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1. Lirik Chocolate – The 1975

lirik Chocolate – The 1975 Hey now call it a split 'cause you know that you will Oh you bite your friends like chocolate You say, we'll go where nobody knows, with guns hidden under our petticoat No we're never gunna' quit it

2. Lirik All Black – Good Charlotte

lirik All Black – Good CharlotteTake a look at my life, all blackTake a look at my clothes, all blackLike Johnny Cash, all blackLike The Rolling Stones wanna paint it blackLike the night that we met, all blackLike the colour of your

3. Lirik Black Water – Tinashe

lirik Black Water – Tinashe Black water, looking glass No windows, still at last Low whisper in the air Storms coming, please beware! Storms coming blowing me, Sand bags and batteries.Old pictures led us to Frozen moment, vivid

6. Lirik 100 Black Coffins – Rick Ross

lirik 100 Black Coffins – Rick Ross"Oh, now you are one lucky nigger""You better listen to your boss, white boy""Oh, I'mma go walking in the moonlight with you""You wanna hold my hand?""Hahaha"I need a hundred black coffins for a

8. Lirik Black Amplifier – The SIGIT

lirik Black Amplifier – The SIGITThey don't give you a right They just giving you a fight As you hold on to the bright light Shall He send you the might to night Black amplifer x2 They don't give you a right They just giving you

9. Lirik Black Ghost – Vado

lirik Black Ghost – Vado We da, we da Da best Sping of oursYo! Most hated, incorporated with wealth Underrated, I felt had to operate it with help Separated myself in these decorated to bail Got educated and dealt with

10. Lirik Black Crow – Diana Krall

lirik Black Crow – Diana KrallThere's a crow flyingDark and raggedTree to treeHe's black as the highway that's leading meNow he's diving downTo pick up on something shinyI feel like that black crowFlyingIn a blue

11. Lirik Paint It Black – Andy Black

lirik Paint It Black – Andy BlackDon't you knowWe're still goldJust another day we made mistakesFace the rainDon't walk awayThere's another chance to set it straightIt's not too late to turn back homeAnd we were never meant to be

12. Lirik New Black – B.o.b.

lirik New Black – B.o.b. Tell me what it means To be black, someone tell me what it means Who I gotta vote for, who am I to be What car I gotta drive, where I gotta buy my jeans, black man If you ain't really hood, you can't

14. Lirik Friday – Jimmy Fallon

lirik Friday – Jimmy Fallon [Originally by Rebecca Black] [Featuring: Stephen Colbert and Taylor Hicks]Seven A.M., waking up in the morning Gotta be fresh, gotta go downstairs Gotta have my bowl, gotta have a cereal Seein'

15. Lirik Black Magic – Little Mix

lirik Black Magic – Little MixAll the girls on the block knocking at my door!Wanna know what it is make the boys want more!Is your lover playing on your side?Said he loves you,But he ain't got time.Here's the answer.Come and get

16. Lirik Panther Woman – Elpamas

lirik Panther Woman – ElpamasShe stalk the night, a loner Black jeans, black shirt, black sneakers She's on the prowl, so just beware Her eyes are pools of darkness Her faces a mask of stillness Her heart's a mystery, under key

17. Lirik Black Pearl – EXO

lirik Black Pearl – EXOShes my black pearlShes my black pearlJidoneun pillyo eobseo nae mami neol garikyeoGal giri heomnanhaedoijjeumeseo geureoken motandaHan sido tteoreojyeo ijeobon jeogi eomneundeJeo meolli supyeongseon

18. Lirik Fountain – Pas Band

lirik Fountain – Pas Bandnight got scare the dark, to the bottom of the empty words always bleeding my brain unsign papers, lies on the apartment floor like to tell that tomorow will never happen ooo..dreams lead another

19. Lirik Black Tears – Aurora

lirik Black Tears – Auroralook at the colours in the dreaming water the moon sets in a sea of love far away stands a girl watching the slit open the sky tears are falling in her mind - a pictured boy in her vain - a

20. Lirik Black Clouds – N.o.r.e.

lirik Black Clouds – N.o.r.e. Yea, niggas always asking questions man Like why y'all niggas so wild Y'all niggas go everywhere, shootouts, fights, things going on man Y'all niggas doing y'all thing, getting a little paper man Why

25. Lirik Colors – Chief Keef

lirik Colors – Chief Keef [Hook] I'm coolin' with my brothers, my brothers Red and blue our colors, our colors Catch you at the red light, I'm bustin', mothafucka Since I was a youngin I ain't care 'bout nothin' I do not give

27. Lirik Black Skinhead – Kanye West

lirik Black Skinhead – Kanye WestFor my theme song, my black leather jeans onMy by any means on, pardon I'm getting my scream onEnter the kingdom but watch who you bring homeThey see a black man with a white woman at the top floor

29. Lirik Disconnected – Rancid

lirik Disconnected – RancidWhere's my girl where has she goneshe once was beautiful and innocentI can't believe in what she says Ilook at her and she looked the other wayDisconnected from feeling alrightDisconnected and it ain'

30. Lirik Push Play – Zedd

lirik Push Play – ZeddWith my words, across your face,you're making up stories of your own.Little bits of white paper,in pockets deeper than you know.You painted black upon the whitest liesyou've seen them fall, you have

31. Lirik My President (remix) – Jay-z

lirik My President (remix) – Jay-z chorus x2 my president is black my mayback too and ill be goddamned if my diamonds aint blue my moneys dark green and my porche is light gray im headed for dc anybody feel meverse 1 my president is

33. Lirik Baa, Baa, Black Sheep – Children

lirik Baa, Baa, Black Sheep – Children Baa, baa, black sheep, have you any wool? Yes sir, yes sir, three bags full!One for the master, One for the dame, And one for the little boy Who lives down the laneBaa, baa, black sheep, Have you any

34. Lirik Consider This – N.o.r.e.

lirik Consider This – N.o.r.e. Yeah, yeah, yeah, uh, we up in the studio Woody freezy up in the nassa me, ya easy We also gon' do support the fleezy And do the damn theezy how we usually do The theezy on the deezy, we supposed to

35. Lirik Bye Heart – Brooke Hogan

lirik Bye Heart – Brooke Hogan Im afraid of the dark So he turns on the light How does he know whats in my head? Why I cry, when it rains He doesnt make me explain He just drys me off and puts me to bedChorus: But it feels good

38. Lirik Roll With The Punches – Lenka

lirik Roll With The Punches – LenkaRoll, roll with the punchesRoll, roll with the punchesThat really hurt meLike a fist to the faceI wasn't readyTo be knocked out of placeSuddenly everything I was sure ofSinking below the depths of the

41. Lirik Here – Idina Menzel

lirik Here – Idina MenzelOh, yeah, mmm.Oh, sweet revelation got meLevitating over groundLife and all its vibrationsNo, I'm never coming down.Oh, you're my own superheroKeeps watching over meI like it when you sayMy green eyes

45. Lirik The Memory Remains – Metallica

lirik The Memory Remains – MetallicaSongwriters: Hammett, Kirk L; Hetfield, James Alan; Ulrich, Lars;Fortune, fame, mirror vainGone insaneBut the memory remains, yeahHeavy rings on fingers waveAnother star denies their graveSee the

47. Lirik Symba – Jaden Smith

lirik Symba – Jaden SmithI got the famUm, I got the tunesUh, we got the crystalsWe got the candlesWere sitting in a circle, were sitting in a circleCircles and squares, circles and squaresErkels and bears, lets go lets goI'm

48. Lirik Echoes In Rain – Enya

lirik Echoes In Rain – EnyaWait for the sunWatching the skyBlack as a crowNight passes byTaking the starsSo far awayEverything flowsHere comes another new dayAh, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ahInto the windI throw the nightSilver and

49. Lirik Hymn – Athena

lirik Hymn – AthenaRazor's edge deep is your sight Woman in black tell me why' People's life is a real slight, Full of displeasure and fights. Wich of the water with long braids Protectress of human's
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