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1. Lirik Bleeding From The Mouth – Noreaga

lirik Bleeding From The Mouth – Noreaga Intro: Trackmasters nigga L.o.x, cnnVerse 1: [capone] I been through, Runnin' from cops, Eatin' beef on the corner Been through cold cells Thug in the bench, Till that was former I been put the mack

2. Lirik In The Streets – Jadakiss

lirik In The Streets – Jadakiss Chorus: Im in the streets getting money x3 Im in these streets, Hustlin every day Im in the streets getting money x3 Jadakiss: Yo, Im on the block faithfully, got it so good if im late then wait for

3. Lirik Rocking With The Best – Jadakiss

lirik Rocking With The Best – Jadakiss INTRO: uh come on, uh two step uh yea uh come on, uh two step uh yea, lets work, haha AHA!Verse 1: Jadakiss yea, we can do it up just the two of us me and you shorty, we don't need the crew with us

4. Lirik What If – Jadakiss

lirik What If – Jadakiss (Verse 1 - Jadakiss) Take a second, what if we could rewind the hood? Better yet, what if the L.O.X. woulda signed with Suge? What if Puffy never signed us? What if Oprah made them comments like Imus

6. Lirik Going In For The Kill – Styles P

lirik Going In For The Kill – Styles P [La Roux - Sample] I'm going in for the kill I'm doing it for a thrill Oh I'm hoping you'll understand And not let go of my hand [x2]Styles P: This is for Hoods everywhere I'm Back We aint come here

7. Lirik Why (remix) – Jadakiss

lirik Why (remix) – Jadakiss Yo, why is Jadakiss as hard as it gets? Why is the industry designed to keep the artist in debt? And why them dudes ain't riding if they part of your set? And why they never get it popping but they

8. Lirik We Gonna Make It – Jadakiss

lirik We Gonna Make It – Jadakiss Uh, uh Fuck the frail shit Uh, 'cuz when my coke come in They gotta use the scales that they weigh the whales wit Carsons on the jeep, but Gotti made the prototype Hoped you'd get the picture but you

9. Lirik Wake Up Everybody – Jadakiss

lirik Wake Up Everybody – Jadakiss [Intro: Wyclef Jean] Wake up, Wake up. You've got the power. You've got the power. My people got the east yo you've got to wake up. Midwest dirty south, yo, you've gotta stand up. All my homies in

10. Lirik Do Me No Favors – Troy Ave

lirik Do Me No Favors – Troy Ave [Verse 1: Troy Ave] You ain't never counted paper 'til your gums hurt You ain't never had to make do wit' bum work Shit ain't comin' back, you get delirious It's a job in these streets, shit is

12. Lirik Dope Money – Ruff Ryders

lirik Dope Money – Ruff Ryders Intro What, what You over there Styles? Yeah dog Second album nigga, real L.O.X Blaze We run the streets, yall know who to bet (C'mon) Fuck yall niggas (Let's go)Couldn't live the life I live Why's

13. Lirik 1, 2, 3, 4 – Dj Clue

lirik 1, 2, 3, 4 – Dj Clue Verse One: Sheek LuchionYou on the circle line, what's wrong? Ain't your yacht out yet ain't you that Willie, Benz pushing, slash Melrose cat Nigga please, in the Hills of Beverly, you find it's

14. Lirik Chest To Chest – Dj Clue

lirik Chest To Chest – Dj Clue Chorus: L O X chest to chest back to back Glock for glock mac for mac Dope and crack is what we sling do things you talk about Player fuck around and catch a slug in ya mouth! Verse One: Jadakiss It'

15. Lirik Ww Iii – Ruff Ryders

lirik Ww Iii – Ruff Ryders Ruff Ryders, Ruff Ryders Ryde or Die, Volume 2(Tugboats, it's over)Ahh hahaha It's the second time around motherfucker! Volume 2, Ryde or Die, biatch! Gangsta nigga and we gon' rock this motherfucker

17. Lirik By The Bar – Jadakiss

lirik By The Bar – Jadakiss [Featuring: Meek Mil & Yung Joc][2x Hook:] By the bar by the bar Ho I'm by the bar 50 racks on me 120 in this car By the bar by the bar Ho I'm by the bar Iced out dog tags Presidential RPresi on my

18. Lirik On My Way – Jadakiss

lirik On My Way – Jadakiss Aiyyo Swizz check it out I'm shoot over to Cali, you know what I'm sayin'? Check this movie out Then I'ma check honey out Then I'ma fly back to N.Y, see what's goin' on in the projects Then I'ma

19. Lirik I Tried – Jadakiss

lirik I Tried – Jadakiss Everyday, somethin' in my way, I try Shit ain't goin' right, I try to see the light, I try It's like my eyes got a cover on 'em And somethin' holdin' me back A better man, better level, better know,

20. Lirik By Your Side – Jadakiss

lirik By Your Side – Jadakiss I'll be by your side, I'll always find a way I love you too much, to lose ya Sweet touches, you're there right byBy your side It makes me strong It gives me the strength to bang out and make these

21. Lirik Hold Me Down – Jadakiss

lirik Hold Me Down – Jadakiss I love you (muah) Ah, yeah, yo, lot of square feet shopping spree is the minimum Talk all subliminal in love with a criminal It's all coming back to the pot no chemicals She can get hired on the spot

22. Lirik I'm Going Back – Jadakiss

lirik I'm Going Back – Jadakiss K, feel me[CHORUS:] I'm going back to the way (yeah) The way I used to be (uh-huh) I got no love for these n****s (naw) Cause they ain't got love for me (uh-uh) I'm going back to the way (yeah) The

23. Lirik Deeper Than Rap – Jadakiss

lirik Deeper Than Rap – Jadakiss If you know about my archive Then you know the gods live Real talk, kill a nigga quick over my hard drive Its crazy cause Im gang related, and I got mob ties Have your whole family, in the garage hog

24. Lirik Dope Boy – Jadakiss

lirik Dope Boy – Jadakiss Ride with my niggas til all to the highest spot Dope boy dope boy, line is around the block Smoke with my niggas the high that never stop Dope boy dope boy, nigger we gettin hot Dope boy dope boy,

25. Lirik Time's Up – Jadakiss

lirik Time's Up – Jadakiss Yeah, yo, I'm the nigga with the perpetual oyster bars Mother of pearl delivery, voice of God And, it's hard just being the boss Being I can't go to jail cause them years'll cost me Don't get me

27. Lirik None Of Y'all Betta – Jadakiss

lirik None Of Y'all Betta – Jadakiss It's sorta like the Holy Trinity So I'm saying I say it's like three different guns you fuckin' fagots Get shot three different ways Matter fact, make that six different ways Gun in each hand bitch

28. Lirik Pain & Torture – Jadakiss

lirik Pain & Torture – Jadakiss Yeah niggas, so this is what it all boils down to, ha? Ha? This is what it's come to, ha? Ha? Playoffs, yo booms, fuck that We back, babyI ain't asked you to fear it Mandatory you think about it

29. Lirik I Stay Ten Toes Down – Jadakiss

lirik I Stay Ten Toes Down – Jadakiss Chorus Yall Niggas is Liars You need to stop watching The Wire Cause you never been through the fire Im posted on this block until i retire Cause Homie I Stay Ten Toes DownYo me i tear the town up

30. Lirik U Make Me Wanna – Jadakiss

lirik U Make Me Wanna – Jadakiss Let's goK I S S me Uh and I just wanna make Love, love, love Uh, I love it when you say K I S S me Uh and I just wanna make Love, love, loveA yo, the crib got your friends working We travel to France

33. Lirik Feel Me (skit) – Jadakiss

lirik Feel Me (skit) – Jadakiss Uh huh All I want you to do is feel me Why take time out, to give you the real me Uh, uh, uhAyo I grew up very athletic, hard headed Thought I knew everything, wanted to do everything I was spoiled,

34. Lirik Grind Hard – Jadakiss

lirik Grind Hard – Jadakiss Now we shinin' hard just like we wanna do Grindin' day and night so we can kick off our shoes And live a glamorous life, look what we made it too We some real life bosses, got 'em lookin' at youWe
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