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2. Lirik Bravi! – Paris Hilton

lirik Bravi! – Paris HiltonLadies, gentlemen!Signore, signori!Dont you dare touch your tv!Tonights genetic operaIs the place to be!Geneco!Geneco!From the transplants!To the genterns!Bellissimo!Lopera mi amore!The genetic opera

3. Lirik Phantom Lord – Metallica

lirik Phantom Lord – MetallicaSongwriters: Hetfield, James; Mustaine, Dave; Ulrich, Lars;Sound is ripping through your earsThe deafening sound of metal nearsYour body's waiting for his whipsThe taste of leather on your lipsHear

5. Lirik Opera Tuhan – Cakra Khan

lirik Opera Tuhan – Cakra KhanDia coba mengira kemungkinan Tapi curangi opera Tuhan Dia kian terdiam Dan mengira berpangku pada keadaan Mulai lagi manusia ini Perankan getir sang manusia Lari mentari senja Kilaukan sapu semua

6. Lirik Panda – Desiigner

lirik Panda – DesiignerPanda, Panda, Panda, Panda, PandaPanda, PandaI got broads in AtlantaTwisting dope, lean, and the FantaCredit cards and the scammersHitting off licks in the bandoBlack X6, PhantomWhite X6 looks like a

8. Lirik Overtime – Bryson Tiller

lirik Overtime – Bryson TillerYou know how I feel about like...usAnd about like...how I wanna goBut you never tell me how you feel about itHow you wanna go about itI've been working on it, putting in overtimePutting in overtime,

9. Lirik Dumb – Aaron Fresh


12. Lirik The Dreamer – Common

lirik The Dreamer – Common For the world world world My name is Common, No I.DFerrari testers, Armani dressers Exquisite thick bitches that body bless us Rest assured, we getting festive in Miami now Told my nigga 'Ye I'm

13. Lirik 808 – Timbaland

lirik 808 – Timbaland I can't believe you be coming around the clock with that same old ... I got plans to drive past you, to make you regret, yeah And why the hell you be parked with your volume, turned up all the way I'

14. Lirik Ballin' – Young Jeezy

lirik Ballin' – Young Jeezy [Chorus - Young Jeezy] You think you balling because you got a block He think he balling because he got a block You know these hoes came to see me ball You know these hoes love to see me ballYou

15. Lirik Check – Meek Mill

lirik Check – Meek Mill Counting all this money with my brothers I've been counting all this money with my brothers And I'mma get money motherfuckerLook at these at all these young niggas flexing from the bottom We just

16. Lirik Dirty Money – Tory Lanez

lirik Dirty Money – Tory LanezMoney on my mindAll the time, all the timeSlangin', sellin', niggas tellin'Catchin' feelings, on the lowFriends switchin', different womenWith you every nightPrayin', sinnin', sinnin', prayin'That the

17. Lirik Butuh Rekomendasi Lagu ?

lirik Butuh Rekomendasi Lagu ? Oke langsung aja gan/sis 🙂 Ane butuh rekomendasi "Lagu barat yang bagus & enak didengar (Bukan Lagu dari Jepang & Korea) tapi yang Piano/Violin/Biola Version. Yang gak ada suara vokalnya

18. Lirik Bossy – Kelis, Too Short – Kelis

lirik Bossy – Kelis, Too Short – Kelis [Kelis' introduction:] [Laughter] Hey Ya, You don't have love me, you don't even have to like me, but you will respect me, you know why? cause I'm a boss!Uh uh... watch the beat go... Uh uh... watch

19. Lirik My Life – Lil Wayne

lirik My Life – Lil Wayne [Chorus] And I'm grindin' til I'm attacked They say "You ain't grindin' til you tired" So I'm grindin' with my eyes wide Looking to find, a way through the day A light, for the night Dear Lord, you'

20. Lirik Judul Lagu Lagu Karya Mozart ?

lirik Judul Lagu Lagu Karya Mozart ? please donk!! yang tau, kasih tau donk judul lagu lagu karya mozart _gomawo_ ? Sarassvel yang aku tau sih cuma ada 3 -Piano Sonate no.15 -Turkish March -Menuett G dur diyaan Jawaban

21. Lirik Tear$ feat. 1st – Post Malone

lirik Tear$ feat. 1st – Post MaloneI wipe my tears with the money, yeahI wipe my tears with the money, yeahThat Supreme takes the pain awayI wipe my tears with the money, yeahWhat you know about me?Y'all don't really know shit and I'm

22. Lirik Naked – Kevin Mccall

lirik Naked – Kevin Mccall Kevin McCall Ft. Big Sean - Naked Big Sean : You know you like it with your face in the pillow Break the hotel, thank god for incidentals Rubber on tight, no time for a kiddo 5 minutes in it are you

24. Lirik Lagu Apa Aja Lagu Beat hit ?

lirik Lagu Apa Aja Lagu Beat hit ? gan gw lagi cari lagu yg top hit/top beat apa seh share'' ya klo yg tw klo gw sih Afterschool - red night in the sky smash-i heart you justin bieber-baby ? Elvidson BIGBANG

27. Lirik 0 To 100 (remix) – Juicy J

lirik 0 To 100 (remix) – Juicy J [Verse 1] Rich nigga and I keep gunnas on my side Niggas talk, hoes talk, but money don't lie If you ain't heard, ain't another nigga triller More Ace of Spades than a blackjack dealer All in the

30. Lirik Wake Up – Vado

lirik Wake Up – Vado [Verse 1]It's no rules no parameters Started off in high school was a amateur Copping shit you can't move bulit the stamina I told my youth make moves don't let em' stand witcha' Checks blank 100 K

32. Lirik YungLan Freestyle – Fetty Wap

lirik YungLan Freestyle – Fetty Wap1738, Zoovier, AyI just wanna say whats on my mind manWe designed down rocking FendiBig chargers with the hemiWe pull up on yall, nigga gimmeI make them honchos hit a semiIm talking mula, we got

34. Lirik In Da Club – Clyde Carson

lirik In Da Club – Clyde Carson [Sean Kingston]who in the club tonight ? compton , kingston.Throw your dubs in the sky, twist it up lets get high, hit the switch in the ride, front to back side to side, compton kingston, who gun

35. Lirik Fucking Awsome – Tory Lanez

lirik Fucking Awsome – Tory LanezShut the fuck up when you talk to meBitch shut the fuck up when you talk to meCall me Mr. Never Ever Have A Car RentedI pull up to the dealer, buy any car in itBitches sayin ah yea cause I'm up in

38. Lirik Come And Get Me – Timbaland

lirik Come And Get Me – Timbaland Yeah, yeah It's Tim-Unit ****, yeah You know I like how I sound on that ********, your time is up, I ain't come to catch you I knew you **** was dumb but how dumb is you Thinkin' you could see the

39. Lirik Bad – Chris Brown

lirik Bad – Chris Brown [Soulja Boy] She bad, like a student in detention Walk inside the club and my chain just glistenin' Soulja Boy Tell 'Em yeah I got Chris wit me I bet I drank the bottle 'til that b-tch empty Gucci

40. Lirik Bring My Bottles – G-unit

lirik Bring My Bottles – G-unit If you in this VIP And you ain't spending no money get the fuck out We need them bottles. Sparkle somethingSay you ballin', boy, we gon' need the proof We be two steppin', mix the Effen with the

42. Lirik A$$ – Big Sean

lirik A$$ – Big Sean [Hook] Ass ass ass ass ass Ass ass ass ass ass Ass ass ass ass ass Ass ass ass ass ass ass Stop! Now make that motherfucker hammer time, likeGo stupid, go stupid, go stupid[Verse 1 - Big Sean] Wobble

43. Lirik If It Ain't About Money – Fat Joe

lirik If It Ain't About Money – Fat Joe [Fat Joe - Verse 1] Wrist on froze, thanks to the stove; Mattress financial, bank's never closed; Monday to Sunday, serve all addicts; Joey Van Gundy, watch me work the Magic; Aah, and I ain't talkin

44. Lirik Knockin' – Travis Barker

lirik Knockin' – Travis Barker Feel the bass You-you feel the bass You-you-you-you feel the bass You-you feel the bass You-you-you-you feel the bassCruisin' down the boulevard, feelin' hella good Smokin' while I'm drivin', you

46. Lirik Payphone – American Idol

lirik Payphone – American Idol Im at a pay phone tryin to call home, all of my change I spent on you Where have the times gone, baby its all wrong, where are the plans we made for two Yeah, I, I know its hard to remember, the

48. Lirik Lose Yourself – Eminem

lirik Lose Yourself – Eminem Look If you had One shot Or one opportunity To seize everything you ever wanted In one moment Would you capture it Or just let it slip?Yo His palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy There's

49. Lirik Water – Rich Homie Quan

lirik Water – Rich Homie Quan [Intro] You get a little money, that shit can change you or make you. I ain't spittin' nothin' but facts now. Facts only[Verse 1] (What you do Quan?) I made a lil' money, then I moved my mama, yeah

50. Lirik Rotate – N.o.r.e.

lirik Rotate – N.o.r.e. Ether boy! (Oh yeah!) oh oh! (Nore!) (Ron Browz!) Nore! Oh oh! Busta Bus! (Yes sir!) Oh oh! Get that money! Oh!My nigga find a girl to rotate (What what!) My nigga find a girl to rotate (What what!)
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