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2. Lirik All We Are – Onerepublic

lirik All We Are – Onerepublic I tried to paint you a picture The colors were all wrong Black and white didn't fit you And all alongYou were shaded with patience Your strokes of everything That I need just to make it, But I can

3. Lirik All Fall Down – Onerepublic

lirik All Fall Down – Onerepublic Step out the door and it feels like rain That's the sound, that's the sound on your windowpane Take to the streets but you can't ignore That's the sound, that's the sound, you're waiting forIf ever

5. Lirik Secrets – Onerepublic

lirik Secrets – Onerepublic I need another story Something to get off my chest My life gets kinda boring Need something that I can confess Til' all my sleeves are stained red From all the truth that I've said Come by it

6. Lirik Shout – Onerepublic

lirik Shout – Onerepublic In violent times You shouldn't have to sell your soul In black and white They really, really ought to know Those one track minds That took you for a working boy Kiss them goodbye You shouldn't have

7. Lirik Mercy – Onerepublic

lirik Mercy – Onerepublic Angel of mercy, how did you find me? Where did you read my story? Pulled from the papers, desperate and hardened Seeking a momentary fixAll I wanted to say, all I wanted to do Is fall apart now All I

8. Lirik If I Lose Myself – Onerepublic

lirik If I Lose Myself – Onerepublic I stared up at the sun Thought of all other people, places and things I've loved I stared up just to see Of all other faces, you are the one next to me You can feel the light start to tremble Washing

9. Lirik Tyrant – Onerepublic

lirik Tyrant – Onerepublic Watching myself when Im taking strides But here comes the moon and it feels And it feels like an informer, quick run away hide Before they see you, you know it is all, all a glowWalking on water

10. Lirik All This Time – Onerepublic

lirik All This Time – Onerepublic Six on the second hand Two New Year's resolutions And there's just no question What this man should doTake all the time lost All the days that I cost Take what I took and Give it back to youAll this

11. Lirik Passenger – Onerepublic

lirik Passenger – Onerepublic I saw your face, stuck in a crowd Silently screaming out loud I felt the beat echo your heart Throw me a line cuz its too farAll that you want, all that you see All that you thought that you

12. Lirik Prodigal – Onerepublic

lirik Prodigal – Onerepublic We say goodbye, I turn my back Run away, run away, so predictable Not far from here, you see me crack Like a bone, like a bone, I'm so breakableI'll take everything from you But you'll take anything

13. Lirik Feel Again – Onerepublic

lirik Feel Again – Onerepublic It's been a long time coming since I've seen your face I've been everywhere and back trying to replace Everything that I've had till my feet went numb Praying like a fool that's been on the run Heart

14. Lirik Waking Up – Onerepublic

lirik Waking Up – Onerepublic I found verity on Nolan's Avenue Down where the air is thick as L.A. skies are blue The water tried to break it down but it held through It gave a little for the sake of staying trueWe cut ties, we

15. Lirik Trapt Door – Onerepublic

lirik Trapt Door – Onerepublic You say you're a minute from the deep end They cut cold the courtesy, it's sink or swim now Your body's aching for a breath, I'll give it to you With a trap door to take care of all of themCome away

17. Lirik Love Runs Out – Onerepublic

lirik Love Runs Out – Onerepublic I'll be your light, your match, your burning sun, I'll be the bright, and black, that's making you run. And I feel alright, and we'll feel alright, 'Cause we'll work it out, yeah we'll work it out. I

18. Lirik Stop & Stare – Onerepublic

lirik Stop & Stare – Onerepublic This town is colder now, I think it's sick of us It's time to make our move, I'm shakin' off the rust I've got my heart set on anywhere but here I'm staring down myself, counting up the yearsSteady

19. Lirik Good Life – Onerepublic

lirik Good Life – Onerepublic Woke up in London yesterday Found myself in the city near Piccadilly Don't really know how I got here I got some pictures on my phoneNew names and numbers that I don't know Address to places like

21. Lirik Life In Color – Onerepublic

lirik Life In Color – Onerepublic I do my best To find some kind of glow I'm givin' it some heart and soul, now From the darkest grays The sun bursts, clouds break Yeah, we see that fire From the streets of Babylon To the road that

22. Lirik Lagu Yang Slow Yang Enak Apa Ya ?

lirik Lagu Yang Slow Yang Enak Apa Ya ? maleemmmm....... :P tolong donk kasih tau lagu yg slow (barat/indo tak masalah) tp yg enak d dengerin ? ans ST 12 - Saat terakhir StiiVen D'aLuns Mcr:Demolition lovers,Vampires Will
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