Kumpulan red velvet | Lirik Lagu red velvet

2. Lirik Don t Stop – Nidji

lirik Don t Stop – NidjiWake me up and let me be the one Stay inside tour velvet mind Tangled dream and hollowed mind And you came along Easy,easy when you feel it I just want you to understand So why dont you see through

3. Lirik The Scar – Blue October

lirik The Scar – Blue OctoberI'd like to sneak around your houseWhen everyone's asleepTiptoe across the door-room matThat used to welcome meThen gently shut the doorTo see a brand-new Christmas treeAnd the silence pounds like a

4. Lirik Automatic – Red Velvet

lirik Automatic – Red VelvetI love the way naemameul gamssa ana chaeugo isseocheoeumen mollassdeon, it just comes automaticaju jageun momjise gamgagdeuli umjigyeoIt just comes so natural, it just comes automaticmaeil gidalideon

5. Lirik Cake By the Ocean – DNCE

lirik Cake By the Ocean – DNCEOh noSee you walking 'round like it's a funeralNot so serious, girl; why those feet cold?We just getting started; don't you tip toe, tip toeAh!Waste time with a masterpiece, don't waste time with a

7. Lirik Alive – Zedd

lirik Alive – ZeddDays go by my windowWorld slows down as it goesGoodbye to last nightLost my eyesightCan't you help me seeLoving every minute 'cause you make me feel so alive, aliveLoving every minute 'cause you make

8. Lirik Paparazzi – Greyson Chance

lirik Paparazzi – Greyson ChanceWe are the crowd we're c-comin' outGot my flash on it's trueNeed that picture of youIt so magical we'd be so fantasticalLather and jeans garage glamorousNot sure what it meansBut this photo of us it

10. Lirik Evergreen – Westlife

lirik Evergreen – WestlifeSongwriters: Elofsson, Jorgen; Magnusson, Per; Kreuger, David;Eyes, like a sunriseLike a rainfallDown my soulAnd I wonderI wonder why you look at me like thatWhat you're thinkingWhat's behindDon't

11. Lirik Beauty & A Thug – Jaheim

lirik Beauty & A Thug – Jaheim So burgundy, the window to his soul It seems he tapes his eyes closed From huffin' on, that's what he's puffin' onHis style is rough, he wears his hair in cornrolls His jeans hang loose and low So

12. Lirik Sugar – Maroon 5

lirik Sugar – Maroon 5I'm hurting, baby, I'm broken downI need your loving, lovingI need it nowWhen I'm without youI'm something weakYou got me begging, beggingI'm on my kneesI don't wanna be needing your loveI just wanna

13. Lirik Brand Name – Mac Miller

lirik Brand Name – Mac MillerWe in between heaven and hellFuck your 9 to 5, I'd rather end up either dead or in jailAmerican ninja to these obstaclesNo stoppin' me, we on the moveYour mouth runnin' like a prostitute'sKeep your

18. Lirik Welcome To Atlanta – Ludacris

lirik Welcome To Atlanta – Ludacris Yeah, welcome to Atlanta Jack and Hammer and vogues' Back to the mackin' and jackin' the clothes Adolescent packin' a fo'A knock on the do', who is it? I would happen to know, the one with the flow

19. Lirik Ada Yang Suka Lagu Jepang ?

lirik Ada Yang Suka Lagu Jepang ? Ada yang suka lagu Jepang...??? Kalau ada, judul nya apa...??? Lagu Korea juga boleh disebutin... Thx be4 ? Doremi LM.C - Boy $ Girl Girugamesh - Shining ilham_ryoutarou kalo yang korea g suka

21. Lirik Be Natural – Red Velvet

lirik Be Natural – Red VelvetUh- Baby Come Come Come Ill be there for youOh- i maeume inneun sesanggwa boyeojineun punggyeongdeulgwa neukkil suga inneun modeun geotOh- aicheoreom utneun eolgul gakkeum gakkeumssik nae jageun bange

23. Lirik Ice Cream Cake – Red Velvet

lirik Ice Cream Cake – Red VelvetLalalalala lalalala lalalalala lalalalaOh haessal nunbusin hangalon hyuil yeppeun saehayan wonpiseuleul ibgo ohnan jibeul naseossji kosnolae naoji lalalalala lalalalaneon naleul balabwa neogseul nohgo

24. Lirik Arti Mimpi Semalam – Velvet

lirik Arti Mimpi Semalam – VelvetTerkejut ku mendengar beritaDirimu telah ditunangkanHatiku menjadi tak tenangInikah arti mimpi semalamMengapa semua harus terjadiBagaikan mimpi di siang hariCintaku cukup sampai di siniBerlalu lenyap

25. Lirik Dumb Dumb – Red Velvet

lirik Dumb Dumb – Red VelvetDumb Dumb Dumb Dumb Dumb Dumb neo ttaeme haru jongil gominhajimanneol eotteokhaeya joheulji jal moreugesseo nan OhBaby baby baby baby baby You~Play me play me play me play me play megeu nunbicheun
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