – Garbage

lirik Amends – GarbageYou gave an inch, I took a mileYou lit a match, I set our fireYou know they say to make amendsFace to face And though I know it’s not my placeTo tell you how to live your lifeBut to forget

20. Lirik So We Can Stay Alive – Garbage

lirik So We Can Stay Alive – GarbageImagine this, we make things rightSo beautiful, we clean tonightTo all our dreams, we pin them upWe lose our minds if we lose our hopesWe swear to change, but we bottle inStick to our guns and all our
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