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2. Lirik Let It Bump – Missy Elliott

lirik Let It Bump – Missy Elliott Gotta cut the music up, man Gotta cut the music up, manI'm-I'm-I'm Mi-Mi-Missy, radio play me all the time Write my own rhymes and I swear I'm fly This flow here form eighty-three From A to Z ,you

4. Lirik On And On – Missy Elliott

lirik On And On – Missy Elliott Beware, you're now listening To the sounds of Mis-Demeanor Turn everything up, all the levels All the fuckin' levelsMissy be the name Missy be the name Missy be the name Missy be the nameMissy be the

5. Lirik Beep Beep – Timbaland

lirik Beep Beep – Timbaland Uh, say what? Uh, say what? Uh, say what? Uh, say what?1, 2, 1, 2 I be that man they call Timbaland On these funky beats right here you hear him? Uh huh, uh huh, now, how many people want to, huh

9. Lirik Pussycat – Missy Elliott

lirik Pussycat – Missy Elliott This is another Missy Elliott exclusiveIt's all for the love But there is more things that keep a man satisfied And I know the remedy just to cure him from Cheating even if he tried, heyPussy, don't

10. Lirik Talk That Shit – Timbaland

lirik Talk That Shit – Timbaland [Intro] They can talk that shit, they can talk that shit They can talk that shit, they can talk that shit They can talk that shit, they can talk that shit They can talk that shit, they can talk that

15. Lirik Gettaway – Missy Elliott

lirik Gettaway – Missy Elliott Close your eyes visualize Space and I verbalize you chastize But can't stop my enterprize Put your rhymes in a line Put your raps in a stack I'll break you and your singer like JingaI mean um I spit

16. Lirik Can You Hear Me? –

lirik Can You Hear Me? – {Missy it's Diane Here's the information for the Where, where you can send the flowers to The florist for Aaliyah I'll give you the phone, phone number In case you need it Okay Missy take of yourself

22. Lirik Meltdown – Missy Elliott

lirik Meltdown – Missy Elliott Bet it, bet it taste like candy Bet it, bet it taste like candy Bet it, bet it taste like candyI broke up wit my ex, I couldn't take his sarcasm Everytime we bone, I had to fake an orgasm Moanin' and

23. Lirik I'm Talkin – Missy Elliott

lirik I'm Talkin – Missy Elliott Nigga, waz up? You think you tough, I'm fly shit Has a bitch, dope as fuck Sho nuff I'm guaranteed, no diggities Fight you like the fucking enemies You would think there's fucking ten of me When I'm

24. Lirik 6 Reasons – D-12

lirik 6 Reasons – D-12 [Proof] You wish that you could bear me black D12 standing back No planning that Def methods, we got a hand in that Whoever run this shit You get a jammed knee cap Make the healthy get sick And your

25. Lirik All Night Long – Demi Lovato

lirik All Night Long – Demi Lovato I love the way you're talking I'm loving what you're doing boy I don't fall easy often I've never had a love like you beforeI like you, put your number, put your number In my phone, phone, phone,

26. Lirik Lagu Apa Saja Yang Kalian Suka ?

lirik Lagu Apa Saja Yang Kalian Suka ? Tolong berikan judul lagu baratnya dan judul lagu indonesianya sekalian link downloadnya... ? Andika Sunanda Klo lgu barat Lady Gaga - Poker Face, Paparazzi Black Eyed Peas - Let's

27. Lirik X – Ja Rule

lirik X – Ja Rule C'mon, let's get popped in love I know you popular, admitted your club But I just wanna toss you up Before I swallow you whole I need to wash it down Tell your girls Avion, indulge you to hang out

28. Lirik Can We Do It Again – Timbaland

lirik Can We Do It Again – Timbaland [Intro - Timbaland - talking] This goes outFor all the people That think I couldn't make it again See what I'm sayin We're back at y'allThird time, (heh heh)[Verse 1 - Timbaland]I'm killin 'em with

29. Lirik Smooth Operator – Paul Wall

lirik Smooth Operator – Paul Wall I'm a chick magnet, I'm a ladies man I put a smile on your face any way that I can I got the world in my hands, you got the world in your pants My squad pimpin' there, I approach and put you under my

31. Lirik I Like Control – Dj Clue

lirik I Like Control – Dj Clue New Missy Featuring Mocha Nicole D.J clueWhat hot, we droppin' What not, we stoppin' Y'all rock stoppin', we bottle poppin' Y'all block watchin', we watch coppin' Y'all car hoppin' 'Cause now we got

33. Lirik Wake Up Everybody – Jadakiss

lirik Wake Up Everybody – Jadakiss [Intro: Wyclef Jean] Wake up, Wake up. You've got the power. You've got the power. My people got the east yo you've got to wake up. Midwest dirty south, yo, you've gotta stand up. All my homies in

34. Lirik Not Tonight (remix) – Lil' Kim

lirik Not Tonight (remix) – Lil' Kim Uhh {dice thrown} yeah Uhh, here's another one, and another one Yeah Lil' kim, the queen beeIt's ladies night what, it must be angie on the mic The butter p honey got the sugar got the spice Roll the

38. Lirik Wake Up – Missy Elliott

lirik Wake Up – Missy Elliott {Eh yo hov, tell 'em, Hip Hop betta wake up}Yeah, turn the muhfuckin' music up Yeah, turn the muhfuckin' music upMotherfuckers betta wake up, stop sellin' crack to the blacks Hope you bought a spare
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