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1. Lirik We Rule The Night – Bon Jovi

lirik We Rule The Night – Bon Jovi(written by: Bon Jovi)We walked through the sunshine, we walked thru the rainAs endless as time the thoughts will remainWe'll take what we wantYou take what you needWe are the targets, you better

4. Lirik Carolus Rex – Sabaton

lirik Carolus Rex – SabatonAll embrace me, it's my time to rule at lastFifteen years have I been waiting to sit upon my throneNo allegiance I will swear no oathCrowned by God not by the church as my power is divineThey thought

5. Lirik Sit Still, Look Pretty – Daya

lirik Sit Still, Look Pretty – DayaCould dress up, to get loveBut guess what?I'm never gonna be that girlWho's living in a Barbie worldCould wake up, and make up, and play dumbPretending that I need a boyWho's gonna treat me like a

8. Lirik Rats Rule – Die Antwoord

lirik Rats Rule – Die AntwoordRats, rats, everywhere you lookEverywhere you turn there's ratsRats, rats, eating all your books, looking at your photographsRats, rats, nesting in your closets, hiding underneath your socksLiving in

10. Lirik Kiss – Prince

lirik Kiss – Prince You don't have to be beautiful To turn me on I just need your body baby From dusk till dawn You don't need experience To turn me out You just leave it all up to me I'm gonna show you what it's all

11. Lirik X – Ja Rule

lirik X – Ja Rule C'mon, let's get popped in love I know you popular, admitted your club But I just wanna toss you up Before I swallow you whole I need to wash it down Tell your girls Avion, indulge you to hang out

12. Lirik Down Ass Bitch – Ja Rule

lirik Down Ass Bitch – Ja Rule Ja Rule, Chuck B-more Every thug needs a lady And every thug needs a down ass bitch, feel me Every thug needs a lady Baby I'm convinced, you my down ass bitchBaby say yeah (Baby say yeah) If you'd

18. Lirik Judas – Ja Rule

lirik Judas – Ja Rule [Intro] (Ja Rule Talkin) Yeah Imma tell ya'll a little story, It's a classic tell of Love, Hate, Jealuosy, BetrayalJudas, forgive them father for, they know not what they do, (let's talk to em) (haha

21. Lirik Hello – Beyonce Knowles

lirik Hello – Beyonce Knowles Remember those walls I built? Well, baby they are tumbling down And they didn't even put up a fight They didn't even make a sound I found a way to let you in But, I never really had a doubt Standing

23. Lirik Halo – Beyonce Knowles

lirik Halo – Beyonce Knowles Remember those walls I built Well Baby they're tumbling down And they didn't even put up a fight They didn't even make a soundI found a way to let you in But I never really had a doubt Standing in

24. Lirik Roll The Bass – Major Lazer

lirik Roll The Bass – Major LazerNow, in comes di ting called Major LazerNumber one sound inna dancehallWe stand tall, sound boy diss and fallThat's allWe ready fi di warI see di fear in a ya eyesI can smell your desperationBut we

25. Lirik Carpe Diem Baby – Metallica

lirik Carpe Diem Baby – MetallicaHit dirt, shake treeSplit sky, part seaStrip smile, lose coolBleed the day and break the ruleLive to win, dare to failEat the dirt and bite the nailThen make me miss youThen make me miss youSo wash

26. Lirik It's Murda – Ja Rule

lirik It's Murda – Ja Rule Urr, uh huh Y'all motherfuckers ready or what? Is y'all motherfuckers ready or what? I don't think you are, I don't think soThey got my back against the buildin' I'm the villain that's creepin'

28. Lirik Healing Subconsciously – Volbeat

lirik Healing Subconsciously – VolbeatOut in the distance small faces in painCame along always in searchOf entering dreamsThey all fade away, to return some other dayHelding their mirrors reflecting my sinWhat do you want to sell me with

30. Lirik Love And Care – Qathrunnada

lirik Love And Care – QathrunnadaEvery one in need of love Love and care It's a love and happiness we're looking for Every one of us needs to be defended In need of protection With dignity and honour Basic human rights shouldn't be

31. Lirik Roulette – Bon Jovi

lirik Roulette – Bon JoviBet the black comes in red, crimes of passion rule my head I need you, you want him, dressed to kill we live in sin I know the game you play, I know it well You just keep on playin' when all the bets

32. Lirik Gone – Jennifer Hudson

lirik Gone – Jennifer Hudson Can you imagine what it would be like if we never met? If we never kissed? Can you imagine if we never got to spend those nights In each others arms?But I don't know how it feels But it will probably

34. Lirik Love Crime – Westlife

lirik Love Crime – WestlifeI didn't know what to say I tried to look the other way When I saw you there with him Acting like I don't care But you can read from how I stare That I'm hurting deep inside But even though you look

35. Lirik En Livstid I Krig – Sabaton

lirik En Livstid I Krig – SabatonJag ser mig om och ser mitt hem frsvinna bortMin tid dr hemma knns nu alldeles fr kortBlott ungdom, knappt en man d plikten kallade migOm jag fr se mitt hem igen det vet jag ejBland frnder frn min by

37. Lirik President Of Boarderland – Glow

lirik President Of Boarderland – GlowVERSE 1: Last night I had a great dream Though it wasn't 'bout a girl I was elected to be president Of my own private world So I gave the name boarderland And everybody rushed Into this

38. Lirik Dreams Come True – Westlife

lirik Dreams Come True – WestlifeDreams are there to show you the way(Better take a look inside)Close your eyes find out what they're trying to say(You gotta take a look inside)Only for a minuteJust to make a startImagine what you

39. Lirik Rainy Days – Mary J Blige

lirik Rainy Days – Mary J Blige Heh, yeah Rule baby, heh Mary J. Blige Murda Inc. SmileIt's just those rainy days Spend a lifetime tryin' to wash away Until the sun come out and shines again Smile for me, smile for meAll of those

40. Lirik Romeoland (intro) – Lil' Romeo

lirik Romeoland (intro) – Lil' Romeo Romeo romeo romeo romeo Welcome to romeoland Well is it true Well is what true That romeo is really back Where did you hear that nonsense Well fantasia told me on this exact day that romeo will

42. Lirik Cudi Zone – Kid Cudi

lirik Cudi Zone – Kid Cudi Soaring, is this allowed? I sure bet my daddy proud, A little nigga with a shaker smile, On top of the dreams is where I'm found. Some figured I was Satan-bound, Until I came back with the style I

44. Lirik Badboy – Soundtrack

lirik Badboy – SoundtrackBad boys'what you want, what you wat What you gonna do' When jimmy johndon't come for you' Tell me, what you wanna do What you gonna do'yeah * (Bad boys, bad boys, what you gonna do What you gonna do

45. Lirik Red Light Shooter – Pas Band

lirik Red Light Shooter – Pas BandSomething you know, story about man Rule me tendeses, our life are able We likes are the guy, use a word simple man I'll be to go inside, he said... We walk together, like father and son We catch the

46. Lirik Victim of the Strife – Edane

lirik Victim of the Strife – EdaneEarly morning time to face the sorrow world Another gloomy endless day See the children is it safe for them to play Not the same as what fairy tale say And no school to teach the golden rule Guns for

47. Lirik Holler – Ginuwine

lirik Holler – Ginuwine Baby, holler if you want me Baby, holler if you want me Baby, holler if you want me Baby, holler if you want meIt ain't nothing just call my name I'll be right there 'coz nuthin's changed I'm still

48. Lirik The End Of A Story – Anggun

lirik The End Of A Story – AnggunThere are thin lines between faith and betrayal Yes and denial Victory surrender, attacker defender, first and last When you're in love And you fear it's gonna crash Thin lines between hope and

49. Lirik Justice In Barrel – Bon Jovi

lirik Justice In Barrel – Bon Jovi[Vocals: Lou Diamond Phillips and Julia Waters]There's no country, there's no freedom There's no you, there's no me There's no justice, there's no justice, there's no justice Hey mister can you help
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