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1. Lirik Go Your Own Way – Lissie

lirik Go Your Own Way – LissieLoving youIsn't the right thing to doHow can I ever change thingsThat I feelIf I couldBaby I'd give you my worldHow can IIf you won't take it from meYou can go your own wayGo your own wayYou can call

2. Lirik They All Want You – Lissie

lirik They All Want You – LissieIt was dark and maybe you couldn't see meBraiding her hair, her name is TiffanyI know that girl she lives on my streetAnd she wants you, they all want youThe kind of girls only after one thingYou want

3. Lirik Here Before – Lissie

lirik Here Before – LissieOh, what a gray and hopeless dayI've got a worried mindThe sun's behind the clouds againAnd so am II ask the skyTell me which way to go, how will I know to shine again?I've been here before, I've seen

4. Lirik On My Chest – Lissie

lirik On My Chest – LissieIt's an abstract placeWhere I hold youAnd the relief I felt gets confusedAnd I have criedA couple of times when I'm wonderingAbout youAnd the morningThat i found outWhat had happenedHigh, higher,

5. Lirik Sleepwalking – Lissie

lirik Sleepwalking – LissieI woke up at the foot of my bedwith my blue jeans on and you stuck in my headI take it all back, I don't mean what I saidDead roses on the bedside tableand a movie on, I think it's Betty GrableI've

6. Lirik Shameless – Lissie

lirik Shameless – LissieI stole your magazineThe one with the beauty queen on the frontI see her look at me,I swear that it is mockinglyWhat the fuck?And you decide what I should likeBut I don't buy no hypeLike in the

7. Lirik Bright Side – Lissie

lirik Bright Side – LissieIt's just me and my puppyTogether we're so very happyAnd the bitter world won't bring us downNo, I'm looking on the bright side of thingsIt's just me and my honeyTogether we're so very funnyAnd the

8. Lirik I Don’t Wanna Go To Work – Lissie

lirik I Don’t Wanna Go To Work – LissieHome Is just around the cornerMouth dry I need a glass of waterAll I have I have borrowedBut I'll delay my sorrowCause we are having such a bright timeI'm in like such a great state of mindI'll regret

9. Lirik Mountaintop Removal – Lissie

lirik Mountaintop Removal – LissieMy darling my dearI tell you what is wrongI went to the mountainBut the mountain top was goneRemember those treesWhere as kids we dreamedThey tore em down years agoAnd built a factoryAnd when that

10. Lirik Wedding Bells – Lissie

lirik Wedding Bells – LissieI have the invitation that you sent meYou wanted me to see you changed your nameI couldn't stand to see you wed anotherBut dear I hope you're happy just the sameWedding bells are ringing in the
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