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1. Lirik I Am A God – Kanye West

lirik I Am A God – Kanye WestDamn, here we go againCommon passed on this beatI made it to a clockNow everything I'm not, made me everything I amDamn, here we go againPeople talkin 'shit, but when the shit hit the fanEverything I'

2. Lirik On Sight – Kanye West

lirik On Sight – Kanye West[Verse 1:]Yeezy season approachingWhatever the fuck y'all been hearinFuck what, fuck y'all been wearing whateverThe monster about to come alive againSoon as I pull up and park the BenzWe get this

3. Lirik Get By (remix) – Kanye West

lirik Get By (remix) – Kanye West [Mos Def] History It's happening every day y'all (right now) Everyday (right now) Right now (good mornin', Vietnam!) Listen Brooklyn wins again It's the Stuy, it's the Bush, dem niggaz again Ta'

4. Lirik New Slaves – Kanye West

lirik New Slaves – Kanye West[Verse 1]My momma was raised in an era when,Clean water was only served to the fairer skinDoing clothes you would have thought I had helpBut they was not satisfied unless I picked the cotton myself.

5. Lirik Hey Mama – Kanye West

lirik Hey Mama – Kanye West[Chorus](Hey Mama), I wanna scream so loud for you, cuz Im so proud of youLet me tell you what Im about to do, (Hey Mama)I know I act a fool but, I promise you Im goin back to schoolI appreciate what

6. Lirik Get Em High – Kanye West

lirik Get Em High – Kanye West I'm trying to catch the beat, uh I'm trying to catch the beat I'm trying to catch the beat, uh uh, uh I'm trying to catch the beatNow, thr-thr-throw your motherfucking hands (Get 'em high!) All the

8. Lirik Poker Face – Kanye West

lirik Poker Face – Kanye West (Kid Cudi) I Make Her Say (Lady GaGa) Oh Ah Oh Oh Oh Ah Oh Oh (When I) Pa-Pa-Pa Poker Her Face Pa-Pa Poker Her Face (I Make Her Say) Oh Ah Oh Oh Ah Ah Ah Oh Oh(What Up) Pa-Pa-Pa Poker Her Face (Me

9. Lirik Black Skinhead – Kanye West

lirik Black Skinhead – Kanye WestFor my theme song, my black leather jeans onMy by any means on, pardon I'm getting my scream onEnter the kingdom but watch who you bring homeThey see a black man with a white woman at the top floor

16. Lirik Kanye – Nidji

lirik Kanye – NidjiIf kanye west hit on youWould i love you like i used toI gocrazy close to youThinking to be with me will really screw youIf kanye west slept with youWould i love you like i used to doI can try to save

20. Lirik Illuminati – Madonna

lirik Illuminati – MadonnaIts not Jay-Z and BeyoncIts not Nicki or Lil WayneIts not Oprah and Obama, the Pope and RihannaQueen Elizabeth, or KanyeIts not pentagrams or witchcraftIts not triangles or stacks of cashBlack magic

21. Lirik Rap Song – T Pain

lirik Rap Song – T Pain Nappy Boy, ooh, wee Ooh wee Everybody say yeah Oh, oh, oh Hey, eh, eh, eh, ehWe been messin' 'round for a long (Long time) A while now (While now, uh)And you already know what's on my mind (Mind) It'

22. Lirik Got My Mind Made Up – 2pac

lirik Got My Mind Made Up – 2pac You find an MC like me who's strong Leaving motherfucker's aborted, with no verbal support And when I command the microphone I get deadly as Kahn though With a bear and a snake and a panda, I'm on

23. Lirik All I Need – Kid Ink

lirik All I Need – Kid Ink I just want it all Money and the cars right I don't wear a tie but they say I live a boss life I just want it all Pullin' a bad bitch, way back then Thought that we would never have this I just want

24. Lirik Lagu Barat Yang Enak Apa Ya ?

lirik Lagu Barat Yang Enak Apa Ya ?Apa Sih Menurut Kalian Lagu Barat Yang Enak ?? Terutama Owl City Thanks Ditunggu Jawabanya ? Virus Zone Kalau Owlcity sih menurutku: Fireflies Vanilla Twilight To The Sky Saltwater Room

25. Lirik Money Honey – Lady Gaga

lirik Money Honey – Lady Gaga That's M O N E Y, so sexy, IDamn, I love the Jag, the jet and the mansion Oh yeah And I enjoy the gifts and trips to the islands Oh yeahIt's good to live expensive you know it But my knees get weak,

27. Lirik No Limit Party – Master P

lirik No Limit Party – Master P Ungh Let's get ready to rumble Where ya from? Where ya from? Ya heard meThat 3rd Ward Time to start this fight, you fuckin' right Bitch, get off me Buckle up niggaWho run this bitch, we run this

28. Lirik Party – Schoolboy Q

lirik Party – Schoolboy Q Mama ain't raise no fool Daddy told me never leave the house without my tool Papa told me never trust a sucka nigga from the streets Grandma said she love me and she always praying for me But I just

30. Lirik Americano – Lady Gaga

lirik Americano – Lady Gaga I met a girl in east L.A. In floral shorts as sweet as May She sang in eights in two-barrio chords We fell in love, but not in court (La-la-la-la-la-la-la)I don't sp', I don't sp' Ah ah ah ah ah

32. Lirik Right Place, Wrong Time – Avant

lirik Right Place, Wrong Time – Avant Every time I see your face Every time I look in your eyes (Makes me remember, I still remember)Takin' that flight out West Just down in LAX (It was December, the end of winter)Stopped at the shoppin

33. Lirik Free Again – Dj Kayslay

lirik Free Again – Dj Kayslay Free again Back to bein' free again Back to bein' me again (Hello!) With all my precious freedom It's Coca the don nigga Whoo(Free) Ey yo Slay Yo? I tell you I got you ma nigga Uh, once again New

38. Lirik Respect My Game – Master P

lirik Respect My Game – Master P [Intro] No matter what you do my nigga It's not gonna be enough You tryna feed mothafuckas that always gonna be hungry If you feed the wrong mothafucka they gon' bite you But you know what, if you're

41. Lirik My Nigga – Lil Wayne

lirik My Nigga – Lil Wayne I'm talkin bout puttin on, ridin out Glocks in my ma's house Front you with that work (I done front a nigga's work) You say you want that head up But we don't fight fair brah Catch you slippin' from

43. Lirik Shabba – Asap Ferg

lirik Shabba – Asap Ferg [Verse 1] Short nigga but my dick tall What I told your bitch dog Only thug nigga down at the Pitchfork Dirty van bitches wanna suck my dick off Pop a Xany 'fore her panty get to hit floor Run up in

47. Lirik Just Like That – Bun B

lirik Just Like That – Bun B [INTRO] Hahaha Just like that (yeah real shit nigga yea) Jizzle H-town Bun (wassup) you had ta go fuck wit ya homie right (you know it jeezy)[Chorus] Yall gon gimme my respect cause I earned that

49. Lirik Cold In California – Cam

lirik Cold In California – CamWouldn't hold you backNo, I never would do thatThat don't mean I wanted you to goPlaying dives on weekendsWas a slow ride to a dead endYou're headed west to find your pot of goldAnd I hope you doBut

50. Lirik Denpasar Arjosari – Brodin

lirik Denpasar Arjosari – BrodinTanggal 30 Oktober dek wingi SMSmu isih ono Hp iki Tak simpen ono njero Folder Pribadi Terus tak woco saben awan saben bengi Soko terminal Arjosari (Arjosari) Kowe pamit budhal nang Mbali (nang Mbali
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