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2. Lirik Time Travel – Dailog

lirik Time Travel – Dailogalright!alright!everybody chill! haha!that is funny, that is totally funnyyeah, yeah, yeahyeah, so listen i noticed a huge conspiracy in the music worldthat metallica actually wrote this 10 years

3. Lirik Sahabat – Lucky Laki

lirik Sahabat – Lucky LakiAku suka LampardKamu suka OwenAku suka MetallicaKamu suka Agnes MonicaAku suka RooneyKamu suka AnelkaAku suka AmerikaKamu suka JamaikaReff:Meski kita tak samaBukan berarti kita tak bisa

4. Lirik Whiplash – Metallica

lirik Whiplash – MetallicaLate at night, all systems go, you've come to see the showWe do our best, you're the rest, you make it real, you knowThere is a feeling deep inside that drives you f**king madA feeling of a hammerhead

6. Lirik Creeping Death – Metallica

lirik Creeping Death – MetallicaSongwriters: Kirk Hammett;Clifford Lee Burton;Lars Ulrich;James HetfieldSlaves, Hebrews born to serveTo the PharaohHeed to his every wordLive in fearFaith, of the unknown oneThe delivererWait,

7. Lirik Contoh Lagu Megah orkestra ?

lirik Contoh Lagu Megah orkestra ? tolong dong bantu .. aku lagi bingung nih cari lagu yg kesannya megah ..kayak lgu orkestra gitu .. ex: mengejar matahari, dealova, trus ...??? tolong kasih contoh lainnya ya?? ? diana Life In

10. Lirik Lagu Barat Yang Enak D 039 dngar ?

lirik Lagu Barat Yang Enak D 039 dngar ? Tolong sbutin dong Lagu Band(bukan solo) yg klian suka yg aliran pop~rock,,klo bsa yg pkulan drum.a cpat...(sbutin min 5) thank's^^ ? -Gabriel_RaynoLd'- new found glory - iris

17. Lirik So What – Metallica

lirik So What – MetallicaSongwriters: Blake, Clive; Culmer, Nick (Animal); Exall, Chris (Magoo);So fucking whatWell, I've been to HastingsAnd I've been to BrightonI've been to Eastbourne tooSo what, so whatAnd I've been here

18. Lirik The More I See – Metallica

lirik The More I See – MetallicaOriginally performed by Discharge where I stand I seePain, suffering and miseryThe more I see, the more I seeThe less, the less I believe where I stand I seeHate, violence and war, ohThe more I see,

19. Lirik Better Than You – Metallica

lirik Better Than You – MetallicaI look at you, then you meHungry and thirsty I waitHolding the lion's shareHolding the keyHolding me back 'cause I'm striving to beBetter than you better than youBetter than you better than youLock

20. Lirik Through The Never – Metallica

lirik Through The Never – MetallicaSongwriters: Hammett, Kirk L; Hetfield, James Alan; Ulrich, Lars;All that is, was and will beUniverse much too big to seeTime and space never endingDisturbing thoughts, questions pendingLimitations of

21. Lirik 2×4 – Metallica

lirik 2×4 – MetallicaI'm going to make you, shake you, take youI'm going to be the one who breaks youPut the screws into you, yeah, my wayYeah, come on and come on, come on, make my dayMake my dayGot some hell to pay, I

22. Lirik One – Metallica

lirik One – MetallicaSongwriters: Hetfield, James Alan; Ulrich, Lars;The cerebrum has suffered massive and reparable damageYou never know what has happened to himIf I have not been sure of this, I would not have permitted

25. Lirik Breadfan – Metallica

lirik Breadfan – MetallicaOriginally performed by BudgieBreadfanOpen up your mindOpen up your purseOpen up your bonesNever, never gonna lose itBreadfanTake it all awayNever give an inchGotta make a mintGotta make me a

26. Lirik Until It Sleeps – Metallica

lirik Until It Sleeps – MetallicaSongwriters: Hetfield, James Alan; Ulrich, Lars;Where do I take this pain of mine?I run but it stays right by my sideSo tear me open and pour me outThere's things inside that scream and shoutAnd the

28. Lirik Attitude – Metallica

lirik Attitude – MetallicaSuppose I say, I'm never satisfiedSuppose I say, you cut some rootTo make the tree surviveJust let me kill you for a whileJust let me kill you for a smileJust let me kill you onceI'm oh so bored to

29. Lirik The God That Failed – Metallica

lirik The God That Failed – MetallicaPride you tookPride you feelPride that you felt when you'd kneelNot the wordNot the loveNot what you thought from aboveIt feedsIt growsIt clouds all that you will knowDeceitDeceiveDecide just what you

30. Lirik Die, Die My Darling – Metallica

lirik Die, Die My Darling – MetallicaOriginally performed by The MisfitsDie, die, die my darlingDon't utter a single wordDie, die, die my darlingJust shut your pretty eyesI'll be seeing you againYeah, I'll be seeing you, in hellSo don't

31. Lirik The Four Horsemen – Metallica

lirik The Four Horsemen – MetallicaBy the last breath the fourth winds blowBetter raise your earsThe sound of hooves knock at your doorLock up your wife and children nowIt's time to wield the bladeFor now you've got some companyThe

32. Lirik Invisible Kid – Metallica

lirik Invisible Kid – MetallicaSongwriters: Rock, Robert Jens; Hammett, Kirk; Hetfield, James; Ulrich, Lars;Invisible kidNever see what he didGot stuck where he hidFallen through the gridInvisible kidGot a place of his ownWhere he'

33. Lirik Am I Evil – Metallica

lirik Am I Evil – Metallica(Originally performed by Diamond Head)My mother was a witch, she was burned aliveThankless little bitch, for the tears I criedTake her down now, don't want to see her faceAll blistered and burnt, can'

34. Lirik Dyers Eve – Metallica

lirik Dyers Eve – MetallicaSongwriters: Hammett, Kirk L; Hetfield, James Alan; Ulrich, Lars;Dear Mother, dear FatherWhat is this hell you have put me through?Believer, deceiverDay in, day out, live my life through youPushed

35. Lirik The Unforgiven II – Metallica

lirik The Unforgiven II – MetallicaLay beside meTell me what they've doneSpeak the words I wanna hearTo make my demons runThe door is locked nowBut it's open if you're trueIf you can understand the meThen I can understand the youLay

36. Lirik Too Late – Metallica

lirik Too Late – MetallicaOriginally performed by MotorheadI see that nothin's changedInsist on playing gamesSome waste of time you areAnd you're so popularWell this is it you bitchI got to make a switchYou find some other

37. Lirik Tuesday’s Gone – Metallica

lirik Tuesday’s Gone – MetallicaOriginally performed by Lynyrd SkynyrdTrain, roll on, on down the lineWon't you, please, take me far, far awayNow I feel the wind blow, outside my doorAnd I'm, I'm leaving my woman at home (my baby's

38. Lirik Blitzkrieg – Metallica

lirik Blitzkrieg – MetallicaOriginally performed by BlitzkriegLet us have peace, let us have lifeLet us escape the cruel nightLet us have time, let the sun shineLet us beware the deadly signThe day is comingArmageddon's

39. Lirik Hero Of The Day – Metallica

lirik Hero Of The Day – MetallicaMama they try and break meThe window burns to light the way back homeA light that warms no matter where they've goneThey're off to find the hero of the dayBut what if they should fall by someone's

40. Lirik Loverman – Metallica

lirik Loverman – MetallicaThere's a devil waiting outside your door(How much longer?)There's a devil waiting outside your door(How much longer?)And he's bucking, and braying, and pawing at the floor(How much longer?)And he's

41. Lirik Blackened – Metallica

lirik Blackened – MetallicaBlackened is the endWinter it will sendThrowing all you seeInto obscurityDeath of Mother EarthNever a rebirthEvolution's endNever will it mendNeverFireTo begin whipping dance of the deadBlackened is

42. Lirik Bad Seed – Metallica

lirik Bad Seed – MetallicaSongwriters: Hammett, Kirk L; Hetfield, James Alan; Ulrich, Lars;Yeah, yeahYeah, yeahOoh, badYeahYeah, yeahCome cleanFess upTell allSpill gutOff the veilStand revealedShow the cardsBring it on, break

43. Lirik Battery – Metallica

lirik Battery – MetallicaSongwriters: Hetfield, James Alan; Ulrich, Lars;Lashing out the action, returning the reactionWeak are ripped and torn awayHypnotizing power, crushing all that cowerBattery is here to staySmashing

44. Lirik My Apocalypse – Metallica

lirik My Apocalypse – MetallicaClaustrophobicCrawl out of this skinHard explosiveReach in, pull that pinFear thy name exterminationDesacrate inhale the fireSo we cross that lineInto the gripsTotal eclipseSuffer unto my apocalypse!

45. Lirik St. Anger – Metallica

lirik St. Anger – MetallicaSongwriters: Rock, Robert Jens; Hammett, Kirk; Hetfield, James; Ulrich, Lars;St. Anger 'round my neckSt. Anger 'round my neckHe never gets respectSt. Anger 'round my neck(You flush it out, you flush

46. Lirik Welcome Home – Metallica

lirik Welcome Home – MetallicaWelcome to where time stands stillNo one leaves and no one willMoon is full, never seems to changeJust labeled mentally derangedDream the same thing every nightI see our freedom in my sightNo locked

48. Lirik No Remorse – Metallica

lirik No Remorse – MetallicaNo mercy for what we're doingNo thought to even what we've doneWe don't need to feel the sorrowNo remorse for the helpless oneWar without endNo remorse no repentWe don't care what it meantAnother day

49. Lirik The Thorn Within – Metallica

lirik The Thorn Within – MetallicaForgive me fatherFor I have sinnedFind me guilty of the life I feel withinAnd when i'm brandedThis mark of shameShould I look down disgracedOr straight aheadAnd know that you must blameI am the
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