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1. Lirik Ready To Lose You – Ten 2 Five

lirik Ready To Lose You – Ten 2 FiveBaby listen to me I want you to tell me the truth Stop being an actor Don't put my love into your game (Reff) Can't you see I love you more then you know? Can't you see I'm trying to be honest? [

2. Lirik Game Of Love – Acropolis

lirik Game Of Love – AcropolisTell me the word .... the meaning of love Please tell me love ' more than I ever hope would you ever let me in ... everynight in your dreams Anytime you can chose ... you can win or loose Love is

4. Lirik Hang Loose Baby – The Paps

lirik Hang Loose Baby – The PapsI'm gonna make it easy you're gonna do it so hang loose baby we're groovin all night I'm gonna make things easy we're gonna do that so hang loose baby we're groovin all night Gonna make this easy you

6. Lirik Limousine – Jay Park

lirik Limousine – Jay ParkYou better wear that dress I likeIts a special kinda nightImma take u for a rideHop inDriver you can take yo timePut that classic R and B onPo you something u can sip onCause we gon get it on

8. Lirik Bring My Bottles – G-unit

lirik Bring My Bottles – G-unit If you in this VIP And you ain't spending no money get the fuck out We need them bottles. Sparkle somethingSay you ballin', boy, we gon' need the proof We be two steppin', mix the Effen with the

9. Lirik Boring Day – Netral

lirik Boring Day – NetralFeel the morning coming soon And I can see the sun rise from my bed Now the things of day come And I stil cannot erase you from this head All I do is only hope Dream without a darkness cloud When I

10. Lirik Bringin Da Noise – NSync

lirik Bringin Da Noise – NSyncBringin' da noise Bring down the house We came here to turn the party out Say come on come on Let's raise the roof And give 'em proof That we can get loose ya'll Bringin' da noise

12. Lirik Wildfire – Seafret

lirik Wildfire – SeafretYou think you know all about it then it seems you are wrongShe hit it out of the park before it'd even begunI needed sunshine in the darkness burning outWell now I know that I'm the fuel and she's the

13. Lirik Apologize (remix) – Lil Wayne

lirik Apologize (remix) – Lil Wayne [One Republic:] I'm holdin' on your rope Got me ten feet off the ground And I'm hearin' what your sayin' But I just can't make a soundd You tell me that you need me Then you go and cut me downn But

14. Lirik Footloose – Blake Shelton

lirik Footloose – Blake SheltonOoooh-oh-ohOoooh-oh-ohYeahOoooh-oh-ohOoooo-oh-ohOoooo-oh-ohI Been working so hardI'm punching my cardEight hours for whatOh, tell me what I gotI get this feelingTimes just holding me downI'll hit the

16. Lirik Lost Highway – Bon Jovi

lirik Lost Highway – Bon JoviSongwriters: Sambora, Richie; Bon Jovi, Jon; Shanks, John;Hey hey! Hey hey!In my rear view mirror, my life is getting clearerThe sunset sighs and slowly disappearsThese trinkets once were treasure,

19. Lirik Fuel – Metallica

lirik Fuel – MetallicaSongwriters: Hammett, Kirk L; Hetfield, James Alan; Ulrich, Lars;Gimme fuel, gimme fireGimme that which I desireOohTurn on, I see redAdrenaline crash and crack my headNitro junkie, paint me deadAnd I

22. Lirik Problem – Ariana Grande

lirik Problem – Ariana Grande [Iggy:] Uh huh! It's Iggy Iggs! I got one more problem with you girl One less, one less! Aye Problem[Ariana Grande:] Hey baby even though I hate ya! I wanna love ya I want you! (you you) And even

23. Lirik Stupid Love – Dailog

lirik Stupid Love – DailogWalking the dog in my neighborhoodSaid I never would, for you for youI got drunk on a Monday nightHope it looks alrightTattoo of you, uhI'm a yes man on the loose, yeahMaxed out all my credit

25. Lirik Hey Brother – Avicii

lirik Hey Brother – AviciiHey brotherThere's an endless road to be discoveredHey sisterKnow the water's sweet but blood is thickerOh, if the sky comes falling down, for youThere's nothing in this world I wouldn't doHey

31. Lirik Session – Linkin Park

lirik Session – Linkin Park When this began, I had nothing to say And I'd get lost in the nothingness inside of me (I was confused) And I'd let it all out to find That I'm not the only person with these things in mind (Inside

33. Lirik Gangsta – Kehlani

lirik Gangsta – KehlaniI need a gangstaTo love me betterThan all the others doTo always forgive meRide or die with meThat's just what gangsters doI'm fucked up, I'm black and blueI'm built for it, all the abuseI got secrets

35. Lirik Get Ready – Bon Jovi

lirik Get Ready – Bon JoviYou need someone to make it last No Romeos who'll love and leave you fast They fade away Tonight you're not gonna be alone Making love on the telephone Baby, baby if you can hold on I'm gonna take you

36. Lirik Secret Dreams – Bon Jovi

lirik Secret Dreams – Bon JoviRiding high, then shot down I load my guns to fire another round I look deep into her eyes And can't run there's nowhere left to hide Don't stop, no it's much too late When the night comes I can't

37. Lirik Love Rain – Jill Scott

lirik Love Rain – Jill Scott Love rain down on me, on me, down on me Love rain down on me, on me, down on me Love rain down on me, on me, down on me Love rain down on me, on me, down on meMet him on a Thursday, sunny afternoon

38. Lirik No Hook – The SIGIT

lirik No Hook – The SIGITI gave evil my heart And escaped to the dark I'm weak in so many ways I've worked so hard To get the band to the chart But I'll die anyway If I could choose I'd be there drinking brews Tired of

40. Lirik Magic's Custom Cd's – Nb Ridaz

lirik Magic's Custom Cd's – Nb Ridaz Quiero que sepas que todos los dias Solo pienso en ti Eres la reina de mi vida Mi corazon es para ti I wanna treat you like a queen I wanna love you tonight Sexy lady with the pretty brown eyes let

41. Lirik Mau Nanya Lagu Barat Come 5 ?

lirik Mau Nanya Lagu Barat Come 5 ? lagu barat yang paling kalian suka cukup sebutin 5 ga butuh banyak dikit az yang penting seru menurut kalian seru banget sebutin 5 lagu barat yang paling kalian suka. kalau bener lagunya

42. Lirik Let It Rock – Bon Jovi

lirik Let It Rock – Bon JoviThe weekend comes to this town Seven days too soon For the ones who have to make up What we break up of their rules Well I saw Captain Kidd on Sunset Tell his boys they're in command While Chino

44. Lirik Adore – Jasmine Thompson

lirik Adore – Jasmine ThompsonCome to me and I shall give you peaceCome to me lay down your headTouch the rain and feel the summer breezeSay the things we've never saidI will keep you from the world outsideI will never let you goI

45. Lirik Toma – Pitbull

lirik Toma – Pitbull Oye Loca! Ven pa'ca, come here Oye Loca! Ven pa'ca, come here Oye Loca! Ven pa'ca, come hereWhat? Muevelo, muevelo, sin parar Let's go ComoSi tu quiere' que te coma toda Si tu quiere' que te coma

46. Lirik Best Of Me – Edane

lirik Best Of Me – Edanehey you got to take on the tide if you will if you want all the best of megot to shake out the pride if you dare if you want all the best of megot to choke on the strife if you can if you want all the

47. Lirik Roof On Fye – T Pain

lirik Roof On Fye – T Pain [Alright alright] [Pizzle] [Nappy boy] [Alright alright]VERSE 1 Man I got this gold all over me So automatically she gonna twerk Now I got these hoes all over me She know that I be puttin in work

48. Lirik Stone Cold Crazy – Metallica

lirik Stone Cold Crazy – MetallicaSleeping very soundly on a Saturday morningI been dreaming I was Al CaponeThere's a rumor going roundGotta clear outta townYeah, I'm smelling like a dry fish boneHere come the lawGonna break down the
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