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1. Lirik Play – Dewi Sandra

lirik Play – Dewi SandraCome on now! I wanna play with you I wanna play with you I wanna play with you Play!! Hey rasakan semangat jiwaku Lihatlah hati yang sedang menggebu Hasratku tak akan layu Ku 'kan menang akulah nomer

3. Lirik Play It Loud – Saint Loco

lirik Play It Loud – Saint Loco(How far can you go my friend, the best of me the best of youHow far can you show, play it loud, play it loud)Welcome to the show we will entertain youEvery body come around we will start your dayI&#

8. Lirik Push Play – Zedd

lirik Push Play – ZeddWith my words, across your face,you're making up stories of your own.Little bits of white paper,in pockets deeper than you know.You painted black upon the whitest liesyou've seen them fall, you have

9. Lirik Let’s Play – Nidji

lirik Let’s Play – Nidjilet’s playby the sun and the moonlightwe were dancing by the starlightlet’s playwe could pretend to be loverlet’s get up get updancing while we canlet’s playby the sun and the

10. Lirik Remember To Forget – Play

lirik Remember To Forget – PlayNo oh, remember to forget you No oh, remember to forget you No oh, remember to forget you Sometimes I really really miss you And when I really really start to I stop myself from doing Something that

11. Lirik Own Me – Agnes Monica

lirik Own Me – Agnes MonicaAnd then I feel you Six string vibrations Filling up my vision with distortion I am big enough for the deepen I am let it seepin’ Make it low, do the sound We can bring u down to the low phi U turn

14. Lirik Bounce – Bon Jovi

lirik Bounce – Bon JoviI been knocked down so many timesCounted out 6, 7, 8, 9Written off like some bad dealIf you're breathing you know how it feelsCall it karma, call it luckMe, I just don't give a [Chorus:]Bounce, Bounce

16. Lirik Roulette – Bon Jovi

lirik Roulette – Bon JoviBet the black comes in red, crimes of passion rule my head I need you, you want him, dressed to kill we live in sin I know the game you play, I know it well You just keep on playin' when all the bets

20. Lirik All Night Long – Jason Mraz

lirik All Night Long – Jason Mraz Well, my friends, the time has come To raise the roof and have some fun Throw away any work to be done Let the music play on Play on, play on, play on, play on. Everybody sing, everybody dance Lose

21. Lirik Radio – David

lirik Radio – David Please play my song on the radio Ku mendengar oh di radio Aku pernah dengar satu lagu yang indah Sesuai dengan suasana hati tak mau kompromi Aku coba cari itu milik siapa Ku ingin dengar, ingin

23. Lirik Play Ball – Drake

lirik Play Ball – Drake Soulja Boy - Chorus] Cash Money, fast money, everyday I'm paper chasing, trying to get the dollars, Gucci Louie, Dolce Gabbana, Yes its Young money, We're SOD Money Gang, SOD money gang, it's time to

25. Lirik Alien – Die Antwoord

lirik Alien – Die AntwoordI am a alienNo matter how hard I try I don't fit inAlways all on my own sad and lonelyAll I want is for someone to play with meLong ago I was a little girl yeah I was never ever able to fit inMy

26. Lirik Play Your Part – Rick Ross

lirik Play Your Part – Rick Ross [Chorus] You think you using me Like this games new to me But you ain't confusing me You just want jewelry and all them fuckin shopping sprees But that ain't stopping me And I ain't stopping you See

27. Lirik Play That Shit – Noreaga

lirik Play That Shit – Noreaga They call me the youngest headbuster walkin' Thugged out in all black, calicole sparklin' A guerrilla till I die, bless me when I'm dead But for the bread I bring ya anybody headThat's how I play it

29. Lirik Heaven Is Not – Marcell

lirik Heaven Is Not – Marcellhappy end of my day when i hang my head and hear my heart say love is such a game you don't play you never win anyway the sun goes down comes the rain when the water touch the edge of your pain when

30. Lirik Like A Dj – Jaheim

lirik Like A Dj – Jaheim Yea, my baby (Well) It's crazy, how you play mev (Oh, yea) How you play me, how you play me Why, why'd you do it, baby?When I was hittin' I was in rotation off the charts Like number two with a

31. Lirik Shake It Off – Taylor Swift

lirik Shake It Off – Taylor SwiftI stay up too late, got nothing in my brainThats what people say, thats what people sayI go on too many dates, but I cant make them stayAt least thats what people say, thats what people sayBut I keep

35. Lirik Gangsta Don't Play – Fabolous

lirik Gangsta Don't Play – Fabolous Yes, I want them to know, say real warriors don't play And if you romp with us, you have to run away I want them to know, say real gangstas don't play And if they romp with us, they have to run

36. Lirik Blood Of Bannockburn – Sabaton

lirik Blood Of Bannockburn – SabatonNow that our time has come to fightScotland must uniteWe'll make a stand on Stirling groundTo put a challenge to the crownWe are one, we have comeWe're here to break and end the occupationWe have our

37. Lirik Trigger Finger – Young Thug

lirik Trigger Finger – Young ThugOh no no, no noooI can't take no hoooeTo my mama place, I can't take no ho to my mommy place PlusMy trigger finger just itchin'My trigger finger just itch, trigger finger just itchMy trigger finger

38. Lirik Last Chance – Ginuwine

lirik Last Chance – Ginuwine Oh yea Oh yea Oh yea ListenIf this your favorite song, turn your radio on Play it for your man or your lady all day long If this your favorite song, turn your radio on Play it for your man or your

39. Lirik Still Reminds Me – Anggun

lirik Still Reminds Me – AnggunI cut off my hair Put some red on every nail on my feet I think it's pretty I repainted all the rooms Got a cat that I named June, obviously I think she's happy Friends threw some parties I've been to

42. Lirik No Way Jose – Baby Bash

lirik No Way Jose – Baby Bash Say I ain't got time, ain't got timeGot no time to stop and speak to friends passin' by Said, "I ain't got time" Got no time to stop and speak to friends passin' by Man, I ain't got time Got no time

43. Lirik Hey Daddy – Usher

lirik Hey Daddy – Usher I just wanna get your attention I really wanna be all up in your head Cause when I got you're gonna wanna get some yeah But girl that's only if you ain't scaredAnd I won't knock or ring no bells You

45. Lirik Drive (For All Time) – Westlife

lirik Drive (For All Time) – WestlifeIt's easy to fool around it's harder to keep the faith But I wanna settle down no matter what it takes If I ever break your heart if I ever do you wrong I hope I never give you cause to doubt where

47. Lirik Loud Noises – Yuna

lirik Loud Noises – YunaI promise you my friendWe'll grow old togetherAnd never look backWe traded strengths and weaknessesAnd no one could ever take thatI promise you my friendI see you in my starsSelf-proclaimed

48. Lirik S.P.S – Kasabian

lirik S.P.S – KasabianEven though I know it's wrongIt's time for us to get back homeWhere have all the hours goneI'd hate for you to be aloneLet's play scissors, paper, stoneNow there's only us two leftWe lost a few good

49. Lirik Im In Miami Bitch – Lmfao

lirik Im In Miami Bitch – Lmfao When I step on the scene Ya'll know me, cause I walk with a limp Like a old school pimp o real o g I'm rocking vans (vans) I'm in the sand (sand) Ive a got a red bull and vodka up in my hand Hey, you
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