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11. Lirik Touch It Or Not – Cam'ron

lirik Touch It Or Not – Cam'ron Killa, Dipset, Lil Weezy, Cash Money Yo Ma, let me holla, let's do this uhMa, I been huggin' the block (Huggin' the block) That's right, hustling rocks (Hustling rocks) I know I been puffin' a lot

12. Lirik Windpipe – Wu-tang Clan

lirik Windpipe – Wu-tang Clan [RZA] Yo Yo Yo doodododododo Yo pssh yo Yo park the jeep on the street of the Sunset Marquis Autograph sign and pass wit a gold tip sharpee Permanent ink blots undrunk from velly poo scotts All you

13. Lirik Run – Ghostface Killah

lirik Run – Ghostface Killah Aiyo, I jumped from the 8th floor step, hit the ground The pound fell, cops is coming Running through the pissy stairwells, I ain't hear nothin' Bugging, only thing I remember was the bullshit

15. Lirik Love – Ghostface Killah

lirik Love – Ghostface Killah First I loved God, then loved my mother Love my babies, sisters and brothers Love my father 'cos that's my mom's partner Love my grandmother and my grouchy assed grandfather Love my aunties on both

19. Lirik Camay – Ghostface Killah

lirik Camay – Ghostface Killah You know how we do!Yo, what's the deal Goldilocks? Ain't nothing I'm just hibernating, love that watch Pour me some Scotch and cold Courvoisier No doubt, have a chair Boo lets get to pollying Who you
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