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1. Lirik Loveable – Gwen Stefani

lirik Loveable – Gwen StefaniBuried in your carelessness, how did I get so deep?Now I'm covered in the rubble of your selfish con-concreteAll of it's been recorded forever in my mindIn a way it's all permanent and frozen for all-

3. Lirik Running – Gwen Stefani

lirik Running – Gwen StefaniRun, running all the timeRunning to the futureWith you right by my sideMe, I'm the one you choseOut of all the peopleYou wanted me the mostAnd I'm so sorry that I've fallenHelp me up, let's keep on

6. Lirik Misery – Gwen Stefani

lirik Misery – Gwen StefaniWhere'd you go?I got so used to being 'round you boyI'm trying not to care, but where'd you go?I'm doing my best to be sensibleI'm trying not to care, butYou're like drugs, you're like drugs to meI'm

7. Lirik War Paint – Gwen Stefani

lirik War Paint – Gwen StefaniIn the mirror super close, magnifies of diagnoseSeeing things I never saw beforeReformation to get clear, 'bout to take on that new frontierLeave it here, don't need no souvenirDecorate my skinSome

8. Lirik Bathwater – Gwen Stefani

lirik Bathwater – Gwen StefaniYou and your museum of loversThe precious collection you've housed in your coversMy simpleness threatened by my own admissionAnd the bags are much too heavyIn my insecure conditionMy pregnant mind is

15. Lirik Partynauseous – Lady Gaga

lirik Partynauseous – Lady Gaga Nod if you want to be high with the enemy It's a test of your stamina, do your best Nod if you want to make love with the enemy Roll it up, baby, smoke it up 'til we're flyingTell my mama it's bad

17. Lirik Fuck Um All – Chris Brown

lirik Fuck Um All – Chris Brown (uh) fuck them all like an orgy don't remember none of they names they not important haters better stay in they lane i'm Jeff Gordon nigga i been fly and ya'll just boardin (uh) all my shit be bumpin

18. Lirik Lagu Barat Yang Enak Apa Ya ?

lirik Lagu Barat Yang Enak Apa Ya ?Apa Sih Menurut Kalian Lagu Barat Yang Enak ?? Terutama Owl City Thanks Ditunggu Jawabanya ? Virus Zone Kalau Owlcity sih menurutku: Fireflies Vanilla Twilight To The Sky Saltwater Room

19. Lirik Lagu Dance Apa Yang Kalian Suka ?

lirik Lagu Dance Apa Yang Kalian Suka ? bingung disuruh bawain lagu dance. cariin donk dari mulai lagu classic sampai terbaru ? Role Your Way klo menurut aku sie bgusan : 1. JTL_my Lecon [Korean song] 2. Super Junior_Sorry-Sorry [

20. Lirik Lagu Apa Yg Kalian Sukai ?

lirik Lagu Apa Yg Kalian Sukai ? kalo ada tulis di sini yg banyak lagu aku ksh bintang lima!! ? Diskent'H lagu anime : after dark by : asian kungfu generation alones by : aqua timez hanabi by : ikimono gakari
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