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1. Lirik Short Skirts – Baby Bash

lirik Short Skirts – Baby Bash Come on now, why you wanna do us like that girl Come on now, got a skirt pulled up to your crack girl Come on now, I love it when you show us that cat girl Come on now, later on after barking and

2. Lirik Get Buck – Young Buck

lirik Get Buck – Young Buck Yeah, get 'em, BuckOkay, I'm reloading my bankroll swole and I just can't fold it I got 'em like, hey, got 'em rollin' the skittles on the way And the champagne, frozen Watch me do my thang, I got

3. Lirik Get Around This – SafetySuit

lirik Get Around This – SafetySuitYou and I, we had it all.I wonder why, I let it fall.I don’t know why,I make this hard for you.And if I go, and get it back,Apologize, for all I lack!Would you be there, to take this heart?Would

4. Lirik Work – Ciara

lirik Work – Ciara When the song come on in the club Put it up, put it up, put it up Turn it up, turn it up, turn it up Turn it up, turn it upWhen the song come on in the club Put it up, put it up, put it up Turn it up

5. Lirik Just Like That – Baby Bash

lirik Just Like That – Baby Bash Do it like that, just like that Do it, do it like that, just like that Do it like that, just like that Bounce it from the back, let me hit it from theNo worries, no rush, mama, take your time Bumpin

7. Lirik Miracle – The Temper Trap

lirik Miracle – The Temper TrapA little shade will grow into a treeLeaving us in wonder as it sleepsWho on Earth can fathom, who on Earth can know?You are but a thought in your maker's eyesAnd I may not always believeBut you're

9. Lirik Bad Boy – Sandy

lirik Bad Boy – SandyI want a bad boy I want a bad boy I want a bad boy I want a bad boy Papa going fe lick me if me not leave the bad man My mum she's crying "lord have mercy, you better run come" She asks "but wait, i

10. Lirik Done With Love – Zedd

lirik Done With Love – ZeddBaby, if you're done with love, who's gonna hold you tonight?Are you done with love so they can't hurt you tomorrow?You don't wanna keep on swimming in the ocean you've criedBut I won't let you drown

11. Lirik Let It Out – Switchfoot

lirik Let It Out – SwitchfootKeep, keep, keepKeep pushing this higherI've been living uptightLike a moth to the fireLike I'm losing this fightFrom the day we're bornWe are scarred and tornWe've been scared to sing out loudBut we

15. Lirik Cold One – Eric Church

lirik Cold One – Eric ChurchIt was a perfect day for the end of May, they say a record highI was starin' at that green water when out of the blue and by surpriseShe had her feet up on the cooler as she put our love on iceShe

16. Lirik If I Die Young – Glee

lirik If I Die Young – Glee If I die young bury me in satin Lay me down on a bed of roses Sink me in the river at dawn Send me away with the words of a love song Uh oh uh ohLord make me a rainbow I'll shine down on my mother

17. Lirik I'm Yours – Jason Mraz

lirik I'm Yours – Jason Mraz Well you done done me and you bet I felt it I tried to be chill but you're so hot that I melted I fell right through the cracks Now I'm trying to get back Before the cool done run out I'll be giving

18. Lirik Jesse James – Scarface

lirik Jesse James – Scarface Snuck up behind him, had his hands in his pocket Too my pistol out, unlocked it, pulled the hammer back and cocked it And left his shit all on the carpet, I seen a (Murder, murder) I pin-pointed my

20. Lirik All Y'all – Timbaland

lirik All Y'all – Timbaland Uh, feel me, to all the women across the world, we can't diss y'all We gotta love ya, that's real, uhTo all my ladies in lingerie, never under age Who stay gettin' paid, who like to take trips where

21. Lirik Cough Syrup – The Voice

lirik Cough Syrup – The Voice Life's too short to even care at all, oh I'm losing my mind losing my mind losing control, oh oh These fishes in the sea they're staring at me oh oh Oh oh oh oh A wet world aches for a beat of a drum

25. Lirik Same Since '88 – E-40

lirik Same Since '88 – E-40 Chorus/(Hook) Same N*gga... Same N*gga Same N*gga... Same N*gga My n*gga I done came from nothing (from nothing n*gga) Now a n*gga got everything (everything n*gga) That's why you see me everytime I'

27. Lirik Wicked – Deftones

lirik Wicked – DeftonesYo Chuck! We got running mixes.... in the headphonesAh ha ha ha ha!Wicked!Ha Ha! 1 2 3 and I come with the wicked style, and you knowthat I'm from the wicked crew, you act like you knew, but I got

29. Lirik #SundayFunday – Magic

lirik #SundayFunday – MagicAnother manic Mondaypraying for the week to go byWhile Jimmy's at the golf coursesmoking on a Cuban DelightNow money, money, we all got to make it, yeahBut right now, I could use a vacationI wish it

32. Lirik Hook It Up – Master P

lirik Hook It Up – Master P Yo, Layzie? Check this out Me and my boy ridin' dirty from New Orleans, right? When we touch down in Cleveland I'ma have my phone turned on so if you need me hit me Use the code black or blue Me and

34. Lirik Ah Yeah – Krs One

lirik Ah Yeah – Krs One Ah yeah, that's whatcha say when you see a devil down Ah yeah, that's whatcha say when you take the devil's crown Ah yeah, stay alive all things will change around Ah yeah, what? Ah yeahSo here I go

35. Lirik No Place That Far – Westlife

lirik No Place That Far – WestlifeI can't imagine any greater fearThan waking up without you hereAnd though the sun would still shine onMy whole world would all be goneBut not for longIf I had to runIf I had to crawlIf I had to swim a

38. Lirik Smokin' Room – Chaka Khan

lirik Smokin' Room – Chaka Khan Here we are alone in this old smokin' room again If your highness is your pleasure it's alright Cause there's an extra added goodness In my heart for you tonight If there's any such a thing as god He

39. Lirik Trap House – Gucci Mane

lirik Trap House – Gucci ManeIn the trap house, in the trap house, in the trap houseGucci mane check itChoppa on the floor pistol on the coachHood rich so I never had a bank accountJunkies going in junkies going outMade a hundred

40. Lirik Hey – Lil' Jon

lirik Hey – Lil' Jon Drinks up high every time I hit the party Shots, shots, shots, shots,'cause it's time to get retarded Everybody, everybody grab a motherfucking cup And drink that shit 'til you get fucked upShake

41. Lirik Wishing Well – Blink 182

lirik Wishing Well – Blink 182Been gone a long timeI kinda lost my way, I can't find itAnd I caught a short rideTo the grave and back this seasonI can try to get byBut every time I start to panicI'm a little bit shyA bit strange

42. Lirik What Happens At The Party – Lmfao

lirik What Happens At The Party – Lmfao Party Rock just don't stop, Grab a freak to the beat And let ya body rockParty Rock just don't stop, Grab a freak to the beat And let ya body rockParty Rock just don't stop, Grab a freak to the beat

43. Lirik Short Stay – G-unit

lirik Short Stay – G-unit [50 Cent Intro] Yeah, She like it she love it, she kiss it she suck it, she want me to want it, She want to climb up on it, smile (Ha, ha)...Lloyd Banks, 50 Cent[Lloyd Banks] [Verse One]Look Mommy,

44. Lirik Demons – Tech N9ne

lirik Demons – Tech N9ne [Chorus:] When I was 1 and a 2 and a 3 and a 4 I knew I was a special one who had a little more And they wondered why I was plum, rotten to the core It was nothin but an itty bitty demon There's a

46. Lirik I Am – Bon Jovi

lirik I Am – Bon JoviHow you spend your minutes are what mattersAll tomorrows come from yesterday'sWhen you're feeling broke and bruised and sometimes shatteredBlew out the candles on the cake like everything's a big

47. Lirik Summerbaby – Polaris

lirik Summerbaby – PolarisSummerbaby, come on baby, show me the town, I didn't know that you'd be such a short visit Once a year I noticed that you're not around Mama says you went when you were exquisite If

49. Lirik Stay High – Three 6 Mafia

lirik Stay High – Three 6 Mafia (featuring Eightball & MJG & Young Buck)[DJ Paul] Yeaaaaah! For the first time it's goin down, history baby! New Three 6 Mafia, featuring Eightball and MJG, Young Buck! It's a Tennessee thing![Hook:

50. Lirik Whatever You Want – Dj Clue

lirik Whatever You Want – Dj Clue Fears real fears The universal Flipmode Squad Known to every existing life form as the Imperial 6 Has formed an alliance with the official Cluemannatti Whatever you want, we do whatever you wantYo it
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