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1. Lirik Always Running Home – Paloalto

lirik Always Running Home – PaloaltoI'm feeling discomfort My head and the tong-tie fall I can only grow is this the fear of a love life in the arm I'm walking under water and maybe I'll come offering When it all starts You

2. Lirik Breathe In – Paloalto

lirik Breathe In – PaloaltoYour car crash buckled up from heaven Feeling like it's poison When there's no one around Your whole life sectioned up from red rose Wishing you could see who But you're stuck in the

3. Lirik Victories – Paloalto

lirik Victories – Paloaltojangjjanggahyeongeun 2cheungeseo don beol gungrinan hyeonsillo mandeureojujisae noraereul junbijameseo kkael ttaemadaimi han geot gateun seungriurin hamkke sainhaessjibiteu jjeoneun gyopo YunBeoril

4. Lirik Bones – Paloalto

lirik Bones – PaloaltoCall me unique Call me a fake Call me a love Never the same When I was young Nobody said To open up and let this rain go through You These feelings of a common sun I never pass And never take control

5. Lirik Fade In Fade Out – Paloalto

lirik Fade In Fade Out – PaloaltoInnocense cone Is likely with the TV-shows on Feeling like a high school prom And you wanna pretend Useless and full of it Why no one else can believe in this You wanna feel something to call your own
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