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5. Lirik Perfect – Ed Sheeran

lirik Perfect – Ed Sheeran [Verse 1] I found a love for me Darling, just dive right in and follow my lead Well, I found a girl, beautiful and sweet Oh, I never knew you were the someone waiting for me 'Cause we were just kids

6. Lirik Walang Hanggan – Quest

lirik Walang Hanggan – Quest Gulong gulo ang puso Saan ba 'to patungo? Di ko alam Di ko alam.Hinarap lahat ng balakid Pero bakit walang kapit Ang mga pangakong binitawan? Di ko alam Di ko alam Noong ika'y nilalamig, ako'y iyong

11. Lirik Goodnight New York – Bon Jovi

lirik Goodnight New York – Bon JoviMorning comes crashing like a rock through a windowJackhammer banging on the hot concreteTake your stand (hey!)Move it, man!It's a backtalk, sidewalk symphonyUber cars, yellow cabs, thick as

13. Lirik Rock-Scissors-Paper – Miryo

lirik Rock-Scissors-Paper – Miryocheospan-e eh eh gawi bawi bonaega mwoleul naedeon bae neon i jalil tteoun-eulo dwaessdago malhaneun aesaekkideulmyeonjeon-e dugo naelang jigeumeh eh daidai tteoi bam-eul dallyeo night rideri pan-eul

16. Lirik Alien – Die Antwoord

lirik Alien – Die AntwoordI am a alienNo matter how hard I try I don't fit inAlways all on my own sad and lonelyAll I want is for someone to play with meLong ago I was a little girl yeah I was never ever able to fit inMy

21. Lirik Question Is – Tory Lanez

lirik Question Is – Tory LanezQuestion is, can you forgive me babyCan you forgive me for the way I love you?Can you forgive me for the way I love you?Can you forgive me for the way I love you?I love you from a distanceI love you,

22. Lirik Fool’s Gold – Passenger

lirik Fool’s Gold – PassengerCan't you show me something I've not seen beforeMagic tricks and pirate ships - they just don't work no moreGiven up on treasure chests that wash upon the shore'Cause fool's gold never seems to keep

23. Lirik Loners Blvd – Tory Lanez

lirik Loners Blvd – Tory LanezYou catch my rock, rolling down Loners BlvdYou've got dreams, keep on dreamingHigh school teen, never got acceptedGuess it didn't get to go how I expectedNow a nigga pissedSteady lookin' at the bottom

24. Lirik Silver Spoon – BTS

lirik Silver Spoon – BTSHey call me baepsaeYokbwatji I sedaePpalli chase emHwangsae deoge nae garangin taengtaeng[sg:] so call me baepsaeYokbwatji I sedaePpalli chase emGeumsujeoro taeeonan nae seonsaengnim[jh:] alba gamyeon

25. Lirik Nasi Padang – Kvitland

lirik Nasi Padang – KvitlandI still remember when i tasted youI wouldn't believe that is good be trueIt was the first time in my lifeAnd if you a human,I would make you my wifeNasi PadangNasi PadangNasi PadangNasi PadangNasi

31. Lirik Magic – Lil Wayne

lirik Magic – Lil Wayne[Verse 1: Flow]Ah .. Pop another Percocet, my flow is retardedI think I got a birth defectHighway to heaven Bow!Where the f*** your chauffeur at?These niggas softer than the pillows on my sofa setI'm

35. Lirik Icy – Gucci Mane

lirik Icy – Gucci Mane(Feat. Young Jeezy, Boo)I'm icy, I'm icy, I'm icy, I'm icy, I'm icy, I'm icy, I'm icy, I'm icy [Chorus:]All these girls excited Oooo ya know they like it I'm so icy, so icy Girl don't try to fight it

36. Lirik Tatsulok – Bamboo

lirik Tatsulok – Bamboo Totoy bilisan mo, bilisan mo ang takbo Ilagan ang mga bombang nakatutok sa ulo mo Totoy tumalon ka, dumapa kung kailangan At baka tamaan ka ng mga balang ligaw Totoy makinig ka, wag kang magpa-gabi

39. Lirik Slipping Away – Switchfoot

lirik Slipping Away – SwitchfootRemember coming home at four in the morningBefore the sun was upBack when the east was a fire of goldJust waiting for the rest of the sky to fall in loveOur hope is just a metaphor, of something

41. Lirik Goodnight Punk – Switchfoot

lirik Goodnight Punk – SwitchfootEverything I ever need to know I learned at the Punk Rock showThe Punks should knowHow to through an elbow or a fistA spinning world of hit and missOf violent blissBut hold on hold onI'll never be

43. Lirik Joyride (Omen) – Chevelle

lirik Joyride (Omen) – ChevelleI've heard about the joyrides and I want inIt's fair to say it's in the past if you're kiddingAnd you're kidding and you're kiddingLike a God awful Omen just hit stabs like some voodoo hexAnd like

44. Lirik 1979 – Good Charlotte

lirik 1979 – Good CharlotteLife was simpleRoger was workin round the clock to make a livingNo computers, none of that he used his two handsIgnored the cold war, his wife would keep him warmOn the weekendsHe'd load the car up

46. Lirik This Is Home – Blink 182

lirik This Is Home – Blink 182We work and slave the day awayWere raised in perfect familiesWe fuck and fight like vagabondsWe dance like fucking animalsDon't stop, the band is coming onRude boys and punks will shout alongPolice

47. Lirik Wishing Well – Blink 182

lirik Wishing Well – Blink 182Been gone a long timeI kinda lost my way, I can't find itAnd I caught a short rideTo the grave and back this seasonI can try to get byBut every time I start to panicI'm a little bit shyA bit strange

48. Lirik Timeless – Jon Bellion

lirik Timeless – Jon BellionFell in sleep I had a kick-ass dreamMe, Frank Sinatra, James DeanSammy Davis at the bar drinking MoonshineNice woman, white wine, chillin' poolsideSo I asked when will it be my time?They said boy don'

50. Lirik Loser – Beartooth

lirik Loser – BeartoothI've always been a fan of the night life, cause it's the only life I hadExpressing my mind with paper and a pen playing my guitar till my fingers bled on the carpetMaybe I wasn't like all the normal
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