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4. Lirik Sexy Pictures – Lil' Mo

lirik Sexy Pictures – Lil' Mo (Lil Mo) You driving in yo fast car, cruisin up the highway Hit me on my sidekick and that'z wat i'm doin I said "it ain't much of nuthin I just keep thinkn bout u, check yo inbox in a minute, i'll

9. Lirik 23 – Mike Will Made It

lirik 23 – Mike Will Made It (Mike Will made it) I'm in the club, high off purp', with some shades on Tatted up, mini skirt, with my J's on(In the club, high on purp' with some shades on) (Tatted up, mini skirt and my J's on)J's

12. Lirik All Night Long – Lmfao

lirik All Night Long – Lmfao I read your text sayin' what you wanna do to me (all night long) I think I might be able fulfill your fantasy We can ride away, no time to waste Tonight baby (all night long) We can ride away, no

14. Lirik Bathwater – Gwen Stefani

lirik Bathwater – Gwen StefaniYou and your museum of loversThe precious collection you've housed in your coversMy simpleness threatened by my own admissionAnd the bags are much too heavyIn my insecure conditionMy pregnant mind is

17. Lirik Sexify – Leah Labelle

lirik Sexify – Leah LabelleI got a whole bunch of waysTo turn to him on girl, he’ll come home girl if you know what I meanI got a whole bunch of waysIt’s all in your tone girl, he’ll be gone girl if you know

19. Lirik Dem Girls – Caprice

lirik Dem Girls – CapriceI like ‘dem girls ‘Dem girls, around the world, world, world Okay, this is a remix Ya’ll know this is I like ‘dem girls And they call me, young to the don C-A-P-R-I-C-E Let&#

22. Lirik So High – Slim Thug

lirik So High – Slim Thug She likes it real slow, slow Then we speed it up like oh, oh Baby turn around like so, so Now we got it just right, something that we both like Baby we could go so high, so high Higher than you've

23. Lirik Duffle Bagz – Lil Wayne

lirik Duffle Bagz – Lil Wayne ( Lil Wayne )Uh umm okFirst let me hop out my god damn bugatti I dont whip it cuz you niggas think that i'm illuminati Bitch it's christmas and i'm santa claus tryna see who naughty Bought my side

26. Lirik Brown Skin Woman – Krs One

lirik Brown Skin Woman – Krs One Aiyyo Kris, yo, yo, yo That was fresh, come with that next shitUh, fat, fat, fat, fat beats How refreshing is it really? How refreshing is it really?Big shout out to Philly in the house G. Simone,

27. Lirik I'm Number 1 – Nelly

lirik I'm Number 1 – Nelly Uh uh uh I just gotta bring it to they attention dirty That's all....You better watch who you talking bout Runnin your mouth Like you know me You gonn fuck around and check Why they surely They call

28. Lirik Game's Pain – Game

lirik Game's Pain – Game See, ever since the day I got the chance to make a change I've been in this game, it's a new day And I'm making it known 'cause I just want the world to know I'm paying my dues and I got the utmost,

29. Lirik We Thuggin – Fat Joe

lirik We Thuggin – Fat Joe Ooh, mmm Yeah, uh, uh Fat Joe and the R That shit y'all Breakin' shit down Shake that, funky, funky, funky Yeah Sticky, icky, icky, yeah uh I got that shit y'all I got that shit y'all Uh yo yoCrack

30. Lirik Loners Blvd – Tory Lanez

lirik Loners Blvd – Tory LanezYou catch my rock, rolling down Loners BlvdYou've got dreams, keep on dreamingHigh school teen, never got acceptedGuess it didn't get to go how I expectedNow a nigga pissedSteady lookin' at the bottom

31. Lirik Thank You – Busta Rhymes

lirik Thank You – Busta Rhymes Welcome to the bank Where you deposit Young Money, and you get Cash Money I'm Tunechi, the Boss And live from the vault, is Busta BustYeah, yeah, yeah, yo Swag mania, pop that goes most Carry the

33. Lirik Lagu Apa Ayo Di klik Dulu ?

lirik Lagu Apa Ayo Di klik Dulu ? lagu apa yang nyeritain perjalanan hidup kalian??? tolong sekalian tulis sepenggal lagunya, tulis nama lagunya, judul penyanyinya, n' kalo bisa link download gratisnya... (optional

34. Lirik Wonder – Naughty Boy

lirik Wonder – Naughty BoyI can beat the nightI’m not afraid of thunderI am full of lightI am full of wonderWo-oh, oh-oh, I ain’t falling underWo-oh, oh-oh, I am full of wonderThough our feet might acheThe world&#
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