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1. Lirik Play – Dewi Sandra

lirik Play – Dewi SandraCome on now! I wanna play with you I wanna play with you I wanna play with you Play!! Hey rasakan semangat jiwaku Lihatlah hati yang sedang menggebu Hasratku tak akan layu Ku ‘kan menang akulah

2. Lirik Let’s Play – Nidji

lirik Let’s Play – Nidjilet’s playby the sun and the moonlightwe were dancing by the starlightlet’s playwe could pretend to be loverlet’s get up get updancing while we can let’s playby the sun and the

3. Lirik Another Love Story – Play

lirik Another Love Story – PlayI don’t wanna hear another love story Turn the page, it’s all history Take a pen write your name on my heart If we try we can make it better (repeat) See I heard it all before She did

5. Lirik Cinderella – Play

lirik Cinderella – PlayWhen I was just a little girl My Mama used to tuck me into bed And she read me a story It always was about a prince, a cinder’s dress And how a guy would save her And end up with glory I’

6. Lirik Disco Hippie – Play

lirik Disco Hippie – PlayDisco Hippie Breakout, two thousand-00 purple pokemon knockin on my door So free now, I’m flippin trippin cartwheels in the breeze now, Like never before My life is so wild like a child in a

7. Lirik Dont Stop The Music – Play

lirik Dont Stop The Music – PlayThis little girl didn’t care what anybody said She got the whole world dancing to the music in her head They loved to trash her bad, laugh at her and call her names And now they all try to copy

8. Lirik Evergirl – Play

lirik Evergirl – PlayEverDreams EverTrue EverCool EverYou EverPower EverProud Just say it ever loud You can be whatever girl you wanna be EverTrue EverYou EverMe Every girl is me Don’t you ever let them get the best

9. Lirik Girls Can Too – Play

lirik Girls Can Too – PlayNever give up, never give up, never give up That’s what my mama told me Taking a chance, taking a chance, taking a chance Would be the right thing for me Now I, I’ve got the feeling

10. Lirik Hand In Hand – Play

lirik Hand In Hand – PlayWhen this world gets you down I’ll always be around I will be there for you, I’ll be there for you And if you’re feeling small I’ll help you through it all I will be there for

11. Lirik Hopelessly Devoted – Play

lirik Hopelessly Devoted – PlayGuess mine is not the first Heart broken My eyes are not the first to cry I’m not the first to know There’s no getting over you I’m just a fool Who’s willing To sit around

13. Lirik Is It Love – Play

lirik Is It Love – PlayGot an angel at my bedside Watching over me tonight Smiling from a photograph And everything’s just right Been dreaming of you before, and now it’s true My heart is beating just for you

14. Lirik Its The Hard Knock Life – Play

lirik Its The Hard Knock Life – PlayIt’s the hard knock life… It’s the hard knock life.. It’s the hard-knock life for us It’s the hard-knock life for us Steada treated, We get tricked Steada kisses, We

15. Lirik Just A Little – Play

lirik Just A Little – PlayUh-huh,Yeah yeah,Hmm Lately I’ve been tryin to ask you boy if, Maybe, I can get much closer to you I like the way that you move, oh yeah And your so innocent Please don’t take this the

16. Lirik Never Neverland – Play

lirik Never Neverland – Play(Chorus) If you tell me that you’re sorry Maybe for another chance If you think I’ll take you back You’re in never never land Make the same ol’ tired excuses Say that I don&#

17. Lirik Remember To Forget – Play

lirik Remember To Forget – PlayNo oh, remember to forget you No oh, remember to forget you No oh, remember to forget you Sometimes I really really miss you And when I really really start to I stop myself from doing Something that

18. Lirik Seven – Play

lirik Seven – PlayI got a letter, story of frustration I got a number, counting complications Its got me running from my situation Blame it on my own imagination (roll the dice) And tell it like it is (count it twice)

19. Lirik To Live And To Die For – Play

lirik To Live And To Die For – PlayIf I knew just what to say I would make it go away All this pain inside I don’t wanna fight I refuse to say goodbye It’s because I’m much too proud To apologize When I know

20. Lirik Us Against The World – Play

lirik Us Against The World – PlayThere is no one else that I can say this to And there is nothing better Than a talk to you If you have a problem I’ll be here for you Cuz girl you always know that It’s us against the

21. Lirik Watch Me Now – Play

lirik Watch Me Now – PlayDon’t you cry, don’t you look so sad We both knew somehow this day would come I know you want what is best for me And I need to see you smile From where I started off to where I am It&#

22. Lirik Whole Again – Play

lirik Whole Again – PlayIf you see me walkin’ down the street Starin’ at the sky, dragin’ my 2 feet You just pass me by, it still makes me cry But you can make me whole again CHOROUS: Lookin’ back on

23. Lirik Yang Tlah Pergi – Play

lirik Yang Tlah Pergi – PlayTeteskan air mata Saat peluk dirimu Untuk terakhir kali kita Tak pernah aku impikan Kepergianmu itu Walau berat harus aku relakan Reff: Kau tinggalkan aku begitu cepat Dan takkan pernah kembali Kau

24. Lirik You Found Me – Play

lirik You Found Me – PlayLook at me and I’m alive Just yesterday I could not survive A certain something I can’t describe Now my whole world’s changed, yeah Now every street and avenue Is leading me right

25. Lirik Mati Aku – Play

lirik Mati Aku – Playku lalui hari tanpamuku jalani semua tanpamukau biarkan semua berlaluku sesali semua kisahku ooh janganlah kau lepaskan akuyang ku rasakan kini oh mati aku karena cintakarena cinta yang tak pernah

26. Lirik Play It Loud – Saint Loco

lirik Play It Loud – Saint Loco(How far can you go my friend, the best of me the best of youHow far can you show, play it loud, play it loud) Welcome to the show we will entertain youEvery body come around we will start your dayI&#

27. Lirik Play Girl – Stinky

lirik Play Girl – StinkyAku yang selalu merasakan kalahBermain dan terlukaMenyentuh sisi gelapnya asmaraRagu dalam melangkah Mungkin kini aku merasa lelahMerajut sayapku yang patahHati ini tak seperti biasaYang kau rasakan

29. Lirik Push Play – Zedd

lirik Push Play – ZeddWith my words, across your face,you’re making up stories of your own.Little bits of white paper,in pockets deeper than you know. You painted black upon the whitest liesyou’ve seen them

31. Lirik Play That Shit – Noreaga

lirik Play That Shit – Noreaga They call me the youngest headbuster walkin’ Thugged out in all black, calicole sparklin’ A guerrilla till I die, bless me when I’m dead But for the bread I bring ya anybody head

33. Lirik Play No Games – Big Sean

lirik Play No Games – Big Sean Ok, I won’t deny it Half the time you send a text, yep, you know I’m not replying Just to let you know, I’m not one of them niggas you be dodging I’m the one that you dodge

35. Lirik Play Ball – Drake

lirik Play Ball – Drake Soulja Boy – Chorus] Cash Money, fast money, everyday I’m paper chasing, trying to get the dollars, Gucci Louie, Dolce Gabbana, Yes its Young money, We’re SOD Money Gang, SOD money

37. Lirik Gangsta Don't Play – Fabolous

lirik Gangsta Don't Play – Fabolous Yes, I want them to know, say real warriors don’t play And if you romp with us, you have to run away I want them to know, say real gangstas don’t play And if they romp with us, they have

38. Lirik Play Your Part – Rick Ross

lirik Play Your Part – Rick Ross [Chorus] You think you using me Like this games new to me But you ain’t confusing me You just want jewelry and all them fuckin shopping sprees But that ain’t stopping me And I ain’t
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