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2. Lirik Great Jimmy Great – Innocenti

lirik Great Jimmy Great – InnocentiThings are different now my friend No more dirty words in the show After the ''loca'' you have made The songs the styles remains the same Great jimmy great like a train move yourself leave the pain

4. Lirik Ordinary People – Bon Jovi

lirik Ordinary People – Bon Jovi(written by: Bon Jovi)Little Jimmy just bought high-top sneakersHe wants to fly high like his heroes canHe's got a smile like Michael JordanIn the school yard, Jimmy, he's the manI'm sitting here

5. Lirik #SundayFunday – Magic

lirik #SundayFunday – MagicAnother manic Mondaypraying for the week to go byWhile Jimmy's at the golf coursesmoking on a Cuban DelightNow money, money, we all got to make it, yeahBut right now, I could use a vacationI wish it

7. Lirik Detroit 442 – Bon Jovi

lirik Detroit 442 – Bon JoviYou know he can't be tested.He can't be read or found.Urban gray takes breath away.He wants to push his pedal to the ground.And the night's what's right.Puts him at the wheel.Well, I eat danger.Any

8. Lirik Everybody Wants To Be Loved – Jovy

lirik Everybody Wants To Be Loved – JovyEverybody Wants To Be Loved - Jovyjimmy filled his life with the last thingall that money can bringsbut it’s not enough think he can fill up the void insidethe one thing he wants to hidebut it

10. Lirik Badboy – Soundtrack

lirik Badboy – SoundtrackBad boys'what you want, what you wat What you gonna do' When jimmy johndon't come for you' Tell me, what you wanna do What you gonna do'yeah * (Bad boys, bad boys, what you gonna do What you gonna do

12. Lirik Catch Us If You Can – Elle King

lirik Catch Us If You Can – Elle KingI know I didn't choose youWe've got no time left to loseCatch us if you can, catch us if you canThe red and blue in the rear viewIf I'm a fifth of whiskeyYou're the champagneIf you're a wildflowerI'm

13. Lirik Angel’s Wings – Westlife

lirik Angel’s Wings – WestlifeSongwriters: Mac, Steve; Hector, Wayne; Maccarthy, Jimmy;I would die for you, lay down my life for youThe only thing that means everything to me'Cause when you're in my arms, you make me prouder

14. Lirik Gimme, Dat, (woy) – Krs One

lirik Gimme, Dat, (woy) – Krs One [KRS One] Right right! (Woy) Bring it (Woy) BDP (Woy) BDP (Woy) BDP (Woy) Now smooth it out (Woy Woy) (Woy) (Woy) (Woy) Alright here we go (Woy Woy)Hi hello whassup and what's happenin? I am known as

16. Lirik Straight Up – Future

lirik Straight Up – FutureYeah, Yeah yeah yeahFreebandz Bought A BuildingStraight UpAyeGot the Gucci boots on like it's snowing, straight upBig booty freak and she foreign, straight upAll My Whole Team We Very Important,

17. Lirik These Days – Bon Jovi

lirik These Days – Bon JoviI was walking around, just a face in the crowdTrying to keep myself out of the rainSaw a vagabond king wear a Styrofoam crownWondered if I might end up the sameThere's a man out on the cornerSinging

19. Lirik Tanya Soal Lagu Nii ?

lirik Tanya Soal Lagu Nii ? kira-kira lagu apa yaa, yang inti dari lagu itu misalnya : cwe yang ditinggal [diduakan/diputus] sama cwonya, truz ad cwo lain yang selalu memberi nasihat2 ke cwe itu, selalu ada disaat suka

20. Lirik One Wild Night – Bon Jovi

lirik One Wild Night – Bon JoviSongwriters: Bongiovi, John F; Sambora, Richard S; Child, Desmond;It's a hot night, the natives are restlessWe're sweating by the light of the moonThere's a voodoo mojo brewing at the go-goThat could

21. Lirik Miss Etalase – Soul ID

lirik Miss Etalase – Soul IDKu tahu ku bukan wanita sempurnaTapi wanita mana yang tak belanjaSetiap kali aku berkaca, head to toe ku harus sempurnaDengan dandanan yang stamina, pakai lipgloss Mac atau Dior-kahTas Prada, coat

22. Lirik Right Side Of Wrong – Bon Jovi

lirik Right Side Of Wrong – Bon JoviA friend of a friend needs a favorNo questions asked, there's not much more to sayMe and the wife, we need the moneyWe've got four kids all hungry, one on the waySlip these sweat socks in your shirt

26. Lirik Buck The World – Young Buck

lirik Buck The World – Young Buck Woke up screaming, '**** the world today', I had it up to here Ex-girlfriend got custody today 'cause they say she feels That I'll never be the daddy that she wants me to be Hardest thing I've ever

28. Lirik My Chick Bad Remix – Ludacris

lirik My Chick Bad Remix – Ludacris My chick bad My chick hood My chick do stuff that ya chick wish she could My chick bad (the pussy rules the World version) My chick hood My chick do stuff that ya chick wish she couldMy chick bad,

31. Lirik Magic – Future

lirik Magic – FutureChorusFishtailin' out the parkin' lotLeavin' MagicTwo bad bitches & I got 'em out of magicThe way I make that work - disappear call it magicSipping on the purple and the yellow drinking magic.

32. Lirik Lagu Apa Yang Paling Kalian Benci ?

lirik Lagu Apa Yang Paling Kalian Benci ?Kalo gw, jujur paling gk suka sma lagu yolanda - kangen band (...reff: Kamu dmanaaa, dg siapaaa, skrg berbuatt apaaaa... ) :D ? Byan Lagu buka sitik joss. Benci banget ama lagu itu terlalu gimana

34. Lirik Horse And Carriage – Cam'ron

lirik Horse And Carriage – Cam'ron Aiyyo, you might see Cam in designer underwear New reclining leather chair reminders everywhere How we pull up in whips the minors stop and stare And when it comes to girls they behind us everywhereI

35. Lirik Fragile – Kendrick Lamar

lirik Fragile – Kendrick Lamar You said you'd never ever break, down But here I am sweeping, pieces off of the ground You said you'd never, ever play, to crowds But I've seen you hoping to play songs to them now I've spent all

36. Lirik Chart Lagu Barat Sepanjang Masa ?

lirik Chart Lagu Barat Sepanjang Masa ?lagu yang klo di denger g pernah ngebosenin,, yang ngerock, melow, pop dll ? Adi gw kasih lagu favorite gw buat elo. In My Defence by : Freddie Mercury In my defence what is there to

37. Lirik Oh Boy – Cam'ron

lirik Oh Boy – Cam'ron Just Blaze! (Oh Baby) oh baby, uh, killaAll the girls see the (Boy) look at his kicks (Boy) Look at his car (Boy) all I say is (Oh Boy) Look mami I'm no good I'm so hood Clap at your soldiers sober

38. Lirik It's The Postaboy – Pete Rock

lirik It's The Postaboy – Pete Rock [Postaboy] Uh, yeah, yeah Harlem, Postaboy, let's go Harlem, PB, Pete Rock, woo woo Uhh, let's goI'ma show you how we get down like, with this pound like Since I'm in a Caddy P this what it sound

39. Lirik We Made It – Busta Rhymes

lirik We Made It – Busta Rhymes [Chester Bennington] Together we made it We made it even though we had our backs up against the wall[Busta Rhymes:] As you can see i survived the worst but my life is glorious Betta know that i

41. Lirik Can We Do It Again – Timbaland

lirik Can We Do It Again – Timbaland [Intro - Timbaland - talking] This goes outFor all the people That think I couldn't make it again See what I'm sayin We're back at y'allThird time, (heh heh)[Verse 1 - Timbaland]I'm killin 'em with

42. Lirik We Made It – Linkin Park

lirik We Made It – Linkin Park [Chester Bennington] Together we made it We made it even though we had our backs up against the wall[Busta Rhymes:] See ah niggas i survived the worst but my life is glorious Betta know that i leaped

44. Lirik I'm Talkin – Missy Elliott

lirik I'm Talkin – Missy Elliott Nigga, waz up? You think you tough, I'm fly shit Has a bitch, dope as fuck Sho nuff I'm guaranteed, no diggities Fight you like the fucking enemies You would think there's fucking ten of me When I'm

46. Lirik Pour Your 40 Out – D-12

lirik Pour Your 40 Out – D-12 Yeahhhh Nigga Its D12 up in this motherfucka' you know how we get crunk and wild in this motherfucka' everybody get crunk in detroit too nigga so wild da fuck out[Chorus] Pour your 40 out. (Guzzle It

48. Lirik My Ghetto Heroes – Master P

lirik My Ghetto Heroes – Master P [master p]Ha ha ha Most niggas might think I'm crazy when I tell em this (yeah g) But you know what most nigga look up to like presidents Niggas thats in sports All this type of shit as heroes They

49. Lirik Go Girl – Baby Bash

lirik Go Girl – Baby Bash Excuse me miss, what's your name I don't wanna tell you the same ol' thing Drop, drop it low, make, make it pop, I can do this all night shorty I don't wanna stopI need a go girl I need a go girl, uh

50. Lirik Rockin' And Rollin' – Cam'ron

lirik Rockin' And Rollin' – Cam'ron Let's rock and roll baby, Killa Cam Yea, So So Def, y'all know, Untertainment Y'all know, I'm here now, come onEy yo, you wonder who I are? I guzzle up at the bar But you see me in the car that start
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