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1. Lirik My Boo – Ghost Town Djs

lirik My Boo – Ghost Town Djs Boy you should know that I got you on my mind Your secret admirer I've been watching youAt night I think of you I want to be your lady, baby If your game is on, give me a call Boo If your love is

2. Lirik Ghost – Beyonce Knowles

lirik Ghost – Beyonce Knowles [Intro: Presenter] The winner is Beyonce Knowles female pop vocalist![Intro:] I would like to thank the judges for picking me My parents who I love I love you Houston[Verse 1:] And I've been drifting

3. Lirik Ghost – Discotion Pill

lirik Ghost – Discotion Pill I heard a strange, surprising voices, Shock me loud, inside my head And slow drive me into fancy Unlikely reality I had to race all night to Fight the suggestion And shadows flight I need a

4. Lirik Ghost In Your Heart – Bon Jovi

lirik Ghost In Your Heart – Bon JoviA little white picket fence around your heartIts everything you wanted, now its tearing you apartYoure gonna raise a family now but you dont know where to startI remember youMe, I pack a suitcase and

5. Lirik Black Ghost – Vado

lirik Black Ghost – Vado We da, we da Da best Sping of oursYo! Most hated, incorporated with wealth Underrated, I felt had to operate it with help Separated myself in these decorated to bail Got educated and dealt with

7. Lirik Holy Ghost Remix – Young Jeezy

lirik Holy Ghost Remix – Young Jeezy [Intro] Touching myself, still on fire I'm under attack, but I'm still on fire I got some chatter, but I'm still on fire I got some threat, but I'm still on fire I got some liabilities, but I'm still

10. Lirik Big Town – Edane

lirik Big Town – EdaneHe searched high He searched low Tried so hard Didn't make a cent today She cried hard Kid cried too he Looked down But said it would be allright Walking round an over town ( way down town) wandering

11. Lirik Chi Town – Da Brat

lirik Chi Town – Da Brat Uh, any chance I get I'm on a plane I book advance tickets and pay the fees with no complaints In the summer it's off the hook, no time to waste Just lie at the lake and I'm shoulder dry to the taste

12. Lirik Chi Town – Da Brat

lirik Chi Town – Da Brat Uh, any chance I get I'm on a plane I book advance tickets and pay the fees with no complaints In the summer it's off the hook, no time to waste Just lie at the lake and I'm shoulder dry to the taste

13. Lirik The Town – The Weeknd

lirik The Town – The WeekndYou did many things that I liked, that I likedAnd you like diamond ringsI can provide, I can provide for youYou made me feel so goodBefore I left on the roadAnd you deserve your name on a crown, on a

15. Lirik Run This Town – Lucy Hale

lirik Run This Town – Lucy HaleHold on cause I'm letting goI'm gonna lasso your heart like a rodeoI'm gonna give you some till you want some moreCause all I see is an open doorAnd I see where it's leading meAll of this energy been

19. Lirik Two Story Town – Bon Jovi

lirik Two Story Town – Bon JoviSongwriters: Hudson, Mark; Sambora, Richie; Bon Jovi, Jon; Grakal, Dean;{One, two, one, two}I couldn't sleepTook a walk down Second AvenueSick of dreaming dreams that never come trueOne way street and

20. Lirik This Town – Bryan White

lirik This Town – Bryan White This town doesn't understand Two people makin' dreams and plans They say were much too young In this townThis towns full of narrow minds Cant see beyond the city limit signs They close the bedroom

21. Lirik Home Town – Big Sean

lirik Home Town – Big Sean Finally famous nigga West side, east side, south side, north side D-town (boiiiii, boiiii, boiiii) put on put on the city, the city, I like it in the city the city, the city, I-I-I-I like it in the

22. Lirik I Love This Town – Bon Jovi

lirik I Love This Town – Bon JoviI always knew, that I'd like this placeYou don't have to look too far, to find a friendly faceI feel alive when I'm walkin' on the streetI feel the heart of the city poundin' underneath my feet[CHORUS

29. Lirik A Town Called Paradise – Tiesto

lirik A Town Called Paradise – TiestoWhen your sanity is a hurricaneAnd your heartache is tidal waveOh you can pull me underOh you can pull me underWhen euphoria is hit and runAnd you are drowning in a heatless sunOh you can pull me

34. Lirik Ghosttown – Madonna

lirik Ghosttown – MadonnaMaybe it was all too muchToo much for a man to takeEverything is bound to breakSooner or later, sooner or laterYou're all that I can trustFacing the darkest daysEveryone ran awayWe're gonna stay here

35. Lirik Church Of Desire – Bon Jovi

lirik Church Of Desire – Bon Jovi(Sambora) Woke up in a cold sweat In the middle of the night Seems like a lifetime When you're wondering who's wrong or right One confession would resurrect the truth Revenge or forgiveness for sins

36. Lirik Purify – Metallica

lirik Purify – MetallicaTear it downStrip the layers offMy turpentineOld pain, old looksCover up the pastWhite heat, white lightSuper white bonesBones of you and IPure if I... Can't you help me?Pure if I... Won't you help me

37. Lirik Everywhere – Jason Mraz

lirik Everywhere – Jason Mraz If I wasn't a ghost I couldn't walk into you If I wasn't the snow how could I fall for you? If I wasn't a songbird how could I call to you? If I wasn't a fly on the wall I wouldn't know all about

38. Lirik Trick Me – Kelis

lirik Trick Me – Kelis Whoao This is it Yeah WhoaoSaid, "I've paid my dues for all that I've done" And I showed you that I loved you more than once There's nothing left there to decide Said, "You might trick me once I won'

40. Lirik Sweet Love – Chris Brown

lirik Sweet Love – Chris Brown Yeah You ready? I ain't think soOh baby let's get naked Just so we can make sweet love All these sensations got me going crazy for you Inside on top of you Grinding inside and out of you Baby I know

42. Lirik Headsprung – Ll Cool J

lirik Headsprung – Ll Cool J They call me Big L'y, Big Silly Big money, Big Billy When I'm sliding in them all can ya hear me? I be sexing with these bars so ya feel me Let me grip it up for 'cause in the back Let me grip it get

43. Lirik 3 Kings – Slim Thug

lirik 3 Kings – Slim Thug When I hit the club all the girls show me love While at the bar, got drank by the jug In the v.i.p with the chicks and the drugs It's the T.I.P, Bun-B and Slim ThugWhen I hit the club all the girls

45. Lirik Rollin' Thru My Hood – Master P

lirik Rollin' Thru My Hood – Master P Yo kid man, stop the musicRollin' thru my, rollin' thru my hood This what I see when I'm rollin' thru my hood 2 to the 3 to the 4 the 5 the 6 And everybody in the ghetto trying to sew this bitch'

46. Lirik Hold You Down – Red Cafe

lirik Hold You Down – Red Cafe [Intro: Chris Brown] I'll hold you down I'm on my way[Verse 1: Jeremih & (August Alsina)] All you've been thinking about Do anything you want and let emotion rule your mind And now you say you dream

50. Lirik Panda – Desiigner

lirik Panda – DesiignerPanda, Panda, Panda, Panda, PandaPanda, PandaI got broads in AtlantaTwisting dope, lean, and the FantaCredit cards and the scammersHitting off licks in the bandoBlack X6, PhantomWhite X6 looks like a
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