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1. Lirik Lose It – French Montana

lirik Lose It – French Montana What's Gucci my nigga? What's Louis my killa?I feel like I can't follow in nobody footstep You know I pop-pop-pop-pop-pop-pop, at your head my nigga Young nigga, young nigga, pop pills, make mills

2. Lirik That’s All – Gucci Mane

lirik That’s All – Gucci ManeIn the club tryin to find me a bad ass broadGave her five for the pussy then I took her to the mallThat's all babygirl thats all18 for the whole nine five for the half Came up in the hood sellin fifty

3. Lirik Big Broke Records – Gucci Mane

lirik Big Broke Records – Gucci Mane Gucci Mane Big Broke Records dutty laundry in the game lil gucci mane keep 100 man you know i warned you about this shit so icy entertainment baby whats up jizzle jucie mane star statusverse 1: you

4. Lirik Icy – Gucci Mane

lirik Icy – Gucci Mane(Feat. Young Jeezy, Boo)I'm icy, I'm icy, I'm icy, I'm icy, I'm icy, I'm icy, I'm icy, I'm icy [Chorus:]All these girls excited Oooo ya know they like it I'm so icy, so icy Girl don't try to fight it

5. Lirik Booty Shorts – Gucci Mane

lirik Booty Shorts – Gucci ManePut on your booty shorts Ooh, I really like the sexy way you walk Ooh, I like the way you make your booty talk Everytime you put on your booty shorts Believe dat girlI don't holla at girls girls holla

6. Lirik Mane Mane Boleh – BIP

lirik Mane Mane Boleh – BIPMane mane boleh Boleh boleh aje Mane mane boleh Boleh boleh aje Yang ini ngga boleh Jangan asal boleh Nggak semua boleh Nggak boleh Masa sih nggak boleh Kenape nggak boleh Udah boleh aje Boleh dong

7. Lirik I Get It In – Omarion

lirik I Get It In – Omarion Oh Omarion, yea, it's Gucci! Song dynasty, yeah Watch me get it Gucci, Gucci!I done cut the braids, low cut, got my grown on Had a sister label, gettin' money, money, long, long I be so L.A. got my

9. Lirik Trap House – Gucci Mane

lirik Trap House – Gucci ManeIn the trap house, in the trap house, in the trap houseGucci mane check itChoppa on the floor pistol on the coachHood rich so I never had a bank accountJunkies going in junkies going outMade a hundred

10. Lirik Again – Young Thug

lirik Again – Young Thug [Verse 1: Gucci Mane] I'm pourin' 4s and shit, I need to just pour the D'usse Car cost 400 thou and I put a roof in My nigga pot cook it so good he put his shoe in Nigga it's a gangster party, why

11. Lirik Freaky Gurl (remix) – Lil' Kim

lirik Freaky Gurl (remix) – Lil' Kim She's a very freaky gurl, don't bring her to mama First you get her name then you get her number Then you get some brain in the front seat of the Hummer Then you get some brain in the front seat of

13. Lirik Lol Smiley Face – Trey Songz

lirik Lol Smiley Face – Trey Songz I love Fisher Price8043350051 Lol smiley face, lol smiley face (Soulja Boy, tell 'em) 8043350051 (Gucci) Lol smiley face, lol smiley faceShorty just text me, says she want to sex me Lol smiley face,

15. Lirik That's Gangsta – Bun B

lirik That's Gangsta – Bun B I'm a full time hustla posted on the block Got to get it to live and I'm never going to stop Now that's gangsta, now that's gangsta When me ride through the hood you can hear the bass knock All me

19. Lirik Baby Wipes – Gucci Mane

lirik Baby Wipes – Gucci Mane [Intro] You know? Back in 03-04 we were shittin on niggas Fast forward to 2012 And we still shittin on niggas Shittin on all you hoes tonight, my bitch, she need some baby wipes Shittin on all you

20. Lirik Bricks – Gucci Mane

lirik Bricks – Gucci Mane It's ya boy yo Gotti Chea, Gucci Mane the flare My nigga Ralph in here Zaytoven on the beat nigga And its' a street nigga holiday My Nigga DJ Holiday CheaBricks, all white bricks Off white bricks,

22. Lirik Lowest – Gucci Mane

lirik Lowest – Gucci Mane No place she will rather be Then that sinner proud of me Gucci Mane all from the street but I got ice all over me Got my dog with me I swear my niggas got some dope for me I kill that wolf just as

23. Lirik Easter Pink – Future

lirik Easter Pink – FutureChorusGot a pocket full a money and I'm sippin Easter pinkDiamonds round my neck same color Easter pinkGotta college girl she wanna sip dat Easter pinkFuck yu drinkin on mane I'm drinkin Easter pinkI'

24. Lirik I Like Them Girls – Tyrese

lirik I Like Them Girls – Tyrese I Like them girls, check it out! I like them girls I like them girls I like them girls I like them girlsI get a call from my crew this weekend Talkin' bout a party say it's gone be crackin' Since I'm

25. Lirik What Got Into Me – Dreezy

lirik What Got Into Me – DreezyI don't know what got into meI'm feeling gucci I don't know about my enemiesHaters talk but don't say shit when they run into meOnly loud pack and liquor give me energyCut niggas off and now they

26. Lirik Straight Up – Future

lirik Straight Up – FutureYeah, Yeah yeah yeahFreebandz Bought A BuildingStraight UpAyeGot the Gucci boots on like it's snowing, straight upBig booty freak and she foreign, straight upAll My Whole Team We Very Important,

29. Lirik Tonight – Bruno Mars

lirik Tonight – Bruno Mars[Bruno Mars: Chorus]Maybe if I jump or spread my wingsI know I've been wrong about these thingsI don't care if no one else believesI think that if you believe it then maybe we'll make itTonightOh

30. Lirik Rap Song – T Pain

lirik Rap Song – T Pain Nappy Boy, ooh, wee Ooh wee Everybody say yeah Oh, oh, oh Hey, eh, eh, eh, ehWe been messin' 'round for a long (Long time) A while now (While now, uh)And you already know what's on my mind (Mind) It'

31. Lirik Get'cha Some – Big Sean

lirik Get'cha Some – Big Sean You want my shoes? You want my shirt? My jewels too, n-gga?Well you need to Go n getcha some, go go n getcha some (x4)FRESH, fresh like I'm wrapped in plastic Polo, Louis to Gucci, like that's one

32. Lirik Earned It – Chief Keef

lirik Earned It – Chief Keef Earned It (Intro) Ayy, still the same nigga Won't be the change nigga Still ?, still 06 nigga Still out there kinda nigga Still 600, nigga, rest in peace, Lil Steve, nigga Rest in peace, ?, nigga

34. Lirik After My Chedda – 50 Cent

lirik After My Chedda – 50 Cent When you frown at me is it because I won't provide for you girl, you're after me cheddar And you friends they see it to screaming We know what your up to do girl, I'm after my cheddarI gave you your

37. Lirik Mean Mug – Three 6 Mafia

lirik Mean Mug – Three 6 Mafia Mean mug niggas lookin' and they hid from a smile But inside blood cookin', got a problem wit' my style Click the click wit' the clan, lames I don't understand If ya feel that ya real, fuck a song,

38. Lirik Mama We Rich – Gucci Mane

lirik Mama We Rich – Gucci Mane (Hook) Seen 100 bands, all in one time (I seen it) I just blew my mind cuz my mama seen it (f**k!) And she had a fit, yea she had a fit (mama) I told my mama we rich, told my mama we rich (rich, go

39. Lirik Don't Trust – Gucci Mane

lirik Don't Trust – Gucci Mane [Verse 1] Bricksquad ashless cocos, we get ashcriss Say that that s your bitch but nigga we did action Spent 10 Billion dollars of BBS s Woke up in Texas, he text me, I start flexing Diamonds chains

40. Lirik Name It After Me – Juicy J

lirik Name It After Me – Juicy J [Verse 1: Juicy J] Now I'm gonna tell you bout this flippin When I ride down the strippin Bentley rolls on these hoes Couple months a nigga be flippin And you always see me glistenin Window down

41. Lirik Diamonds Exposed – Paul Wall

lirik Diamonds Exposed – Paul Wall (Feat. Chamillionaire & Lil Keke)[Paul Wall talking] I'm comin down I'm bangin screw Lookin good Feelin good[Chorus] You know i'ma crawl slow/ Popped up sittin on my swangas & 4's/ Jockin all hatas

42. Lirik My Audemars – Dj Drama

lirik My Audemars – Dj Drama I'm gettin' money, I'm ballin' hard Heard them niggas hatin on me, cause they fallin' off Honestly bitch, I'm ballin' hard Yeah It's my time, and I'mma shine just like my audemars, my audemars Bust

44. Lirik Do It Alone – Kid Cudi

lirik Do It Alone – Kid Cudi (Yawns) shit.... man ... dream on... dream on... man (Verse 1) These voices they tell me go, but why should I ever go? Man I'm so comfortable here. Why should I head to a place where people live in

45. Lirik Go Girl – Baby Bash

lirik Go Girl – Baby Bash Excuse me miss, what's your name I don't wanna tell you the same ol' thing Drop, drop it low, make, make it pop, I can do this all night shorty I don't wanna stopI need a go girl I need a go girl, uh

47. Lirik Born In The Struggle – E-40

lirik Born In The Struggle – E-40 (E-40) [Verse 1]: I had to hand-wash my clothes, didn't have a washing machine or a dryer Momma used to have to hang her period panties out on a clothes line wire 'The vacuum broke' - 'Use the broom
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