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1. Lirik I'm Up – Omarion

lirik I'm Up – Omarion [Intro: Omarion & Kid Ink] Omarion Oh, egh It’s Kid Ink And your chick Yo’ chick [Hook: Omarion] Baby I’m the man, I’m up Couple hundred bands on the car Villa and a

2. Lirik Wrong 4 Me – Omarion

lirik Wrong 4 Me – Omarion [Intro:] Huh [x32] [Verse 1:] She was on the way I never saw her comin’ (Comin’, come, come) Everytime I figured out It wasn’t no use in runnin’ (Runnin’, run, run) I

3. Lirik M.i.a. (dirty) – Omarion

lirik M.i.a. (dirty) – Omarion My new lady says she leaving me Ah fuck her I dont care Plus I got another over there She been wantin to be with me Got her in her underwear Gave her what she want, now she need me I got more of that

5. Lirik Im Tryna Part 2 – Omarion

lirik Im Tryna Part 2 – Omarion Damn (damn, yepp) I can’t believe this is happening to me (It’s another one of those classics) like it happens, alright? Omarion, Bow wow, I’m tryna! part 2 BOW WOW Damn, so this is

6. Lirik Do It – Omarion

lirik Do It – Omarion Yeah, yeah, let’s go This is feelin’ real good Well you know it feels good to feel good You look familiar, girl I should remember, girl If I ever ran into you Refresh my memory Your smile

7. Lirik I Get It In – Omarion

lirik I Get It In – Omarion Oh Omarion, yea, it’s Gucci! Song dynasty, yeah Watch me get it Gucci, Gucci! I done cut the braids, low cut, got my grown on Had a sister label, gettin’ money, money, long, long I be so

8. Lirik Lets Talk – Omarion

lirik Lets Talk – Omarion Maybach O, (Yeah) Rozay,(I think I’ma pull up right here) We gonna change your life overnight love, (What’s up?) Uh, big money (I’m back & shit) Fast money, (Maybach O) Believe

9. Lirik O (remix) – Omarion

lirik O (remix) – Omarion Whoa Let me tell you girl Whoa whoa whoa Hey here I go Here I go I know you heard men saying time and time again That they would rock your world and change your life But I cant blame them cause you

10. Lirik Sweet Hang-over – Omarion

lirik Sweet Hang-over – Omarion Intro : I’m so alaxed, ooohh ahhh, yeah Omarion Verse:1 I see a shorty dippin and ya lookin so good tonight. And ya lovin it girl I aint tryna put up a fight. I wanna look you in the eye say I

12. Lirik Entourage – Omarion

lirik Entourage – Omarion Shh Girl, girl, girl, girl, girl, girl, girl All I can say is Girl, girl, girl, girl, girl, girl, girl, girl Let’s go I don’t need nobody else around, see Love the way you compliment my

13. Lirik Let Me Hold You – Omarion

lirik Let Me Hold You – Omarion Ya’ll know what this is This is what you need to do, girl So, so, uh Let me hold you I’ve been watching you for a minute Come through here so sweet centered In life, girl, you need me in

14. Lirik Wet – Omarion

lirik Wet – Omarion [Intro] Can I lick your body down, do you like it like this, can I push it right there, hey! Can I lick your body down, can I push it right there, do you like it like this, yeah! Verse 1: I’m

15. Lirik Out Loud – Omarion

lirik Out Loud – Omarion (hook) Baby girl I wanna lay you down So take your clothes off right now Imma make you scream my name out loud Imma make you scream my name out loud Baby take your clothes off Lay you on the table So

16. Lirik I'm Sayin' – Omarion

lirik I'm Sayin' – Omarion Pull up on a girl with her legs open After she sucked me [moans] leave her head swollen She just wanna [moans] me for a little exposure Tell me do you fuck with me, tell me what’s your motive?
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