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2. Lirik I Told You So – Karmin

lirik I Told You So – KarminAye, aye, ayeIs it time, green lightEgotistic battle cryI was right, you was wrongCalled you out, finished strongWhiskey sour lemonade, fence’s up my barricadeI had heart, you had spadesI could

3. Lirik Too Many Fish – Karmin

lirik Too Many Fish – KarminToo many fish in the sea to miss one,Too many fish in the sea to miss one,Too many fish in the sea to miss one,Too many fish in the sea to miss one. If you caught one you can catch another one,If you

4. Lirik Brokenhearted – Karmin

lirik Brokenhearted – KarminThis is more than a typical kinda thingFelt the jones in my bones when you were touching me, oh ohDidn’t wanna take it slowIn a daze, going crazed, I can barely thinkYou’re replaying in my

5. Lirik Walking On The Moon – Karmin

lirik Walking On The Moon – KarminMy mind is blownLose all control(Cut me loose) Uh! Uh! Uh! Feelin’ like I got my M.J. shoes onCan we get a move onLet’s go on a beach walkPick us up some moon rocksAnytime you wanna stopI can make

7. Lirik Take It Away – Karmin

lirik Take It Away – KarminStupid simple mind games, pushing ’til I’m insaneWorking through the day and nightStrutting with my headphones, no one knows what I knowGot no time to be politeAnd the world says, “

8. Lirik Crash Your Party – Karmin

lirik Crash Your Party – Karmin[Hook:]Who do you think you are, a super s-t-a-r?Who do you think you are, you can kiss my oh my god! [Verse 1:]All eyes on you tonightSo let’s toast to you, you got so much to proveAnd you say

9. Lirik Acapella – Karmin

lirik Acapella – Karmin[Chorus:]Used to be your baby, used to be your ladyThought you were the perfect loverAll the harmony went fallin’ out of key, soNow you gotta find anotherNow you’re talkin’ crazy,

10. Lirik Hello – Karmin

lirik Hello – KarminI’ma do it, do itLike I wanna do itYou gon’ know me like, you ain’t never know me beforeI’ma bring it, bring itI’ma give it, give itYou gon’ love me like you ain&#

11. Lirik Look At Me Now – Karmin

lirik Look At Me Now – KarminI don’t see how you can hate from outside of the clubYou can’t even get inHahaha, let’s go! Yellow model chickYellow bottle sippingYellow LamborghiniYellow top missingYeah, yeahThat
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