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2. Lirik I'm Sayin' – Omarion

lirik I'm Sayin' – Omarion Pull up on a girl with her legs open After she sucked me [moans] leave her head swollen She just wanna [moans] me for a little exposure Tell me do you fuck with me, tell me what's your motive? Tell

10. Lirik Mama We Rich – Gucci Mane

lirik Mama We Rich – Gucci Mane (Hook) Seen 100 bands, all in one time (I seen it) I just blew my mind cuz my mama seen it (f**k!) And she had a fit, yea she had a fit (mama) I told my mama we rich, told my mama we rich (rich, go

11. Lirik Stand Tall – N.o.r.e.

lirik Stand Tall – N.o.r.e. Yeah you see I stand tall .. your back And they're talking we don't want that That's how we all ..into your mouth like a .. Paint the town ..give me painting blue 'cause ..thought you knew, is

12. Lirik Fresh Aziamiz – Lil' Bow Wow

lirik Fresh Aziamiz – Lil' Bow Wow BOW WOW LYRICS"Fresh Azimiz"[BOW WOW - Verse 1] When I was 8 I was rhymin' not back yard game playin' Watchin' Snoop anxiously and waitin' for my chance man Hot and cocky wit it cause I know that I

13. Lirik Millionaire – Kelis

lirik Millionaire – Kelis I said her from the city so her got to be witty witty She said him from the country so him got to be funky funkyMama I'm a millionaire, but I feel like a bum Mama I'm a millionaire, but I feel like

15. Lirik Start It Up – Lloyd Banks

lirik Start It Up – Lloyd Banks Ladies and gentlemanYou know they mad 'cause of, 'cause of, 'cause I'm hood rich You never ever, ever seen a nigga good trick You want a problem? Start it up, start it up Start it up, wait a

16. Lirik Drive Slow – Paul Wall

lirik Drive Slow – Paul Wall Drive slow homie, drive slow homie You never know homie, might meet some hoes homie You need to pump your brakes and drive slow homieMy homie Marley used to stay, 79th and May One of my best friends

21. Lirik Mic Check – Juelz Santana

lirik Mic Check – Juelz Santana I been paying attention to what's going on out there man I been watching you niggaz stealing my ways and shit And it's getting out of control now I'ma telling you dudes just like I tell my woman Don'

22. Lirik Loyal – Chris Brown

lirik Loyal – Chris Brown Young Mula, babyI woke up all last night I know this hoes ain't right But you was blowin' up her phone last night But she ain't have a ringer nor her ring on last night ooh Nigga, that's that nerve

23. Lirik Water – Rich Homie Quan

lirik Water – Rich Homie Quan [Intro] You get a little money, that shit can change you or make you. I ain't spittin' nothin' but facts now. Facts only[Verse 1] (What you do Quan?) I made a lil' money, then I moved my mama, yeah

24. Lirik Keep It 100 – Rich The Kid

lirik Keep It 100 – Rich The Kid (Hook) I gotta keep it 100 Bitches got fucking for nothing Pull up in my truck and I'm fronting Rich, but I started with nothing I'm in the trap with a bad bitch Hottie go feel on the whole wrist Too

25. Lirik When The Last Time – Clipse

lirik When The Last Time – Clipse Niggas and bitches You are now listenin' to The real And that would be Clipse, the Neptunes And the new label Star TrakTop down, chrome spinnin' You see the boss grinnin', I'm lovin' these damn women

26. Lirik Give Thanks – Don Moen

lirik Give Thanks – Don Moen Give thanks with a grateful heart Give thanks to the Holy One Give thanks because He's given Jesus Christ, His SonGive thanks with a grateful heart Give thanks to the Holy One Give thanks because He'

27. Lirik Got One – 2 Chainz

lirik Got One – 2 ChainzSometimes I have them thoughtsLike I'm too real for this shitLabels keep callin'I need 2 mil for this shit!Took a mixtapeTurned it to a mansionThen I took my last packAnd it turned into gymnasticsThe

29. Lirik Squalie – Juelz Santana

lirik Squalie – Juelz Santana Yea uh-ooo!! (Come on, come on) Roll wit me, its santana I'd like to welcome y'all (yea) to the great Fuck wit ya boy!(Once again) Zeke![Juelz Santana] Now I got more than my swagger back Listen here

31. Lirik Runaway (U & I) – Galantis

lirik Runaway (U & I) – GalantisThink I can fly, think I can fly when I'm with UMy arms are wide, catching fire as the wind blowsI know that I'm rich enough for pride,I see a billion dollars in your eyesEven if were strangers til we

34. Lirik All Hail The King – Bon Jovi

lirik All Hail The King – Bon JoviHeavy is the head that wears the crownAll the people came to hear him speak from miles aroundThey hug on every word a song in every soundHeavy is the head that wears the crownHe touched the sky to

35. Lirik Shower – Becky G

lirik Shower – Becky GI don't know, it's just something about yaGot me feeling like I can't be without yaAnytime someone mention your nameI be feeling as if I'm around yaAin't no words to describe you babyAll I know is

36. Lirik Goin Crazy – Rich The Kid

lirik Goin Crazy – Rich The Kid Riding round in the A In the coupe going crazy I ain't worried bout shit, young nigga I'm rich It's fuck you, pay me Don't let your ho come around me, Imma take your lady Riding round in the A In the

39. Lirik 0 To 100 (remix) – Juicy J

lirik 0 To 100 (remix) – Juicy J [Verse 1] Rich nigga and I keep gunnas on my side Niggas talk, hoes talk, but money don't lie If you ain't heard, ain't another nigga triller More Ace of Spades than a blackjack dealer All in the

41. Lirik Picture Baby – Young Thug

lirik Picture Baby – Young ThugThuggerTake your picture, babyNah, you okay with me, know what I'm sayin'?You okay, babeHey!Take your picture, babyTake your picture, babyTake your picture, babyTake your, take your motherfuckin'

42. Lirik 2 Poor Kids – Ruth B

lirik 2 Poor Kids – Ruth BI don't want no time on the big screenI'm okay with me and my ripped jeans and you and youMessy hair that's what he likes on meI don't care as long as we're happy and freeTo be just you and me and

44. Lirik Summertime – American Idol

lirik Summertime – American Idol Summertime and the livin' is easy Fish are jumpin' and the cotton is high Yo' daddy's rich and yo' mama's good lookin' So hush little baby, don't you cryOne of these mornin's you gonna rise up singin

46. Lirik My Nigga – Lil Wayne

lirik My Nigga – Lil Wayne I'm talkin bout puttin on, ridin out Glocks in my ma's house Front you with that work (I done front a nigga's work) You say you want that head up But we don't fight fair brah Catch you slippin' from

47. Lirik Out Here Grindin' – Dj Khaled

lirik Out Here Grindin' – Dj Khaled DJ Khaled, we the best season has returned (Cause I'm out here grindin') I do this for the streets, the runners (Cause I'm out here grindin')I don't care what nobody say I'm a be me (Be me) Stay hood

48. Lirik Never Changed – Dorrough

lirik Never Changed – Dorrough I can't believe that we done fell off Some times I sit back and reminisce 'Bout the times we was young From the times we were smaller All winters and summersNow you ain't here when it's sunny But you

50. Lirik Brand Name – Mac Miller

lirik Brand Name – Mac MillerWe in between heaven and hellFuck your 9 to 5, I'd rather end up either dead or in jailAmerican ninja to these obstaclesNo stoppin' me, we on the moveYour mouth runnin' like a prostitute'sKeep your
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