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1. Lirik Eyes To The Sky – Jon Bellion

lirik Eyes To The Sky – Jon BellionAnxiety dances across my pillow case, my God it dancesIt's like, 1, 2 stepIt's asking stupid questionsLike are you living right? Such stupid questionsBecause I'm just trying toI'm trying live, I'm

2. Lirik Timeless – Jon Bellion

lirik Timeless – Jon BellionFell in sleep I had a kick-ass dreamMe, Frank Sinatra, James DeanSammy Davis at the bar drinking MoonshineNice woman, white wine, chillin' poolsideSo I asked when will it be my time?They said boy don'

3. Lirik One More Time – Jon Bellion

lirik One More Time – Jon BellionYeah, yeah!Your father said he would break my legsIf I ever came around again!I don't mind risking the wheelchairIf we could get another round inOh-oo-oh you told him you would stay awayBut here you

4. Lirik Paper Planes – Jon Bellion

lirik Paper Planes – Jon BellionAll that ass it was so first classShe was my co-pilot with a mile high swagWe would smoke all night just flyin high like thatSmoke smoke all night just flyin high like, high likeI needed her, I know

8. Lirik Ungrateful Eyes – Jon Bellion

lirik Ungrateful Eyes – Jon BellionI made a hundred grand this year Still lost, still feeling anxious, still worry 'bout the same shitI made a hundred grand this year Still lost, still feel depressed like I'm tryna find a way inI'm
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