Kumpulan polaris | Lirik Lagu polaris

1. Lirik Everywhere – Polaris

lirik Everywhere – PolarisI put your photograph away I can't look at you today I put your letters upstairs But it's no good because you're everywhere I can try to hide, But why waste my time? You left your glasses

2. Lirik Hey Sandy – Polaris

lirik Hey Sandy – PolarisHey smilin' strange You're lookin' happily deranged Could you settle to shoot me? Or have you picked your target yet? Hey Sandy Don't you talk back, Hey Sandy Four feet away End of

3. Lirik Ivy Boy – Polaris

lirik Ivy Boy – PolarisHoly Holly, She don't approve at all She thinks that she's a pony Prancing in the front hall She sleeps with a saddle on Gets up and rides at dawn Nobody knows what's wrong But she can'

4. Lirik Saturnine – Polaris

lirik Saturnine – PolarisThere's only roses in here, you're dissatisfied It's like a candy store, you're dissatisfied You want everything, you're dissatisfied You get everything, you're dissatisfied

5. Lirik She Is Staggering – Polaris

lirik She Is Staggering – PolarisAre you crazy, man? You didn't notice her? You must be blind It's all I do now Just think about how She will be mine I couldn't stand up I couldn't sit down One look at her and I

6. Lirik Summerbaby – Polaris

lirik Summerbaby – PolarisSummerbaby, come on baby, show me the town, I didn't know that you'd be such a short visit Once a year I noticed that you're not around Mama says you went when you were exquisite If you
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