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2. Lirik Superthug – Noreaga

lirik Superthug – Noreaga I’m, I’m actually waitin on the bus now He said we have some kind of special assignment or something He’s supposed to be callin’ me, like any minute now, any minute Hold on,

3. Lirik Body In The Trunk – Noreaga

lirik Body In The Trunk – Noreaga Verse 1 (Noreaga) Got out the mall yo This weeded cat rockin a fade In my face askin can he see the grenade I woulda’ let him see it The way he came across I said nah, beat it Steph told me

4. Lirik I Wanna Fuck You – Noreaga

lirik I Wanna Fuck You – Noreaga [noreaga] .. what what what what What what what what what, what what What what what what what, what what Chorus: noreaga (repeat 4x) To all the bitches out there, you know I’m talkin to you (we

5. Lirik Crimey – Noreaga

lirik Crimey – Noreaga [Noreaga] Yeah nigga – part four muh’fucker Thugged out nigga (Grimey) Neptunes – nigga what nigga (Grimey) Violator – nigga what nigga (Grimey) This shit is serious –

6. Lirik Full Mode – Noreaga

lirik Full Mode – Noreaga [Intro] Oh, yeah, yeah Hahahahahahahahaha Oh, We ain’t gon stop Oh, Militainment, (gangsta nigga), Militainment [Chorus x2] I hit you till you drop, (What?) I hit you till you shake (What?)[x3

9. Lirik Fiesta – Noreaga

lirik Fiesta – Noreaga Uh-huh uh-huh, TrackMasters [Kid Capri] Uhh, uncontrollable hotness on this plate From state to state, it’s Noreaga the great I’m the Kid Capri, y’all DJ niggaz, play this shit

10. Lirik 40 Island – Noreaga

lirik 40 Island – Noreaga [Kool G Rap] Rikers Island, Rikers Island (Iraq Island, Iraq Island) Rikers Island, Rikers Island (Iraq Island) [Chorus x2] [Noreaga] Yo, Listen to me young thug this is some advice you do a snake

11. Lirik Real Or Fake Niggas – Noreaga

lirik Real Or Fake Niggas – Noreaga Chorus: Final Chapter Is you a real or a fake nigga Get caught and run ya trap to the jake niggas Tryin to turn a benjamin into a 8 figga When shit get sweet, this click we can taste it {Final

12. Lirik If You Want It – Noreaga

lirik If You Want It – Noreaga I guess it’s my turn again, so I’mma do it again 3X Chorus 2X: Noreaga If you want it, you can get it Is you wit it, say what, what, what, what I guess it’s my turn again, so I&#

13. Lirik Play That Shit – Noreaga

lirik Play That Shit – Noreaga They call me the youngest headbuster walkin’ Thugged out in all black, calicole sparklin’ A guerrilla till I die, bless me when I’m dead But for the bread I bring ya anybody head

15. Lirik Hed – Noreaga

lirik Hed – Noreaga See a lot of niggas talking bout war, you understand what Im saying, war, but now as a nigga grow, he progreses and he has a lot more happier things to talk about (more happy), jigga kick that shit

16. Lirik Oh No – Noreaga

lirik Oh No – Noreaga [Noreaga & Pharrell] Bounce wit me, bounce, bounce, bounce 2x Yeah Yeah 2x Oh Oh No No 2x WHAT WHAT WHAT 2x [Noreaga] I bust to the scening cuss to the scening I admit a little bit I lust for

17. Lirik Going Legit – Noreaga

lirik Going Legit – Noreaga (noreaga) Now tell em to step up into the life of a gangster Cause there is a difference between me and the other rappers Other rappers talk about what their friends did And what their friends saw Im

18. Lirik Live My Life – Noreaga

lirik Live My Life – Noreaga Yeah, yeah niggaz, it’s n-o-rezy This what I’m talking about right here niggaz This what I needed “this is what I needed nigga” This is the shit I wanted right here niggaz &#

19. Lirik Blood Money Pt. 3 – Noreaga

lirik Blood Money Pt. 3 – Noreaga [chorus] [repeat 2x] Yo, new york get the blood money Drty cash, smoke hydro green Sill mix it wit hash To all the weed spots Niggaz know I’m known to cop All the good shit, smell me nigga I&#

20. Lirik I Love My Life – Noreaga

lirik I Love My Life – Noreaga [Noreaga] Can’t stop thinkin of the game, y’know what’m mean? Can’t get the game out my mind. Gotta get out the game tonight though, y’know what’m sayin? (Aw, word

21. Lirik Flagrant Cops – Noreaga

lirik Flagrant Cops – Noreaga [Skit] [Noreaga] Hey yo the same old G Yo thats my shit Switch cd’s threw on Nas shit Yo in the whip yo the windows clogged up Shorty givin me head mouth clogged up Flusher Meadow we call it &#

22. Lirik Thug Poetry – Noreaga

lirik Thug Poetry – Noreaga [noreaga] Yo, yo I only, ride for those that’ll ride for me I only, shoot for those that’ll shoot for me I used to be in d.c., with my poetry Niggaz said I’m on some other shit,

23. Lirik Now I Pray – Noreaga

lirik Now I Pray – Noreaga Uh (Yeah) Gangsta, killa (Killa) Killa beats nigga (Beats nigga) Iraqians (Iraqians) Do it like this (Send Iraq to the heavens) Yo, yo, yo guns, wars, banana clips holdin’ Tec nine’s the

24. Lirik Nothin' – Noreaga

lirik Nothin' – Noreaga Homeboy, I came to party, yo’ girl was lookin at me She’s a haggler naw I’m not taggin her But you don’t want them boys to come over and start askin ya What you wanna do,

25. Lirik First Day Home – Noreaga

lirik First Day Home – Noreaga Hook (2x): I juss came home I aint got no loot I aint trin’ 2 sell drugs I aint tryin 2 shoot I’m tryin’ 2 be a good nigga even wearin a suit But the only job I got is 2 make hot
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