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1. Lirik Under the Stars – John Legend

lirik Under the Stars – John LegendHere we are, under the starsHere we are, under the starsHeaven is not so farHeaven is not so farHeaven is not so farUnder the starsWe'll find a love to hold our hand through the coldWe'll find an

2. Lirik Stars – Alessia Cara

lirik Stars – Alessia CaraKnock on my door, boy come homeYou stay in my headLay in my arms, why won't you?It's been way too longWhat you waiting on?Cause I've been laying hereLearning what the memories won't doSee I need you

3. Lirik A Sky Full Of Stars – Coldplay

lirik A Sky Full Of Stars – Coldplay'Cause you're a sky, 'cause you're a sky full of starsI'm gonna give you my heart'Cause you're a sky, 'cause you're a sky full of stars'Cause you light up the pathI don't care, go on and tear me

4. Lirik Me And The Moon – Bryan White

lirik Me And The Moon – Bryan White There's not a star left in the sky tonight That hasn't been wished on And I've been wishin' I could find me a wishin' well I'd throw in every penny I own I've got moonlight and a warm June night All

8. Lirik Paint the Sky With Stars – Enya

lirik Paint the Sky With Stars – EnyaSuddenly before my eyes Hues of indigo arise With them how my spirit sighs Paint the sky with stars Only night will ever know Why the heavens never show All the dreams there are to know Paint

18. Lirik Lost Stars – Adam Levine

lirik Lost Stars – Adam LevinePlease don't see just a boy caught up in dreams and fantasiesPlease see me reaching out for someone I can seeTake my hand let's see where we wake up tomorrowBest laid plans sometimes it's just a one

20. Lirik Stars – Skillet

lirik Stars – SkilletYou spoke a word and life beganTold oceans where to start and where to endYou set in motion time and spaceBut still you come and you call to me by nameStill you come and you call to me by nameIf you

21. Lirik Afer Ventus – Enya

lirik Afer Ventus – EnyaAfer VentusAfrican Wind Mare nubium. Umbriel.Sea of clouds. Umbriel.(1) Mare imbrium.Ariel.Sea of showers.Ariel. Et itur ad astra.And we go to the stars.(2) Et itur ad astra.And we go to the

22. Lirik Counting Stars – The Voice

lirik Counting Stars – The Voice [Chorus] Lately I been, I been losing sleep Dreaming about the things that we could be But baby I been, I been prayin' hard Said no more counting dollars We'll be counting stars Yeah, we'll be

23. Lirik Shooting Stars – Andezzz

lirik Shooting Stars – AndezzzDalam semua ucapan kataTerbersit haru dan rasaSembunyikan kesedihankuKu lepas semua di hatiBiarkan terbit tinggi* shooting stars let their wayA gentle tuck, a little swayAnd dancing the nite awayTerus

25. Lirik Airplanes – The Voice

lirik Airplanes – The Voice Can we pretend that airplanes In the night sky are like shooting stars? I could really use a wish right now Wish right now, wish right nowCan we pretend that airplanes In the night sky are like

26. Lirik Good Girl – Paula Deanda

lirik Good Girl – Paula Deanda Somehow I sit here and I think about it Who needs love for I've been without it When I met you, I didn't wanna let you in But you did something to me when you rubbed my handTold me you would never do

27. Lirik Empire – Shakira

lirik Empire – ShakiraTake off all of your skinAnd brave when you are freeShake off all of your sinsAnd give them to meClose up, let me back yeaI wanna be yours, wanna be your heroAnd my heart beatsLike the empires of the

28. Lirik Fallen Embers – Enya

lirik Fallen Embers – EnyaOnce, as my heart remembers, All the stars were fallen embers. Once, when night seemed forever I was with you. Once, in the care of morning In the air was all belonging. Once, when that day was

32. Lirik The Spark – Afrojack

lirik The Spark – Afrojack(Intro)A little bit of misfit dancingA little bit of jojo dancingA little bit of thoughts of mine coming outthe mind of this midnight rambler(Verse)I can't wait til these tunes of mine get me out of

34. Lirik Superman Tonight – Bon Jovi

lirik Superman Tonight – Bon JoviThere's something about youI want to rescueI don't even know youSo what does that meanMaybe I'm cynicalI'm painfully logicalYou're tragic and beautifulAnd that's good enough for meYou're looking for a

38. Lirik Tunnel Of Love – Westlife

lirik Tunnel Of Love – Westlife[Shane:]I've made up my mind, I'm gonna follow,I'm no longer blind, no longer hollow,Since I met you, my life is upside down,Ohh yeah,They say,Once in a lifetime, out of the blue,[Mark:]Here comes an

43. Lirik Nobody’s Hero – Bon Jovi

lirik Nobody’s Hero – Bon Jovi(written by: Bon Jovi)You're afraid and it feels like you're too tired to fightEven your heart don't know if you're still aliveMan, you never felt so all alone in this world tonightAnd I, don't you

45. Lirik Memory Of Your Shores – Anggun

lirik Memory Of Your Shores – AnggunSmoke fills the sky Another day in a new town for me I look for the light Under the clouds, beyond the concrete Up here I hide Watching the crowds move along Down those grey streets, I am lost

46. Lirik I Want You – Bon Jovi

lirik I Want You – Bon JoviSongwriters: Bongiovi, Jon;The last time I saw herWas the night she said goodbyeShe said that love's a strangerAnd it's sure to pass you by, yes she didAs she packed up her belongingsBaby wouldn't

48. Lirik These Days – Bon Jovi

lirik These Days – Bon JoviI was walking around, just a face in the crowdTrying to keep myself out of the rainSaw a vagabond king wear a Styrofoam crownWondered if I might end up the sameThere's a man out on the cornerSinging
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