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1. Lirik Telephone – Mocca

lirik Telephone – MoccaTelephone – Mocca It is cold, in this October rainI go to turn on TVSit on the couch feeling blueWait till the phone starts too ringI start to think you forgotJust as you always doI don’t

2. Lirik What If – Mocca

lirik What If – MoccaWhat If – Mocca What if I give you my smile?Are you gonna stay for a while?What if I put you in my dreams tonight?Are you gonna stay until it’s bright? What if I give you my story?Are you

3. Lirik Lucky Me – Mocca

lirik Lucky Me – Moccadon’t wanna live without your lovewithout your smile’cause i know i love you you will always stay when i call youthough i know you’re not feeling welleven in the dark, in rainy

4. Lirik Twisted Me Around – Mocca

lirik Twisted Me Around – MoccaTwisted Me Around – Mocca Strolling along down the road in the evening with the moon and the skyHey diddle-diddle the cat in the fiddle my heart jumps over the moon My hands are held while we&#

5. Lirik Hanya Satu – Mocca

lirik Hanya Satu – MoccaHanya Satu – Mocca hanya satu pintakutuk memandang langit birudalam dekap seorang ibu hanya satu pintakutuk bercanda dan tertawadi pangkuan seorang ayah reff: apa bila ini hanya sebuah mimpi ku

6. Lirik Butterflies In My Tummy – Mocca

lirik Butterflies In My Tummy – Moccai have butterflies flying around inside my tummywhen i’m with you i hear bellchimes ringing blown by wind of springwhen i’m with you oh this tingling feelingmakes me wanna jumpmakes me

7. Lirik Secret Admirer – Mocca

lirik Secret Admirer – MoccaSecret Admirer – Mocca Oh, secret admirer?When you’re around the autumn feels like summerHow come you’re always messing up the weather?Just like you do to me.. My Silly admirerHow

8. Lirik Me and My Boyfriend – Mocca

lirik Me and My Boyfriend – MoccaMe And My Boyfriend – Mocca I’ve got a boyfriend nowHe’s my dearest palHe’ll always catch me when I fallHe’s always there when I call I’ve got a boyfriend nowHe

9. Lirik And The Rain Fall – Mocca

lirik And The Rain Fall – MoccaI can’t understand Why my world keeps on turning? And I can’t understand Why the sun keeps on shining? When you left me all alone But I do understand That you have someone better And I can

10. Lirik I Remember – Mocca

lirik I Remember – MoccaI remember’The way you glanced at me, yes I remember I remember’When we caught a shooting star, yes I remember I remember.. All the things that we shared, and the promise we made, just you

11. Lirik Let Me Go – Mocca

lirik Let Me Go – MoccaYour voice is just to tender And you ask for sweet surrender I know you`re a pretender Do you mind dear, I don`t need it! Your hypnotic compassion Always grabs my attention Just give it a rest Perhaps

12. Lirik Life Keeps On Turning – Mocca

lirik Life Keeps On Turning – MoccaWe’ve come to the final story All of it has passed behind me With my smile and now I’m ready Or my next step again I know I can’t drown forever I’ve got a life that I have to

13. Lirik The Best Thing – Mocca

lirik The Best Thing – MoccaI’ve got the best thing in the world Coz’ I got you in my heart And this screw little world Let’s hold hand together We can share forever Maybe someday the sky will be coloured with

14. Lirik Listen To Me – Mocca

lirik Listen To Me – MoccaHey baby listen to me carefullyCome and sit beside meI’ll tell you everything about me Hi honey listen to me carefullyAge is just a numberIt won’t be any trouble at all Reff:Stay stay with

15. Lirik Sebelum Kau Tidur – Mocca

lirik Sebelum Kau Tidur – MoccaSebelum Kau Tidur – Mocca Pejamkan matamuBerbaring yg tenangSunggingkan senyumanSebelum kau tidur Ucapkan salammuPada bulan dan bintangMereka yg setiaMenjagamu tidur Reff: semoga nyenyak tidurmu

16. Lirik Dream – Mocca

lirik Dream – MoccaDream – Mocca In the middle of the nightA dream wakes me upIt is not very good dreamMaybe it’s my nightmare When I started my dayIt’s still stuck on my mindAnd that thing ruined my

17. Lirik Goodnight Song – Mocca

lirik Goodnight Song – MoccaGoodnight Song – Mocca Lying here, singing my lullabyLetting time pass me byCounting stars in the skyAnd don’t let the bedbugs bite Just turn off the lightMake me feel all rightBidding

19. Lirik Once Upon A Time – Mocca

lirik Once Upon A Time – MoccaOnce Upon A Time – Mocca Once upon a time, when the sky was covered with blueOnce upon a time, when the sun was smiling tooWe’re just common people with an ordinary lookWe’re just

20. Lirik I Think I’m In Love – Mocca

lirik I Think I’m In Love – MoccaI Think I’m In Love – Mocca If you got an eerie feeling after hanging up the phoneSort of happy feeling but you’re not sure what it’s called If you’re haunted by his face

21. Lirik My Only One – Mocca

lirik My Only One – MoccaMy Only One – Mocca We had a fight last nightAnd i called him madMakes me feel so sadAnd i’m so ashamed He’s my only oneI give him all my loveEven though my mom says no!I just go on

22. Lirik Lucky Man – Mocca

lirik Lucky Man – MoccaLucky Man – Mocca Some people say you;re a lucky manTo win the first prize lotterySome people say you’re a lucky manTo have a high-flying briht career But i know they’re wrongAnd i&#

23. Lirik Friend – Mocca

lirik Friend – MoccaFriend – Mocca If anyone can fill my world with joy and happinessAnd cast away all of my lonilessAlways there beside me when i am downAnd never left my face eith frown It’s you! yes, it is

24. Lirik I Would Never – Mocca

lirik I Would Never – MoccaI Would Never – Mocca Sentimental feeling in my heartGrowing bigger stronger everydayEvery single day and every nightAll of them mean more than works can say Believe me, as i believe in you I

26. Lirik Buddy Zeus – Mocca

lirik Buddy Zeus – MoccaBuddy Zeus – Mocca I try to find that old blue leashHere you are..but please don’t barkRunning playing in the parkTrying to find your favorite spark Go fetch that stick my furry friendOr

27. Lirik This Conversation – Mocca

lirik This Conversation – MoccaThis Conversation – Mocca Hey boy did you know?I lie awake in my dreamy bedThinking of ou and those crazy times we’ve had Sometimes i wonderWhether you’re a Jekyll or you’re a

29. Lirik Swing It Bob – Mocca

lirik Swing It Bob – MoccaSwing It Bob – Mocca Hello dear what can i do for you?Will you go and swing along tonight?Just take a step and they’ll do the restJust let it flow..and you will glowJust like a moonbeam up

30. Lirik It’s Over Now – Mocca

lirik It’s Over Now – MoccaIt’s Over Now – Mocca I know that you’re very niceNever ever tell me liesYou’re always there to comfort meAnd cheer me up when i am down However that is itYou’ve got

31. Lirik On The Night Like This – Mocca

lirik On The Night Like This – MoccaOn The Night Like This – Mocca On the night like thisThere’s so many things I want to tell youOn the night like thisThere’s so many things I want to show you Cause when you’re
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