Kumpulan megadeth | Lirik Lagu megadeth

1. Lirik Post-American World – Megadeth

lirik Post-American World – MegadethWe see each other through different eyesSegregating ourselves by class and sizeIt’s me against you in everything that they doThis planet’s become one big spinning disaster If you don’

2. Lirik Poisonous Shadows – Megadeth

lirik Poisonous Shadows – MegadethHow much pain, do you need to feelHow much shame, do you have to concealThere is no sunshine, just endless nightsNobody’s there, nobody cares when you cry Is it my face you see?Do I haunt you in

3. Lirik Fatal Illusion – Megadeth

lirik Fatal Illusion – MegadethLost inside the system, locked away without a keyNo one will ever miss a menace to societyA gross lack of potential, bad decisions made in spiteA touchy hairpin trigger and such a wasted life Trying

4. Lirik Bullet To The Brain – Megadeth

lirik Bullet To The Brain – MegadethNo one knows what draws the moth to the flameAnd nothing costs as much as playing the gameShe had to know, know, know he’d give love for sexHe had to know, know, know she’d give sex for

5. Lirik Death From Within – Megadeth

lirik Death From Within – MegadethThe heat is raging from the rising fires of warEmbers of avarice soon begin to soarVengeance breeding greater vengeance, two eyes for one eyeCrowning burning hatred thats lying deep inside A token
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