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2. Lirik Jingle Bell Rock – Glee

lirik Jingle Bell Rock – Glee Jingle bell, jingle bell, jingle bell rock Jingle bells swing and jingle bells ring Snowing and blowing up bushels of fun Now the jingle hop has begunJingle bell, jingle bell, jingle bell rock Jingle

4. Lirik Ring My Bell – Girls Day

lirik Ring My Bell – Girls DayA yo wassup-we gonna make it showtime huh!?R I N GBe My BellRing my bell ring ring ring my bell ho~ringringmabel ringmabel ringringmabel ringmabelringringmabel ringmabel ringring ringring ring

6. Lirik One Less Bell To Answer – Glee

lirik One Less Bell To Answer – Glee One less bell to answer One less egg to fry One less man to pick up after I should be happy, but all I do is cryCry, cry no more laughter Oh, I should be happy Oh, why did she go?I only know that

7. Lirik Saved By The Bell – Elton John

lirik Saved By The Bell – Elton John When I wake up in the morning And the clock gives out a warning I don't think I'll ever make it on time By the time I GRAB my books I give myself a look I'm at the corner just in time to see the bus

9. Lirik Let's Talk About It – Clipse

lirik Let's Talk About It – Clipse I'm gettin' in the groove now, so I'm like, givin' it my own shit now Alright, could the drummer have some, y'all? Could the drummer have some more? Said the drummer ain't had none, in a long time

11. Lirik Cut The Cord – Shinedown

lirik Cut The Cord – Shinedown(Freedom, la la la la)(Freedom, follow me)(Freedom, la la la la)(Freedom) Cut it(Freedom, la la la la)(Freedom, follow me)(Freedom, la la la la)(Freedom)Let me tell you, I'm viciousNot pass-

12. Lirik Dope – Lady Gaga

lirik Dope – Lady Gaga Cork's off, it's on The party's just begun I promise This drink is my last one I know I fucked up again Because I lost my only friend God forgive my sins Don't leave me, I Oh I will hate myself until

14. Lirik Lagu Kristen Yg Bagus ?

lirik Lagu Kristen Yg Bagus ?Menurutmu lagu kristen yg bagus apa aja ? Lagi pengen denger lagu yg bisa menenangkan & enak didengar. Sebutkan satu aja :D ? ? Lagu Nikita... Semua Judul Enak-Enak...Ricky Cii Kelen klo

16. Lirik Counting Down – Anggun

lirik Counting Down – AnggunI'm counting down from hundred trying to avoid all of my unlucky numbers hiding in the row while the tap is dripping predicting what will be and even numbers scare me,the even set me free chorus: it'

18. Lirik Fool’s Day – Blur

lirik Fool’s Day – BlurWake up straightCaught out by the sunOn the first day of AprilOut of bedThought it was a plane crashBut I'm sure that I was dreamingTv onOf course caffeineA science of submission againAnother dayOn

19. Lirik Mau Tanya 2 Lagu Klasik ?

lirik Mau Tanya 2 Lagu Klasik ? temen2 saia mau tanya 2 lagu nih yang pertama lagu yang biasa berbunyi di jam dinding klasik biasanya setelah lagu berbunyi akan muncul suara bel sebanyak waktu yang ditunjukan dan yang kedua adalah

20. Lirik Jump In The Fire – Metallica

lirik Jump In The Fire – MetallicaDown in the depths of my firey homeThe summons bell with chimeTempting you and all the earthTo join your sinful kindThere is a job to be done and I'm the oneYou people make me do itNow it is time for

22. Lirik I've Changed – Ll Cool J

lirik I've Changed – Ll Cool J Just starin' at these four walls closin' In on me, feelin' like time's frozen Fadin' in and out, noddin' and dozin' Guilt tearin' up my brain like erosionWhat I did to you was wrong, I admit it I

24. Lirik Everything – Michael Buble

lirik Everything – Michael BubleYou're a falling star, You're the get away car.You're the line in the sand when I go too far.You're the swimming pool, on an August day.And You're the perfect thing to see.And you play your card, but

26. Lirik Soft Shoe – Tompi

lirik Soft Shoe – Tompicars, splash, thru the rainy nite deep blues and neon lights alley cats and city rats, cop out on the beat raise my collar and pull down my hats to the rythm on the street somewhere in the misty nite

27. Lirik Cheer Up – TWICE

lirik Cheer Up – TWICEmaeil ullineun belbelbelijen nareul baeryeo haejwobaeteori nangbihagin sirheojakkuman bwa jakku jakkuman wajeonhwaga peong teojil geotman gatamolla molla sumdo mot swindaena ttaemune himdeureokung

31. Lirik Kaleidoscope – Blink 182

lirik Kaleidoscope – Blink 182Stop banging away on my kaleidoscopeStop draining the color out of my sceneJust play me something I can dance toI can dance to anything You wanna singSo lock me up in a studioFill it up with sound and

34. Lirik Lost Boy – Ruth B

lirik Lost Boy – Ruth BThere was a time when I was aloneNowhere to go and no place to call homeMy only friend was the man in the moonAnd even sometimes he would go away, tooThen one night, as I closed my eyes,I saw a shadow

35. Lirik Champion – Pixie Lott

lirik Champion – Pixie LottI'll fight for loveI'll prove to youI got the movesLike no one elseBoy, she's a foolShe's telling liesAnd talking jiveShe can go to hellCome on ring that bellIf she's Apollo CreedI'll be Rocky

36. Lirik Telephone – Chaka Khan

lirik Telephone – Chaka Khan Sittin' by the telephone Waitin' for a bell to ring I don't want another call I just wanna hold youI'm givin' my everything Givin' all my time So darlin', darlin', darlin', darlin', call Why won't

38. Lirik Whiskey In The Jar – Metallica

lirik Whiskey In The Jar – MetallicaSongwriters: Bell, Eric; Downey, Brian Michael; Lynott, Philip Parris; Robertson; Traditional;As I was goin' over the Cork and Kerry MountainsI saw Captain Farrell and his money, he was countin'I

39. Lirik Moolah – Young Greatness

lirik Moolah – Young GreatnessAll my life I hustled just to get that moolahAnd stack my change up and go see the jewelerStandin' in the kitchen I whip up that workStandin' in the kitchen I whip up that workAll I ever had was the

40. Lirik Don't Rain On My Parade – Glee

lirik Don't Rain On My Parade – Glee Don't tell me not to live, Just sit and putter, Life's candy and the sun's A ball of butter. Don't bring around a cloud To rain on my parade! Don't tell me not to fly-- I've simply got to. If someone

42. Lirik Lagu lagu Yang Sejenis Canon In D ?

lirik Lagu lagu Yang Sejenis Canon In D ? aku lg cari lagu-lagu yang enak, yang kayak canon (pachelbel),, Tapi instrumen piano juga.. gitar juga boleh lah, Apa ya?? Mohon dibantu... ? Cahayan Trie yoga Escala - Palladio depapepe -

43. Lirik Headlines – Spice Girls

lirik Headlines – Spice GirlsThe time is now or never to fit the missing pieceTo take this song together, you make me feel completeWe fall into the future and through the looking glassThe light shines over our heads and so it

47. Lirik Midnight In Chelsea – Bon Jovi

lirik Midnight In Chelsea – Bon JoviThe kids round here look just like sticks They trade old licks with a beat up six I just smile and catch the groove Gothic girls all dressed in black Serious as heart attacks Takes a little bit of

48. Lirik All I Need – Kid Ink

lirik All I Need – Kid Ink I just want it all Money and the cars right I don't wear a tie but they say I live a boss life I just want it all Pullin' a bad bitch, way back then Thought that we would never have this I just want
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