Kumpulan kasabian | Lirik Lagu kasabian

1. Lirik Bow – Kasabian

lirik Bow – KasabianWhat is this? If it ain’t loveThen it’s overUnderstand me when I tell youThat we just can’t keep on holdin’ on to this And all your friendsThey are saying that I’m no

2. Lirik Clouds – Kasabian

lirik Clouds – KasabianWalking through a shopping centreOn a very strange adventureI tip my hat to the cashier working number fourSifting through the magazinesCrawling out our baggy jeansLooking at the pile of all the

3. Lirik S.P.S – Kasabian

lirik S.P.S – KasabianEven though I know it’s wrongIt’s time for us to get back homeWhere have all the hours goneI’d hate for you to be aloneLet’s play scissors, paper, stone Now there’s only

4. Lirik Black Whistler – Kasabian

lirik Black Whistler – KasabianTwo shots in the morning, take it easy on yourselfA banging head from yesterdayPidgeons flap so freely, now the landlord kicks the doorFetch your chair, it’s not that hard Cause we’re so
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