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1. Lirik Heart Skips A Beat – Lenka

lirik Heart Skips A Beat – LenkaHeart skips a beatMy heart skips a beat My heart is playing tricks on meAnd it’s building bricks on meI can’t break throughAnd I can’t face you My world is turning slowly nowBut it&#

2. Lirik Unique – Lenka

lirik Unique – LenkaI am happy to be sadIts funny when I am sadI dont really make senseBut I know that thats not badI am lonely in a crowdAnd I am quiet when its loudNo I dont know what I wantBut I will figure it all out

3. Lirik Sad Song – Lenka

lirik Sad Song – LenkaDon’t tell me you wanna beThe kind of girl who’s drowningAnd don’t be holding on to anythingThat’s gonna keep you frowning, darling Everyone’s compelled to look into the

4. Lirik Find A Way To You – Lenka

lirik Find A Way To You – LenkaYou are wrapped in a cocoonWhile I’m blowing kisses at the moonAll of the secrets that you holdWill disappear in one rainy afternoon Don’t be foolishDon’t be foolishDon’t be

5. Lirik Roll With The Punches – Lenka

lirik Roll With The Punches – LenkaRoll, roll with the punchesRoll, roll with the punches That really hurt meLike a fist to the faceI wasn’t readyTo be knocked out of placeSuddenly everything I was sure ofSinking below the depths

6. Lirik Go Deeper – Lenka

lirik Go Deeper – LenkaIf you only scratches the sofaWhy you only live scars?And only in darknessCan you see the stars? Someone call the doctor‘Cause I can see in your eyesAll the deep is the underWhere the deep

7. Lirik The Long Way Home – Lenka

lirik The Long Way Home – LenkaEven though the world is darkTry to light a little partDon’t go run and hide Give a little of my heartOnly then the beat will startKeeping me in time Life doesn’t wait for long Oh oh it&#

8. Lirik Free – Lenka

lirik Free – LenkaHere’s a locked, here’s a keyOpened it up! Set yourself freefree free freeMovin’ along, singing the songFly like a bird, elaborate me Me, me, me Say goodbye To yesterday, let go of

9. Lirik Get Together – Lenka

lirik Get Together – LenkaLeft get together we can talk about the weatherOr most anything you likeNow we’re all together and I hope it lost foreverGet my people here tonight I love it when we hang aroundAnd paint the

10. Lirik The Show – Lenka

lirik The Show – Lenka I’m just a little bit caught in the middle Life is a maze, and love is a riddle I don’t know where to go Can’t do it alone I’ve tried, and I don’t know why Slow it down
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