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1. Lirik The Price Of Love – Bon Jovi

lirik The Price Of Love – Bon JoviOne heart one other They met last summer One move she started Now they love this way The pain of pleasure Lying together You're at their mercy As the telephone' ringing on No one said there'd be

2. Lirik Price Tag – Jessie J

lirik Price Tag – Jessie J Coconut man, moon head, and pea You ready?Seems like everybody's got a price I wonder how they sleep at night When the sale comes first And the truth comes second Just stop for a minute and smile Why

3. Lirik Billy Get Your Guns – Bon Jovi

lirik Billy Get Your Guns – Bon Jovi[William Bonney:] "Yoo-hoo, I'll make you famous!" I just seen trouble, he's calling out your name tonight Billy get your guns You could walk away but I know you were born to fight So Billy get your

4. Lirik Chevy Anthem – Rick Ross

lirik Chevy Anthem – Rick Ross (Intro)Remix! (Rick Ross) Remix! (Rick Ross) Remix! (Rick Ross) Chevy Ridin High Boy (Yo Gotti) Its Rickey Ross (Rick Ross) Mon E. G. (Mon E. G.) Its Mon E. G. (Rick Ross) Rickey Ross (Mon E. G.) Its

7. Lirik Who Says – Selena Gomez

lirik Who Says – Selena Gomez I wouldn't wanna be anybody else. You made me insecure Told me I wasn't good enough But who are you to judge When you're a diamond in the rough I'm sure you got some things You'd like to change about

8. Lirik Reality – 702

lirik Reality – 702 You don't know what we go through So I'm singin' this song for youAin't got no time to play around It ain't about just hangin' out I got so much more to do It ain't worth bein' with youSome people

9. Lirik Looking For Love – Rick Ross

lirik Looking For Love – Rick Ross [Usher] She say she looking for love all the girls in the club you know wats up she say she undercover though and this is what she wants[Rick Ross] money making extraordinaire its my pedigree

16. Lirik Am I Evil – Metallica

lirik Am I Evil – Metallica(Originally performed by Diamond Head)My mother was a witch, she was burned aliveThankless little bitch, for the tears I criedTake her down now, don't want to see her faceAll blistered and burnt, can'

19. Lirik Lowest – Gucci Mane

lirik Lowest – Gucci Mane No place she will rather be Then that sinner proud of me Gucci Mane all from the street but I got ice all over me Got my dog with me I swear my niggas got some dope for me I kill that wolf just as

20. Lirik Come N Go – Pitbull

lirik Come N Go – Pitbull I've been around the world, and back Seen a little bit of everything Heard a lot, learned the lot, on how to hit the spot, ding, ding, ding And if the price is right, I mean the night is right, I

22. Lirik Cry Baby – Gigi

lirik Cry Baby – GigiDo you remember Times your diapers were changed Now your doin the same Should've known better Then letting, feeling's lead the way Leavin dangerously Beggin for parents sympathy everyday Daddy's

23. Lirik Surrender – Anggun

lirik Surrender – AnggunBeen turning around and play some foolish games I let the fire but I didn't keep the flame Looking back to see they're all the same Until the day I said your name Wounds in my heart can show the

24. Lirik Sidekick – Dawin

lirik Sidekick – Dawin [Verse 1] We love golden chains, we love diamond rings We could always gain them designer things Versace, Prada, Rolex or Mercedes Benz The grind will never end, oh[Pre-Chorus] Got my eyes on the

28. Lirik Committed – Newsboys

lirik Committed – NewsboysThis is my story, this is my songI have a hope thats stronger then the dust Im standing onThis is my anchor, my cornerstoneThis is the anthem Ill be singing, till the Kingdom comesI am committed, Im

29. Lirik Danny – Tiffany

lirik Danny – TiffanyHere in the darkSilence is much too hard to bearDon't know where to startI'm hurtin' everywhereIf we don't stop nowWe're gonna loseWe should try somehow'cause it's too easy

30. Lirik Cash Flow – Ace Hood

lirik Cash Flow – Ace Hood [Intro - DJ Khaled] We the Best, Def Jam I introduce you to Ace Ace, let's get money[Intro - Rick Ross (T-Pain)] (Cash flow) Haha It's too easy nigga (Bankroll) We don't count money no more We weigh

31. Lirik Any Love – Chaka Khan

lirik Any Love – Chaka Khan You go out every night as a single But you don't really know what to do You see someone that you'd like to mingle And imagine that she is waiting for youChorus: Any love that you feel Is real Any

32. Lirik Life Is Calling – GMB Band

lirik Life Is Calling – GMB BandI can see it in your eyes You don't know what life's about So listen well For I will tell Life is calling out So what's it gonna be He's calling out So wake up, get up Life is calling out Don't waste

33. Lirik Soul Salior – Athena

lirik Soul Salior – AthenaStill I go, I bring a new beginning I control thefinal destination of your soul untill the end of the world. I ride on, to show you what's the meaning of nature, don't pray for your

34. Lirik Stay Schemin (remix) – Common

lirik Stay Schemin (remix) – Common [Hook] I ride for my niggas dawg, I ride for my niggas I slide for my niggas dawg, I ride for my niggas dawgStay schemin' Niggas tryna get at me (dawg) I ride for my niggas Stay schemin' Niggas tryna

35. Lirik Worthy Is The Lamb – Hillsong

lirik Worthy Is The Lamb – Hillsong Thank you for the cross Lord Thank you for the price You paid Bearing all my sin and shame In love You came and gave amazing graceThank you for this love Lord Thank you for the nail pierced hands

36. Lirik The Hammer Has Fallen – Sabaton

lirik The Hammer Has Fallen – SabatonHere I am standing, darkness all around.Thinking of past, taken my last breath, the air is cold as iceNo one close to hear my voiceDid not leave me with a choiceHeaven will you wait for me?Will I find

37. Lirik Roulette – Bon Jovi

lirik Roulette – Bon JoviBet the black comes in red, crimes of passion rule my head I need you, you want him, dressed to kill we live in sin I know the game you play, I know it well You just keep on playin' when all the bets

38. Lirik Mr. Brightside – The Killers

lirik Mr. Brightside – The Killers Coming out of my cage And I've been doing just fine Gotta gotta be down Because I want it all It started out with a kiss How did it end up like this It was only a kiss, it was only a kiss Now I'm

42. Lirik Blood Money – Dj Khaled

lirik Blood Money – Dj Khaled Ha yeah, Triple C CMB, nigga Poe boy, boss what it is, nigga? Birdman, what up? The goons to be king How you love that pussy, nigga? Yeah, blood moneyThe definition I'm clutchin' on my slippin' in

44. Lirik She – Elvis Costello

lirik She – Elvis Costello She may be the face I can't forget The trace of pleasure or regret May be my treasure or the price I have to pay She may be the song that summer sings Maybe the chill that autumn brings Maybe a

45. Lirik Masterplan – Saint Loco

lirik Masterplan – Saint LocoShow me what to do when i fall and feeling disperate Now tell me what to do when i fall and feeling hesitate Resisting this pain in my vein starting to escalate Using my brain to maintenance i try to

50. Lirik Slow Down – Clyde Carson

lirik Slow Down – Clyde Carson Yeah, I am ... moving through the lanes Playing Rick James, coldest my face Slow down, never can change More I touch paper more I go insane Sh*t will make you crazy baby Here to make you hazy baby
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