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1. Lirik Maybe – Kaskade

lirik Maybe – KaskadeMaybe...Seams like the only word we trustSo uncertain...We stumble to understand our fall.Maybe we're starting to deal(Talkin' about us)Maybe this love can be real(Won't be walkin'

2. Lirik 4am – Kaskade

lirik 4am – KaskadeSleepless gliding Over the city lights Watch us flying Over the streets tonight And I say Theres a way, theres a way I know Theres a way, theres a way I know Theres a way, theres a way I know that

3. Lirik All You – Kaskade

lirik All You – KaskadeAll you tonight Lift me up All you tonight Fill my cut Its on you tonight Get me through All you tonight All you All you You give me the love My heart is fully beating So alive at this moment With the

4. Lirik Stepin’ Out – Kaskade

lirik Stepin’ Out – KaskadeHere we areWe've come so farA fine romanceOf steppin' out to dance.Your lovely charmsWhen you're in my armsThat subtle glanceWhen steppin' out to dance.Could you think it over?When we

5. Lirik Last Chance – Kaskade

lirik Last Chance – Kaskade Please don't break me Please don't let me fall Please don't break me and leave me with nothing at allCause this was my one last chance to breathe This is my one last chance to breathe [x2] This is my

6. Lirik Disarm You feat. Ilsey – Kaskade

lirik Disarm You feat. Ilsey – KaskadeLet me disarm youI'm not trying to own youI just want to know what it feels likeTo have your body so closeLet me observe youOf the past that controls youI just want to know what you look likeWithout a
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