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1. Lirik You Got Me – Lumidee

lirik You Got Me – Lumidee Oh, baby, baby, you make me go crazy A game I ain’t playin’, I must be your lady Yo, I call her shorty like my dude’s in the south do Lollipop in the jaw, people in the mouth do

2. Lirik Almost Famous/interlude – Lumidee

lirik Almost Famous/interlude – Lumidee Lumidee. Is that ur real name ma? Yea yes it is Hey man i just saved u about a million questions ma U know, so many things to do with so lil time, thats what we say Cancel the shows to get the album

3. Lirik For Keeps – Lumidee

lirik For Keeps – Lumidee Somethin’s changin’ in my mind I’m lookin’ for a key You came through but just passed by Gave me enough to see I’m lookin’ for no other guy I’ll search until

4. Lirik Stuck On You – Lumidee

lirik Stuck On You – Lumidee Maybe I could be the one for you ‘Cause, baby, I don’t know what else to do, I try to play it cool I see you walking up and down the street, with her I can’t compete And, no, she&#

5. Lirik Could Be Anything – Lumidee

lirik Could Be Anything – Lumidee It just started like Got you up in my system and I’m feeling right Never was my type But you snuck up on me and I just took flight All the chicks is tight Keep ya eyes on me for the whole damn

6. Lirik Feel Like Makin Love – Lumidee

lirik Feel Like Makin Love – Lumidee Lumidee an mr. lover again no girls no, ana hol ya tyt, straight till tha morning light sweetness to your delight the only man to do ya right yano im here to make ya night take things to higher

7. Lirik I'm Up – Lumidee

lirik I'm Up – Lumidee When it gets messed around with Im the one, one Uh huh. Uh. [Jim Jones Talking] I swear it wasnt me I swear that wasnt me I swear it wasnt me I swear baby When it gets messed around with Im the one,
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