Kumpulan m83 | Lirik Lagu m83

1. Lirik Atlantique Sud feat. Mai Lan – M83

lirik Atlantique Sud feat. Mai Lan – M83Sans moteurComment veux-tu que j'avance?J'ai perdu ton visageJ'ai pas peurEt si jamais tout s'effaceJe saurais a nouveau tout redessinerAllez viens tu peux bien prendre l'avion demainJ'ai perdu l'

2. Lirik Time Wind feat. Beck – M83

lirik Time Wind feat. Beck – M83Wake me up from the long way that we've comeJust to find out that it's all been said and doneBut we'll do it again and say it's all in our headsSomething automatic when you speak before you thinkAnd

3. Lirik Road Blaster – M83

lirik Road Blaster – M83I was driving at the dawnBut everywhere I go, everywhere I go I see youCalling love to the landCause anything I do, anything I doIs about youI was searching at the speed of soundAnd I go up and down

4. Lirik Laser Gun feat. Mai Lan – M83

lirik Laser Gun feat. Mai Lan – M83Small town, too hotI'm going for a tripA place where dreams are made like comic stripsI see colours and planes, laser guns and champagneI feel strong and smart, ready for a new startIt got me tooAnd I

5. Lirik Sunday Night 1987 – M83

lirik Sunday Night 1987 – M83Lost memoriesFaded picturesCan you drive me backTo this very momentJuliaAlexanderWhere did you all go?LoveOld memoryFrom the limboFrom the nightLost memoryComing backRemember the sunRemember the
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