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2. Lirik Roll The Bass – Major Lazer

lirik Roll The Bass – Major LazerNow, in comes di ting called Major LazerNumber one sound inna dancehallWe stand tall, sound boy diss and fallThat's allWe ready fi di warI see di fear in a ya eyesI can smell your desperationBut we

14. Lirik Lazer Love feat. Vaski – KSHMR

lirik Lazer Love feat. Vaski – KSHMRTell them what you tell meGo back in far in your head Go back in far in your headI want want want what you got got got Its written in the stars gonna make you my destiny Its hot hot hot in the dark

15. Lirik Bring It On – Soundtrack

lirik Bring It On – Soundtrackim sexy, im cute, im popular to boot! im bitchin, great hair, the boys all love to stare! im wanted, im hot, im everything your not! im pretty, im cool, i dominate this school who am i? just guess

16. Lirik Roger That – Bow Wow

lirik Roger That – Bow Wow Wizzles back, wizzles back, somebody tell em bow wizzles back And I'm da new era, and I ain't talkin fitted caps beamer, bens, or bentley no I'm in dat Laborghini and they sayin I'm da best and they'

18. Lirik Laws Patrolling – Mike Jones

lirik Laws Patrolling – Mike Jones Who? Mike Jones Who? Mike Jones Who? Mike JonesShyeah Keep ya eyes open For them jackers, baby It's goin' downEven though the laws patrollin' Them jackers get rollin' So they can't out hold it 'Cuz I

21. Lirik Dedicate – Slim Thug

lirik Dedicate – Slim Thug My nigga, Sleep Dog, you showed a young nigga how to ball Never settled for small, my dog had it all I can't believe you gone, I'm tryin' to stay strong Damn, what the fuck went on when you went

23. Lirik Dollar – Scarface

lirik Dollar – Scarface Dollar DollarI'm 'bout my game, can't take shit light Rich today, be broke tonight I duck the pin 'cuz I seek the light On my grind, my grind's my lifeMy life's my hood, my home is slums My boys is

24. Lirik Game's Pain – Game

lirik Game's Pain – Game See, ever since the day I got the chance to make a change I've been in this game, it's a new day And I'm making it known 'cause I just want the world to know I'm paying my dues and I got the utmost,

25. Lirik Make Me Feel Better – Fabolous

lirik Make Me Feel Better – Fabolous [Ne-Yo and Fabolous intro] Timbo. Hey, Ne-Yo. Say what? Loso. Hey, hey.[Ne-Yo chorus] I'm a movement by myself. But I'm a force when we're together. Mami I'm good all by myself. But baby girl you,

26. Lirik Body – Ja Rule

lirik Body – Ja Rule Here we go now Shake your body like a tambourine Give it to me now, you know Shake your body like a tambourineBaby, its your body, body, your body cant complain Its the thing that makes me say yeah,

29. Lirik Ol Dirty's Back – Ol' Dirty Bastard

lirik Ol Dirty's Back – Ol' Dirty Bastard Sup? Let's go (Yo Snoop Dogg, yo Dre, yo Too $hort E-40 and the motherfucking Click) Nuff respect to the West coast (Duh, duh, duh)Yo, Ol' Dirty Bastard coming through Know what I'm saying? I got the

30. Lirik They Call Me – Bei Maejor

lirik They Call Me – Bei Maejor Pops call me. Moms call me baby B, Girl call me baby, my fans call me USD. Tom call me young, but my bank say Im gone Street call me gone, but my mind say Im on! Little sister call me Branny, Same

31. Lirik Count It Off – Ms. Jade

lirik Count It Off – Ms. Jade [Chorus] Now let me count it off 3x Hey you, blow your whistle Now let me count it off 3x Hey you, blow your whistle Now let me count it off 3x[Verse 1 Ms. Jade] I know it's rare, but niggas they

33. Lirik Limelight – Reks

lirik Limelight – Reks Oh, what a marvelous thing my dear To be among glorious stars in here The limelight, the limelight Say, ta ta, fading stars Never wanna say it's over love The limelight, the limelightExcuse me, Niki

34. Lirik Slow Down – Clyde Carson

lirik Slow Down – Clyde Carson Yeah, I am ... moving through the lanes Playing Rick James, coldest my face Slow down, never can change More I touch paper more I go insane Sh*t will make you crazy baby Here to make you hazy baby

35. Lirik 23 – Mike Will Made It

lirik 23 – Mike Will Made It (Mike Will made it) I'm in the club, high off purp', with some shades on Tatted up, mini skirt, with my J's on(In the club, high on purp' with some shades on) (Tatted up, mini skirt and my J's on)J's

36. Lirik Rampage – Epmd

lirik Rampage – Epmd Slow down babyCause you can get rugged, tough, hard like P Tried to play my man but you couldn't touch me You faggot, no comp' rapper on a quest To get your head flown boy, you must be loc' on sess

38. Lirik Rapfix 2013 Year-end Cypher – Vado

lirik Rapfix 2013 Year-end Cypher – Vado [Vere 1: Vado] Motherf'ers can't rhyme no more 'bout slime no more That five white pure cause I'm so raw Drip rocks till I couldn't climb no more Became a hot boy like the 504 Master of the p and the

39. Lirik Jet – Paul Mccartney

lirik Jet – Paul Mccartney (Jet, Jet) (Jet) I can almost remember their funny faces That time you told them you were going to marrying soon And Jet I thought the only lonely place was on the moon(Jet, Jet)Jet was your father

40. Lirik Paper Boy – Bei Maejor

lirik Paper Boy – Bei Maejor Bei Maejor, straight to I'm... No one in the club when you see the... falling ... to my homy like... ... I like rolling, I'll be... yeah, I'm... moving in traffic, with the six speed... is automatic

42. Lirik Meltdown – Missy Elliott

lirik Meltdown – Missy Elliott Bet it, bet it taste like candy Bet it, bet it taste like candy Bet it, bet it taste like candyI broke up wit my ex, I couldn't take his sarcasm Everytime we bone, I had to fake an orgasm Moanin' and

43. Lirik New Jack City – Dj Kayslay

lirik New Jack City – Dj Kayslay [Poster Boy] Poster Boy, Fosterville, Kay Slay the Drama KingFuck with the kid, gotta throw ya moms over the bridge RP put the hawk to ya over ya ribs Keep thinkin' that the god is chillin' I'm the

44. Lirik Kangen Bitch – 8 Ball

lirik Kangen Bitch – 8 BallThis is love songSpecially for Kangen Band Ass Hole !Bitch.. Piece of Shit !Bangsat !Anjing lo semuanya !Ha ha ! Mampus !OK.. Siap back againThis is not lagu gembiraLirik parah kuping bakalan bisa

45. Lirik 'cause I Can – E-40

lirik 'cause I Can – E-40 Forty wadah Ehh, yeahWe do this for life ya dumb fucks, y'all niggaz is dump trucks The type to bitch up and getcha eyebrows plucked Mark my words loco gon' have it like Motown's heyday So dope they

46. Lirik Go Girl – Baby Bash

lirik Go Girl – Baby Bash Excuse me miss, what's your name I don't wanna tell you the same ol' thing Drop, drop it low, make, make it pop, I can do this all night shorty I don't wanna stopI need a go girl I need a go girl, uh

48. Lirik Never – Angie Martinez

lirik Never – Angie Martinez And you will never break me (Never) Till the day I die (Animal house)Yo every time I turn around they say How I deal with that weak shit I told yall of the stages I can't agree wit We showed yall,

49. Lirik Vamp Life – Jim Jones

lirik Vamp Life – Jim Jones Jim Jones (Talking): Uh huh We back We still on the streets Rap game is now the crack game Watch out for them rap policeJim Jones (verse 1): The rap police is on my ass Searchin for the ratchet Im
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