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1. Lirik Victory Lap – Macklemore

lirik Victory Lap – Macklemore[Intro:]And they say, "Don't forget where you come fromDon't die holding on to your wordsCause you know you got a whole world to changeBut understand who you got to change first"[Verse 1:]And I was

2. Lirik My Oh My – Macklemore

lirik My Oh My – MacklemoreI used to sit with my dad in the garageThat sawdust that pine sol and the mossAround every spring when the winter thawWe'd huddle around the radio twist the broken knob710 AM no KJR Dave Niehaus voice

3. Lirik Wings – Macklemore

lirik Wings – MacklemoreI was seven years old, when I got my first pairAnd I stepped outsideAnd I was like, momma, this air bubble right here, it's gonna make me flyI hit that court, and when I jumped, I jumped, I swear I

4. Lirik Castle – Macklemore

lirik Castle – MacklemoreUnicorns and wizard sleevesHammer pants and make believePirate ships sailing off to seaWell, you can party with me in my castle, in my castle, in my castle, in my castleThis is for the freaks and for
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