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1. Lirik Ooh Wee – Ll Cool J

lirik Ooh Wee – Ll Cool J Give me all you got, girl, give me, give me Give me all you got, girl, give me, give me Give me all you got, girl, give me, give me Give me all you got, girl, give me, give meIf I'm hot for you and

2. Lirik You And Me – Ll Cool J

lirik You And Me – Ll Cool J You know I love you, baby You know I love you, boyNow that we've traveled through mountains Now that we swam through the sea I'm sure we can go just a little bit further As long as there's still you

3. Lirik Say What – Ll Cool J

lirik Say What – Ll Cool J Most thugs front when they get the chance (Say what?) Some thugs hit the blunt when they get the chance (Say what?) Live thugs stack chedder, then they make plans (Say what?)I, Cool J, NY2K rule

4. Lirik I've Changed – Ll Cool J

lirik I've Changed – Ll Cool J Just starin' at these four walls closin' In on me, feelin' like time's frozen Fadin' in and out, noddin' and dozin' Guilt tearin' up my brain like erosionWhat I did to you was wrong, I admit it I

5. Lirik I Need A Beat – Ll Cool J

lirik I Need A Beat – Ll Cool J I need a beat I need a beat, I need a beat (I need a beat, I need a beat)If it's a Malibu beat, subject of discussion Malibu beat, subject of discuss-cussion You're motivated-vated, to aid a

6. Lirik Headsprung – Ll Cool J

lirik Headsprung – Ll Cool J They call me Big L'y, Big Silly Big money, Big Billy When I'm sliding in them all can ya hear me? I be sexing with these bars so ya feel me Let me grip it up for 'cause in the back Let me grip it get

7. Lirik Imagine That – Ll Cool J

lirik Imagine That – Ll Cool J Just how practical she is [Incomprehensible], baby I just want you to fantasize with imagination Know what I'm saying, uh, yeah, yeahUh, yeah, I like that Give me some more, some more of my vocals

8. Lirik 88′ – The Cool Kids

lirik 88′ – The Cool KidsBreak itBop itNiggas beat-boxin'I do what I do like I do it for TVI guess what I'm doin' I'm doin' to keep theShoes on my feet sweeter than sweet peasSo you sucker MC's really can't out-step meI grab

10. Lirik Cool Back – Kid Ink

lirik Cool Back – Kid Ink I walk in this b****, like a motherf***in' villain (villain,villain,villain)Uh, I'm just tryna bring cool back Can't too many motherf***ers pull that off Lookin' like a million dollar outfit Nah, n

11. Lirik One, Two – The Cool Kids

lirik One, Two – The Cool KidsOne two lace up my shoes3 to the 4 when I stepped out the door5 6 kick a lil somethin with the cool kids then we do it againIt's like One two lace up my shoes3 to the 4 when I stepped out the door5 6

14. Lirik Tataplah – Cool Colors

lirik Tataplah – Cool ColorsEntah apa lagi Harus ku ucapkan Telah habis kata Dari bibirku Aku tahu kasih Kau pasti mengerti Betapa dirimu Begitu memberi arti Didalam hidup dan langkahku... Tataplah mata ini Lihatlah cinta ini

16. Lirik Dear Yvette – Ll Cool J

lirik Dear Yvette – Ll Cool J Yo Yvette, there's a lot of rumors goin' around They're so bad, baby you might have to skip town See something's smellin' fishy and they say it's you All I know is that you made it with the whole

17. Lirik Cool Kids – Echosmith

lirik Cool Kids – EchosmithShe sees them walking in a straight line, that's not really her styleAnd they all got the same heartbeat, but hers is falling behindNothing in this world could ever bring them downYeah, they're

18. Lirik Lose My Cool – Foxes

lirik Lose My Cool – FoxesYou give me that dumb old lineWhat can we do to stay side by side?And who, who you gonna be this time?You got my head all, unleveled on every sideYou make me lose my coolI would leave you anythingBad

20. Lirik Cool On You – August Alsina

lirik Cool On You – August AlsinaWhere you been, good to see you, thought it was overI thought this wasn't this anymoreLayin in the bed got me wonderin where you'd be without meI thought when you said you loved me it was trueAll that

21. Lirik Preserve The Sexy – Ll Cool J

lirik Preserve The Sexy – Ll Cool J LL, Teairra MariYou seem like a type That wanna do a couple things When I look in your eyes I can tell you ready to swingSlow down, baby I'm waitin' more than a fling And I'm up on the game That you

22. Lirik Cool feat. Roy English – Alesso

lirik Cool feat. Roy English – AlessoI saw stars on the pavementCalifornia dreamsLooked up through the bright lightsNo skies that I seeYou said its all yours if you take it thereI said I cant do it alone I swearYou said its all yoursIts

29. Lirik Saturday Night – Innocenti

lirik Saturday Night – InnocentiEverytime you're dreaming your life out from factory Everytime you're dreaming your life out from custody Everytime you're dreaming your life so long Everytime you're dreaming your life so cool We...

31. Lirik Remember – APink

lirik Remember – APinkDo you remember uril bichudeon taeyangNeolpgo pureun bada machi eojecheoreomSigani meomchwobeorin gieok geu sogeHayan morae wireul hamkke geotdeon nal gieokhanayoJamkkan millyeooneun pado

32. Lirik Can You Help Me – Usher

lirik Can You Help Me – Usher Living on the edge, out of control, and the world just wont let me slow down, But in my biggest picture, was a photo of you and me. Girl you know I tried, I work hard to provide all that material

34. Lirik Partner To Swing – Chino Xl

lirik Partner To Swing – Chino Xl Verse 1: Check it, I catch more heat than a histitic jew You catch two thumbs down like a matty rich movie review Your individuality is missing like adam walsh Your image faker than the hair on diana

35. Lirik Smooth Operator – Paul Wall

lirik Smooth Operator – Paul Wall I'm a chick magnet, I'm a ladies man I put a smile on your face any way that I can I got the world in my hands, you got the world in your pants My squad pimpin' there, I approach and put you under my

36. Lirik Drumma On Da Beat – Lil' Twist

lirik Drumma On Da Beat – Lil' Twist Verse 1Everybody really wanna know bout me Spell my name T-W-I-S-T Born and raised in the O-C-T What ya really wanna know bout me? I'm gone hit the club kid with no ID Yeah it's Twizzy F, and I roll

38. Lirik Imaginary Player – Jay-z

lirik Imaginary Player – Jay-z Yeah I mean like I gotta be like the pioneer to this shit, you know I was popping that Cristal when all y'all niggas thought it was beer and shit, you know Wearing that platinum shit when all y'all

40. Lirik Hoover Street – Schoolboy Q

lirik Hoover Street – Schoolboy Q I got that work, fuck Labor Day, just bought a gun Fuck punching in, throwing rocks, no hopscotch Bet my 9 milli hit the right spot Bang, last night it was a dream This morning a fantasy Back when

42. Lirik Devotion – Aurora

lirik Devotion – AuroraNo one felt like you and little i like a fragile leaf on a rainy night we opened our eyes in the sky in the hope of seeing the sign to move further our devoted lives and we bubbled with love

43. Lirik Bring It On – Soundtrack

lirik Bring It On – Soundtrackim sexy, im cute, im popular to boot! im bitchin, great hair, the boys all love to stare! im wanted, im hot, im everything your not! im pretty, im cool, i dominate this school who am i? just guess

45. Lirik Lagu Barat Yang Enak Apa Ya ?

lirik Lagu Barat Yang Enak Apa Ya ?Apa Sih Menurut Kalian Lagu Barat Yang Enak ?? Terutama Owl City Thanks Ditunggu Jawabanya ? Virus Zone Kalau Owlcity sih menurutku: Fireflies Vanilla Twilight To The Sky Saltwater Room

46. Lirik Can You Hear Me? –

lirik Can You Hear Me? – {Missy it's Diane Here's the information for the Where, where you can send the flowers to The florist for Aaliyah I'll give you the phone, phone number In case you need it Okay Missy take of yourself

47. Lirik Until – Musiq Soulchild

lirik Until – Musiq Soulchild If the winter springs or the summer falls We won't have no effect on this love at all If in another time I was you and you was I You know I'd still recognize you all the same This kinda love don't

50. Lirik Lyrical Gangbang – Dr. Dre

lirik Lyrical Gangbang – Dr. Dre This should be played at high volume Preferably in a residential areaNow I'ma kick up dust As I begin to bust On the wick-wack, fucked up suckers you can't trust When I pick up I lick up, ya face get
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